Create a sales automation that isn’t complex. Automate your tasks and build a streamlined sales process to engage, convert and delight your customers.



Sales automation – Empower your sales reps to close deals faster

Don’t let excessive manual work reduce your team’s efficiency. Salesmate’s sales automation is an ideal solution for your super
busy sales reps. Rather than juggling between managing customer data and qualifying leads, they can focus on what matters
the most, I.e., converting highly qualified prospects.

  • Automate and accelerate your sales process.
  • Automatically assign deals or tasks among the sales team.
  • Reach out to engaged leads at the right time with the right message.
  • Cut the conversational clutter, stay relevant with contextual content.
  • Nurture relationship based on the contact actions.


Improve your sales team’s efficiency and automate your
sales process to stay ahead of the curve

Automate your sales process and create a visual sales pipeline that helps you shorten the sales cycle. Salesmate’s sales
automation enables your sales reps to stay connected with the prospects and customers at every touchpoint with automated
emails, reminders, and contextual conversation.

Task automation

Task automation

Automate all the manual tasks such as updating records, assigning deals or tasks to sell more. Speed up your sales process by automatically notifying team members when a deal is created or moved to the next stage, or automatically create an activity or reminder when the deal is won using triggers.

Shorten your sales cycle with automation
Automate customer onboarding
deal management

Customer onboarding

Use sales automation to create an onboarding process for your customers. Once the customer signs up, send a series of onboarding emails containing helpful company resources and support articles to get them started. Customer onboarding automation helps your new sign-ups get acquainted with your product or service faster.

Email personalization

Email personalization

Connect with your customers by personalizing every email sent; use automation to send bulk emails and personalize them to capture attention. You can also set up an automation to send congratulatory emails to your customers on their special days, such as birthday/anniversary, to build strong customer relationships.

Engage better with personalized emails
Automate your sales follow-ups
Sales sequences

Sales sequences

Don’t let manual follow-ups eat away your time. You can
simply send a series of automated follow-up emails to your leads and prospects to guide them through the sales funnel and convert them into customers. Salesmate’s sales sequences enable you to stay connected with multiple prospects and build lasting relationships.

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Nurture your customers

Nurture your customers

Never lose contact with your past customers; send automated nurturing emails and building lasting relationships. Set up automation to regularly send promotional emails and newsletters for product updates, webinars, feedback emails, and offers to keep the old and existing customers engaged.

Increase customer retention
Predict growth with insightful sales reports
Sales reports

Sales reports

Forecast your sales, analyze the team’s performance with actionable insights of your past and current sales using powerful sales reports. Utilize the sales reports to identify if your reps require coaching or training and turn them into sales rockstars.

Upsell and cross-sell

Upsell and cross-sell

Generate revenue from your existing and past customers by upselling and cross-selling. Send automated promotional emails and texts to update them on the latest offers, new products, and upgrades to increase the revenue without spending on new customer acquisition.

Increase upselling and cross-selling opportunities


Sell more efficiently with Salesmate’s 500+ built-in features

Lead Scoring
Lead Scoring

Find out which leads needs more attention with lead scoring.

Sales Inbox
Web Forms

Capture leads directly from your website using smart web forms.

Contact Management
Contact Management

Get a 360-degree view of all your contacts from one place.

Built-in Calling & Texting
Built-in Calling & Texting

Make and record calls, send texts from web and mobile apps

Power Dialer
Power Dialer

Automatically dial to your contacts
for 3x productivity.

Smart Emails
Smart Emails

Send and track emails to connect at the right time.

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