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BEST enterprise crm Software

  • You don’t have to compromise on your long-proven processes for a tool.
  • Industry-best automation from tracking customer behavior to
    customer happiness.
  • Your security is our business. Your data is safe with us.

No credit card required.

Trusted by 5000+ TEAMS globally

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  • High security for their data and their customer data.
  • Customization capabilities for executing processes the way you want.
  • Software reliability for daily executions.
  • Top-notch customer support from the vendor.
  • Training and implementation assistance..
  • Faster adoption among teammates.
  • A feature-rich product that offers simplicity and efficiency to teams.

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Why choose Salesmate are your enterprise CRM?


  • We follow secure development practices described in OWASP.
  • Your data is yours. It’s only stored on our dedicated VPCs.
    We do not share data with any third party without your
  • We carefully select vendors and follow GDPR guidelines strictly.
  • We are ISO 27001:2013 certified and regularly audited.
Your data is secure with Salesmate
Don’t compromise on your proven unique processes!


  • Complete control over sales pipelines that suits your enterprise needs.
  • Create up to 200 custom fields that compliment your process.
  • Customize how deals, contacts, companies look and keep items that matters to you most.


  • We ask customers before investing time and resources on any product development.
  • Our product roadmap is driven by customer feedback.
  • Take a look at our previous product updates.
No more manual activity tracking in CRM
5⭐ customer support, best in the business!

Customer support

  • 24×5 support over chat, emails, and calls to everyone!
  • Rich support portal with hundreds of help articles accessible to
  • Dedicated demo calls to educate customers about the products.
  • Our customers love our support. Read reviews here!

Salesmate is one single source of truth for all our conversations with prospects and customers.

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This product is becoming so valuable to my company and our selling efforts, easy 5 STARS!

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why salesmate?

How can Salesmate add tremendous value to
your enterprise?


  • Capture visitor activities and interactions using Salesmate Chat.
  • Collect visitor information using Chatbots and turn them
    into possible sales.
  • Connect with visitors in real time using Live Chat.
Turn visitors into potential leads️
Nurture leads with personalized campaigns

lead nurturing

  • Build personalized emails fast, and send thousands of emails
    in minutes.
  • Score leads based on their interaction with your brand and act
    at the right time.
  • Build custom marketing journeys to achieve results the way
    you want!


  • Call prospects worldwide with a single click!
  • Improve your conversion probabilities with Text Messaging.
  • Book meetings with built-in scheduling tool.
Seamless communication, built-in
A+ productivity for every teammate

high Productivity

  • Build automated workflows for tedious everyday tasks.
  • Put follow-ups on autopilot with Sequences.
  • Create complex automation easily, with journey builder.


  • Create reports in minutes using pre-made templates.
  • Build unique custom reports that makes sense for your style.
  • Dashboards gives you all crucial insights at a single place.
Better decisions are just a dashboard away!
See why 5000+ businesses trust Salesmate!

Take a 15-day free trial and experience Salesmate for what it truly is. No credit cards required.


Frequently Asked Questions on Enterprise CRM

What is an enterprise CRM?

An enterprise CRM, is tailored for large businesses with multiple departments or complex sales processes. Enterprise CRM software manages large amount of customer data, fostering collaboration among sales and marketing teams.

This type of CRM platform aims to streamline the sales cycle, enhance customer support, and provide insights into customer behavior.

What is the role of CRM in the enterprise?

In the dynamic world of enterprise businesses, CRM system stand as pivotal tool that shape and streamline operations. Delving deeper, here’s a closer look at the multifaceted roles of enterprise CRM in large-scale organizations:

1. Streamlining processes:

Enterprise CRM solution ensure efficient streamlining of sales and marketing processes in enterprise businesses, making operations more coherent and effective.

2. Team collaboration:

Enterprise CRM systems with Live Chat and Shared Team Inbox are crucial for fostering collaboration between sales and marketing teams, allowing real-time interaction and aligned strategies for optimal results.

3. Data centralization:

Enterprise CRM platforms adeptly manage vast volumes of customer data, serving as a central hub for comprehensive customer data management.

4. Holistic sales management:

From lead generation to customer support, CRM enterprise software integrates the entire sales cycle, ensuring no detail is overlooked.

5. Behavioral insights:

One of the key features of the best enterprise CRM software is its ability to provide actionable insights into customer behavior, aiding sales and marketing strategies.

6. Automation and efficiency:

CRM for enterprise allows for the automation of various tasks like sales force automation, workflow automation, task automation, and deal management, boosting sales operations’ efficiency.

7. Enhancing customer experience:

With the best CRM for enterprise at their disposal, companies can significantly enhance customer interactions and overall experience.

8. Indispensable for large firms:

Recognized as a crucial tool, enterprise CRM software is fundamental for supporting and amplifying business operations in large enterprises.

What are the features of enterprise CRM?

The features of enterprise CRM software are vital for large enterprises aiming to optimize their customer relationship management.

With best-in-class enterprise sales CRM platform like Salesmate, organizations can access a plethora of features to refine their sales and marketing processes and enhance customer interactions.

1. Contact and deal management:

Enabling businesses to organize and track every interaction with their contacts and efficiently manage sales opportunities and deals through their lifecycle, ensuring no opportunity is missed and enhancing the chances of successful conversions.

2. Lead management and scoring:

Enterprise CRM solutions, such as Salesmate, allow businesses to manage and score leads effectively, so that sales teams can prioritize high-value prospects through the entire sales process.

3. Sales forecasting:

Analyze and integrate sales data to anticipate future sales trends and facilitate informed business decisions.

4. Sales automation and sequences:

Streamline routine sales tasks and automate sales processes, including outreach sequences, allowing the sales team to focus on selling more efficiently.

5. Campaign and Marketing automation:

With drag-and-drop and customizable email templates, marketing and sales teams can ensure streamlined and personalized email marketing, allowing precise audience targeting, enhancing engagement and conversions.

6. Integration:

Tailor the CRM platform to meet specific business needs and integrate it with various other business tools.

7. Mobile accessibility:

Mobile apps allow sales reps and other enterprise users to access CRM data on the go, ensuring real-time updates and constant connectivity.

8. Sales pipeline management:

Sales Pipeline Management in enterprise CRM allows efficient management of multiple sales pipelines, offering a visual representation of each deal’s stage. It facilitates smooth collaboration, ensuring every opportunity is monitored and nurtured, aiding in precise sales forecasting and optimizing revenue growth.

9. Built-in calling and power dialer:

Execute calls directly from the CRM software and utilize Power Dialer for efficient outbound calling.

10. Meeting scheduler and Shared team inbox:

Streamline the scheduling of meetings and manage team communications efficiently with a shared inbox and meeting scheduler.

By leveraging these multifaceted features of enterprise CRM solutions like Salesmate, enterprises can bolster customer relationships, automate repetitive tasks, and propel revenue growth, ensuring a seamless customer experience and efficient customer retention strategies.

Whether it’s sales force automation or effective lead generation, choosing the right enterprise CRM software like Salesmate is crucial for optimizing sales efforts and achieving sustained business growth.

How to choose the right CRM for enterprise?

Choosing the right enterprise CRM software is crucial for large businesses looking to streamline their sales, marketing, and customer support processes.

Here’s a guideline on how to choose the best enterprise CRM:

1. Define your business needs:

Understand your organizational needs and business processes. Whether focusing on sales operations, marketing campaigns, or customer support, the right enterprise CRM should align with your business goals and address your specific requirements.

2. Evaluate integration capabilities:

The CRM should integrate seamlessly with existing business tools and enterprise software, ensuring coherent and efficient business processes. It should synchronize customer data, sales data, and other essential information across various platforms.

3. Scalability:

Opt for enterprise CRM solutions that offer extensive scalability to adapt to evolving business needs and the growth of enterprise companies, ensuring long-term viability.

4. Examine sales and marketing features:

Look for features that streamline sales processes and marketing automation. Effective sales force automation, deal management, and robust marketing features are essential for managing leads, sales efforts, and deploying successful marketing campaigns.

5. Consider customer support:

Evaluate the responsiveness and effectiveness of customer support, ensuring quick resolution of issues and high customer satisfaction levels.

6. Inspect mobile accessibility:

Check if the enterprise CRM offers mobile apps or is mobile responsive, allowing sales reps and marketing teams to stay connected and access crucial information on the go.

7. Explore pricing:

Examine the pricing structures, including per-user costs, and weigh them against the enterprise CRM platform’s features and value. Look for solutions that balance cost and value well, ensuring a good return on investment.

8. Check reviews:

Look for reviews and testimonials from other enterprise users and large businesses to learn about their experiences with the CRM solutions, focusing on aspects like user-friendliness, technical support, and overall satisfaction.

9. Free trial:

Prefer CRM platforms that offer free trials or demos, allowing you to explore key features, user interface, and overall functionality before making a decision.

By looking at the points mentioned above and making sure the CRM you pick fits well with what your business needs, works well with your existing systems, and has the right features and support, you can choose the best enterprise CRM solution to help your business succeed.

5 Best enterprise CRM software

Here are the five best CRM platforms for enterprise businesses:

1. Salesmate CRM:

Salesmate stands out in the list of enterprise CRM due to its comprehensive features, flexibility, simple UI, that streamline sales processes and marketing automation, allowing businesses to manage leads effectively and deploy successful marketing campaigns.

It’s user-friendly, scalable, and offers superior customer support, making it the best choice for enterprise businesses.

2. Microsoft Dynamics 365:

Microsoft Dynamics 365 offers modular and integrated solutions, providing AI-driven insights and enabling businesses to adapt to their needs, ensuring data security and compliance.

3. Salesforce CRM:

Salesforce is renowned for its extensive customization possibilities and advanced analytics, offering scalable solutions and multichannel support to cater to the varied needs of large enterprises.

4. HubSpot CRM:

HubSpot excels in providing inbound marketing tools and sales automation, offering effective contact management and a free base software ideal for businesses focusing on inbound strategies.

5. Oracle CRM:

Oracle CRM offers superior data management and analytics, providing integrated and industry-specific solutions to cater to the unique needs of various sectors.

Is Salesmate a good enterprise CRM software for your business?

Selecting Salesmate as your enterprise CRM software allows you to leverage its extensive features and advanced capabilities, ensuring streamlined operations, improved customer interactions, and enriched customer relationships.

Its user-friendliness, customization capabilities, robust analytics, exceptional support, and competitive pricing make it the best choice for enterprises aspiring for sustained growth and success.