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2017 Year in review – Salesmate CRM

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When the year-end arrives, every successful organization gets the urge of recalling the various decisions that were taken towards their growth. In the past two years, Salesmate has achieved a lot. Today we are going down the memory lane and refreshing the timeline where we saw our goals getting fulfilled.

Goals that were set for 2017

The goals were set in a manner that would help us foresee the path we need to take for the year 2017. Our basic and most important goal has always been providing simplicity and ease of use to our users.

More Integrations

To support our endeavor for providing better user experience and agility in the workflow, Salesmate integrated with major third-party applications this year.

With these integrations, we aimed to remove complications related to their business process by providing more functionalities inside the CRM system. Syncing Salesmate with existing app renders greater flexibility to react quickly to the rising business challenges, eliminating the hassle of managing two apps simultaneously.


Slack integration was targeted to boost collaborative productivity. By synchronizing Slack into Salesmate, sales teams would effortlessly coordinate and discuss the deals from their CRM system with timely notifications and frequent updates.

Read More About Slack Integration


PieSync integration spares the users from the cumbersome task of manually updating contact information on different applications. With PieSync integration, users can automatically update contacts using a two-way sync between Salesmate and their desired application

Read More About PieSync Integration


This integration was particularly aimed at managing all calling related activities. By integrating with RingCentral, Salesmate users can easily make global calls, schedule appointment, create notes and log calls from within their CRM.

Read More About RingCentral Integration


By integrating Salesmate with Wufoo, users can effortlessly fetch contact information from online forms and store it in their Sales CRM. The integration with Wufoo allows the users to automatically push form submission from Wufoo as new contacts in CRM using webhooks.

Read More About Wufoo Integration


This marketing automation tool has been integrated into Salesmate to enhance the marketing campaigns of our clients. SendinBlue tool enables users to reach their audience through smart email and SMS campaigns. It is a free tool and their free plan offers unlimited contacts that allow 9,000 emails per month.

Read More About SendinBlue Integration


Formstack is an easy-to-use form builder that helps grow our client’s inbound leads, improving their lead generation capacity. Formstack integration was done for streamlining all the contacts throughout the sales process by collecting the information about prospects and customers.

Read More About Formstack Integration


We integrated Salesmate with this awesome time tracking & invoicing application Harvest, so that our users can track the timeline of their projects and can easily invoice their clients when the deals are closed.

Read More About Harvest Integration


To make things happen more quickly with cold email outreach, Salesmate integrated with Woodpecker. By setting a sequence of emails to their prospects, the clients can focus on the leads that have already raised interest.

Read More About Woodpecker Integration

Invoice Ninja

Invoice Ninja is an invoice creating app that is perfect for the small to medium-sized teams. We integrated this fabulous app for our clients that wanted to streamline their invoicing needs.

Read More About Invoice Ninja Integration


Take your product demos to the next level with webinar software Livestrom. Every attendee that visits your webinar, you can push their contact details from Livestorm to Salesmate CRM so you can move your lead nurturing a step forward.

Read More About Livestorm Integration


The motive behind bringing this integration in our system was to add marketing automation to the user’s sales process. With ActiveCampaign inside Salesmate, our users can stay connected with their prospects and create new connections using highly dynamic and engaging emails that get a better response.

Read More About ActiveCampaign Integration


With our Webmerge integration, we gave our users an option of creating custom contracts or documents and made their sales team more efficient and productive.

Read More About Webmerge Integration

Digital transformations that strengthened Salesmate in 2017

Year in Review - 2017

Custom Filters

Time is of immense importance for the users and keeping that thing in mind we made a few changes in the filters section so that users can quickly view the data present inside the system.

Tweaked screen experience

  • We revamped our Salesmate system inbox.
  • Distinguished sender, subject, and body text that helps you identify and react immediately to important emails.
  • Distinctive colorful formats for better readability.
  • Aggregated overview of all vital information in the notification.
  • We added activity outcome reports to highlight the results that were derived from the emails sent.
  • Well-designed fonts and a well-structured email layout for better readability.

Export feature and Import feature

We made the strenuous task of importing and exporting system data simple and easy for our users by getting rid of the file transfer window and allowing the users to run the process in the background.

Email open and click tracking

For the betterment of the marketing campaign, we enhanced the analytics section of the email reports so that sales reps can understand the behavior of the receiver towards the email that is sent to them.

Chrome Plugin

We updated our Chrome plugin to make it more reliable and faster.

Revamped Mobile App

Businesses in the present scenario have taken the mobile approach. So, we also made a few enhancements to its mobile app to match the current trend.


By using the lat-long feature of Google Maps, we helped the users map out their clients and prospects based on their current location. This was particularly targeted to save the sales time of the on-field sales reps and make their daily routine more productive.

Seamless Call Tracking

Logging and tracking all your outgoing calls is now easier with Salesmate’s iOS and Android app. Log all your outgoing and incoming calls automatically and schedule a new follow-up with a single click.

What 2018 has in store for our users?

We started out small in 2017, but by the year end we have touched base with over 1500 happy clients and won accolades and awards for being a young CRM that is catering to the demands of the young business crowd.

For 2018, our mission is to give a better user experience to our client’s user-friendly screens and easy navigational ecosystem. We are also planning to make our system a lot faster than what it is right now so that users can boost their work efficiency. For boosting our system flexibility, we are also coming up with more multiple integrations.

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