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best crm for manufacturing companies

  • Reach more customers with built-in communication channels
  • Measure progress and never lose track of deals
  • Automate sales and marketing processes and save massive time
  • Understand your business, customers, and sales with insights

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What are the benefits of CRM for
manufacturing businesses?

A CRM offers a centralized and more organized way to manage customers, business data, and the sales process.
Additionally, it contributes to increased productivity, efficiency, and customer happiness.

Streamlined sales processes and increased productivity

Streamlined sales processes and increased productivity

A proper sales process has direct relationship with agent efficiency, sales performance, revenue, and even sales predictions.

With CRM, you can streamline lead management, customer data, automation, sales pipeline, and more. Smooth processes means A+ customer experience..

Enhanced communicational efficiency and profitability

Enhanced communicational efficiency and profitability

Sales communication can be messy when you lose interaction timelines. Realistically, businesses have lost deals because they failed to act right on time.

But, with a CRM it’s easier to manage all the communication and tasks in one place, resulting in enhanced efficiency and profitability.

Real-time data insights and performance tracking

Real-time data insights and performance tracking

Acting without insights is like driving on a random road. It’ll take you somewhere but probably not where you want to.

CRM provides insights on your sources, deals, leads, closures, and team performance so you can make informed decisions.

Meet customer demands with demand forecasting

Meet customer demands with demand forecasting

Ensuring that the products demands of the customers is met, is a crucial element in manufacturing business.

So, the modern CRMs come with sales forecasting to keep you aware of the future demands. Enabling you to never miss out on important production deadlines.

Meets Requirements 8.8
Ease of Setup 9.2
Ease of Admin 9.5 98.67.7
Opportunity & Pipeline Management 8.9
Task / Activity Management 8.5
Product and Price List Management 8.4 8.27.68
Quote and Order Management 8.7
Campaign Management 9 Feature Not Available7.48
Marketing ROI Analytics 8.8 Feature Not Available 7.5 7.9
Dashboard 8.5
Forecasting 8.7
Price $12/User/Month$15/ User/Month$9.90/User/Month$25/User/Month

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Best crm for manufacturing business

Why Salesmate is the best CRM for a
manufacturing company?

Salesmate is a robust manufacturing CRM, as it offers values that growing manufacturing businesses want. Salesmate helps
your business to optimize sales operations, communications, build reports, improve customer engagement, and much more.

Customer and product management

With Salesmate, it’s easy to create custom products, mapping products with a deal, or tracking the incoming leads and unifying communication, do everything within one ecosystem.

You can easily manage customers, contractors, partners, and more under a single system hassle-free.

  • Contact Management
  • Product Management
  • Lead Tracking
Managing customers and products made easy
Maximize sales processes and close more deals faster!

Sales management

Salesmate has everything a sales team needs.

You can easily manage all your deals in a single screen with Kanban style pipeline. There you’ll see the value of your current pipeline and what to expect.

You can customize deals as per your business needs, and truly transform Salesmate as per your demands.

More over, you can build reports automatically with just a few clicks!

  • Sales Reports
  • Sales Pipeline
  • Sales Forecasting
  • Deal Management

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Personalized Communication

When it comes to communication, Salesmate is THE best, period.

You get call, email, text, meetings – all built in.

The best thing is – every communication gets logged automatically!

  • Built-In Calling
  • Email Sync
  • Text Messaging
  • Meeting Scheduler
  • Automatic Log Entries
Connect, communicate, and conquer!
Boost productivity and revenue with automation 🚀

Powerful Automation

Tedious manual processes consume a lot of time! Which could be invested in other important tasks, like actual selling.

With a manufacturing CRM like Salesmate, you can automate the time-consuming and mundane tasks.

Freeing up your time to focus on important tasks like increase your sales output and elevating revenue.

  • Sales Sequences
  • Sales Automation
  • Automation Journeys
  • Workflows

Absolutely love to work on Salesmate! It’s just wonderful when it comes to streamlining the sales cycles, right from onboarding leads to closing deals.

Puja K.
Puja K. Verified Verified Customer

Salesmate has revolutionized how our business operates. Our systems have been simplified and become much more efficient.

Matt D.
Matt D. Verified Verified Customer


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Frequently Asked Questions

Did we read your mind?
Find answers to important questions.

What is a manufacturing CRM?

A Manufacturing CRM is a specialized Customer Relationship Management software that’s designed specifically for the manufacturing industry.

It helps manage customer interactions, streamline manufacturing sales and marketing processes, and assist in sales forecasting, all aiming to streamline the sales process and improve customer satisfaction.

What is the role of CRM in manufacturing?

Here are the key roles of a CRM in manufacturing:

1. Grow your sales:

The best CRM software for manufacturing industry helps in lead tracking, order processing, and sales forecasting. This allows businesses to identify potential sales opportunities and trends, leading to revenue growth. 

 2. Better team collaboration:

CRM for manufacturing companies improves communication and collaboration among multiple departments. It offers a unified view of customer data, ensuring synchronized operations across the organization. 

3. Reporting and analysis:

CRM systems for manufacturing companies offer robust reporting and analytics capabilities.  

These insights can guide strategic decision-making and contribute to revenue growth by growing your sales and helping your sales reps achieve their respective sales quotas. 

 4. Integration with third-party apps:

The best CRM software for manufacturing industry can integrate with your existing tech stack like accounting software, email marketing software, etc., enabling you to organize customer data from a single place. 

 5. Improved customer retention:

Through personalized communication and improved service, CRM for manufacturing can help in retaining existing customers and acquiring new ones. 

In essence, a manufacturing CRM plays a crucial role in streamlining various business processes, driving growth, and ensuring customer satisfaction throughout the entire organization. 

What are the main features to look in a CRM for manufacturing companies?

When seeking a CRM for manufacturing companies or exploring CRM systems for manufacturing companies, certain key features should be considered to effectively meet your business needs: 

 1. Contact Management:  

Contact management is a core feature of any CRM software for manufacturing industry, as it helps businesses effectively manage and track all prospect or lead interactions, ensuring improved customer service. 

 2. Sales Pipeline Management:

A good CRM for manufacturing should allow businesses to view and manage their sales pipeline effectively. This helps track the progress of various deals, identify hot leads, and aids in sales forecasting. 

3. Lead Management:

This feature in CRM for manufacturing business enables you to track the lead throughout its customer journey, and also helps with lead nurturing, ensuring that no opportunities slip through the cracks.  

Using a CRM for manufacturing, you can automate your entire sales playbook. 

 4. Customizations:

The best manufacturing CRM software should offer high customizability, allowing the system to be tailored to meet the specific needs and workflows of your business. 

 5. Sales Reports:

Robust reporting features are critical in a CRM for manufacturing company. Detailed sales reports provide valuable insights into performance and trends, aiding strategic decision-making. 

 6. Sales Automation:

Automating routine sales tasks, like follow-ups or updating contact details, is an essential feature of the CRM software for manufacturing industry. This not only saves time but also improves efficiency and accuracy. 

 7. Marketing Automation:

A comprehensive CRM solution for the distribution and manufacturing industries should include marketing automation features.  

This can help effectively manage marketing campaigns and track their success, resulting in more leads and higher sales. 

 8. Mobile Access:

With the rise of remote work, having mobile access to your CRM is vital. A cloud CRM for manufacturing offers the flexibility to access customer data and manage relationships from anywhere, anytime. 

Thus, the right features in a CRM for manufacturing industry can help improve customer relationships, streamline sales and marketing processes, and ultimately, drive business growth.  

Whether you are a small business or a large corporation, the best CRM for small manufacturing business or the best CRM for B2B manufacturing business should have these features to cater to the unique requirements of the manufacturing sector. 


How can I choose the best CRM for my manufacturing business?

Choosing the best CRM for your manufacturing business can be a crucial decision impacting your business operations, customer relationships, and overall growth.  

Here are some steps to guide you in selecting the most suitable CRM for manufacturing: 

 1. Understand your needs:

Every manufacturing business has unique needs. Identify your business requirements and challenges that a CRM for manufacturing business can address. 

 2. List essential features:

Based on your needs, list down the key features you want in your CRM software for manufacturing industry.  

This may include contact management, sales pipeline, lead management, integration capabilities, customization, analytics and reporting, marketing automation, calling and texting, and mobile access. 

 3. Evaluate different CRM systems:

Research and evaluate different CRM systems for manufacturing companies based on their features, ease of use, scalability, and customer reviews.  

The best CRM for manufacturing will be the one that aligns well with your business needs. 

 4. Consider integration capabilities:

The best CRM software for manufacturing should integrate seamlessly with other systems, such as ERP systems and inventory management systems. This provides a holistic view of business operations and increases efficiency.

5. Determine the cost:

While choosing the best CRM for manufacturing business, consider both the initial cost and ongoing costs such as training, support, and upgrades.

The best CRM for small manufacturing business will offer a good balance between cost and features. 

 6. Check for mobile access:

In today’s fast-paced world, a cloud CRM for manufacturing that provides mobile access can be a significant advantage. The mobile apps allow you to access contact data and help you manage relationships from anywhere, anytime. 

 7. Vendor Support:

Consider the reputation of the CRM vendor and the support services they provide. Reliable vendor support can make the implementation and usage of the CRM much smoother. 

 8. Try Before You Buy:

Many CRM systems for manufacturing companies offer free trials. Take advantage of this to understand the system’s capabilities and ease of use. 

Following these steps should help you choose the best CRM for manufacturing industry that aligns well with your business needs, ultimately leading to enhanced customer satisfaction, increased efficiency, and growth. 

5 Best CRM software for manufacturing in 2023

Navigating the myriad of CRM for manufacturing options can be a daunting task. However, here are the top five CRM software for manufacturing industry in 2023. 

 1. Salesmate:

At the forefront of the best CRM for manufacturing business, Salesmate offers a powerful suite of features in an easy-to-use interface.  

Its robust manufacturing CRM software is designed to streamline sales processes, automate your sales and marketing, foster team collaboration, and enhance customer relationships.  

From effective lead management to data-driven sales forecasting and advanced marketing automation, Salesmate ticks all the boxes. 

Some of the features like, web forms, team inbox, built-in calling and texting, can help your business manage daily operations in a better way without juggling between multiple tools. 

Also offering a cloud CRM for manufacturing, it provides mobile access to empower your sales teams on the go.  

With complete visibility into the sales pipeline, accurate sales forecasts, and boosted productivity, Salesmate truly stands out as the top CRM for manufacturing companies. 

 2. HubSpot CRM:

A strong contender in the best CRM software for manufacturing, HubSpot CRM offers robust contact management and sales automation features.  

Particularly suitable as a CRM for manufacturing business, it offers a user-friendly solution with scalability as your business grows. 

 3. Microsoft Dynamics 365:

As a CRM for manufacturing business, Microsoft Dynamics 365 brings a wealth of excellent features for managing customer interactions and organizing customer data.  

It offers comprehensive solutions for sales, customer service, and field service, all with seamless integration capabilities, making it a powerful option in the CRM software for manufacturing industry. 

 4. Pipedrive:

Known for its simplicity and visual sales pipeline, Pipedrive enables manufacturing companies to effectively manage leads, track tasks, and follow up on current deals.  

It’s user-friendly interface makes it a favorite CRM for manufacturing industry. 

 5. Salesforce:

A leading CRM solution for the distribution and manufacturing industries, Salesforce offers a comprehensive feature set, including sales forecasting, lead management, and marketing automation.  

It’s scalability, and wide industry adoption make it a formidable CRM for manufacturing. 

In conclusion, Salesmate continues to shine as the top choice for a CRM for manufacturing company with its comprehensive feature set, intuitive interface, and robust capabilities.  

Always remember to factor in ease of use, cost, scalability, and support services when choosing the best CRM software for manufacturing industry for your business.