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ULTIMATE Lead scoring CRM software

  • Built your custom lead scoring model and filter out right leads
    for sales teams
  • 60+ Triggers, Actions, and Conditions to design your dream lead scoring
  • Pre-made automation templates to kick-start your lead scoring

No credit card required.

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Lead scoring software assigns a numerical value to a lead based on their likelihood of buying the products or services. 

A lead scoring software uses various factors like demographics, age, contact details, and behavioral data to assign score at each stage. The purpose is to send off the highest quality leads to sales teams, so they can spend time with the most relevant prospects.

need for a lead scoring crm

Why marketers need a lead scoring CRM software?

CRM software with lead scoring comes with tremendous benefits. Instead of spending thousands of dollars on individual lead scoring platforms, a CRM is much more beneficial. Find out how. 

End-to-end data
End-to-end data

CRM with lead scoring will have end-to-end data from prospect to customers.

Improve lead quality
Improve lead quality

Marketers can truly find out the quality of leads from CRM data and improve.

Lead to sales perspective
Lead to sales perspective

CRM with lead scoring will show you if the MQLs resulted into a sale or not.

Assign leads to sales
Assign leads to sales

Directly assign MQLs to sales team and take it forward to sales qualification.

Team collaboration
Team collaboration

Marketing, sales, and CX teams can collaborate to get perfect leads.

Save enormous money
Save enormous money

Independent lead scoring software are costly and provide limited features.


Top lead scoring platforms in the market

Take a look at the top lead scoring platforms in the market in 2023, and see how Salesmate stays on top in terms of value for money.

SoftwarePricingProminent Features
    • Starts at just $12/User/Month.
    • Automation Journeys add-on at just $30.
    • All-in-one Sales and Marketing CRM
    • Built-in Lead Generation Tools
    • Sales & Marketing Automation
    • Deal & Pipeline Management
    • Shared Inboxes
    • Reports and Sales Forecasting
    • Live Chat & Chatbots
    • Not available on the website.
    • Data Enrichments
    • Integrations
    • Customization
    • Starts at $900/Month for 2500 contacts.
    • Marketing Automation
    • Marketing Segmentation
    • Email Marketing Automation
hub sport
    • Starts at $800/Month for 2000 contacts.
    • All-in-one CRM
    • Marketing Automation
    • Shared Inbox
    • Live Chat
    • Starts at $149/Month for 1500 contacts.
    • Marketing Automation
    • Lead & Client Management
    • Email Marketing
    • Starts at $1,999/Month for 2000 leads.
    • Marketing Operations
    • Account-based Marketing
    • Real-time Lead Scoring and Enrichment

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Lead scoring CRM software

Why choose Salesmate CRM for lead scoring?

Lead Scoring is just one of the use cases of Automation Journeys – a Salesmate add-on. See how Salesmate can genuinely impact your lead scoring and sales qualification quality.

custom lead scoring

Design the perfect model that fits your unique scoring criteria with 60+ triggers, conditions, and actions.

Improve MQLs by filtering leads that are most useful for your business and eventually bring more revenue to the table.

Craft your custom lead scoring model with ease
Increase or deprecate scores based on your needs

easy scoring mechanism

Easily increase the lead score every time a lead matches your
defined criteria.

Deprecate scores for inactive leads to ensure sales team focus on the most relevant leads.

For instance, if a lead signs up for a demo, add 15 points. However, if a lead unsubscribes from newsletter, deprecate 10 points.

Top rated across all platforms

Customers have rated us the best compared to any other software across review platforms like G2, Gartner, TrustRadius.

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Personalized campaigns

Identify high scoring leads and execute highly-personalized campaigns to drive conversions.

For instance, a lead with a score of >60 receives an email explaining the difference in pricing plans.

Whereas, a lead with a score of <20 receives an email educating about the product or offerings.

Engage with leads based on Salesmate Score
Make MQLs easily accessible for sales teams

ease of access

Easily view Salesmate Score on contact profile picture.

Assign high-scoring leads to sales members for further qualification.

Add high-scoring leads to a dedicated list or move them forward in the pipeline for quick and easy accessibility.

FAQS on Lead scoring software

Got questions? Find answers!

What is lead scoring software, and how can it help my business?

Lead scoring software helps businesses rank and prioritize their leads based on predefined criteria. For example, the software assigns lead scores based on demographics, firmographics, and engagement level.   

Using lead scoring software, a business can identify and focus its sales and marketing efforts on the most valuable leads. Below are the points showing how lead scoring can help your business:  

  • Lead scoring tool can help businesses improve their marketing efforts by providing insights into which channels and campaigns generate the most high-quality leads.  
  • A lead scoring system can also help businesses tailor their sales and marketing messaging to be more relevant and engaging.  
  • It is particularly useful for businesses that generate a large volume of leads, such as those buying leads directly from lead vendors.  
  • It can benefit businesses in multiple industries, including B2B, real estate, financial services, healthcare, technology, and many more.  
  • Lead scoring software can help businesses prioritize and focus their efforts on the most potential leads, improve their marketing and sales efforts, and gain insights into their target audience. 
Can CRM lead scoring automation save time and resources for sales teams?

CRM lead scoring automation can save time and resources for sales teams by automatically evaluating and scoring leads based on predefined criteria.

It allows sales teams to quickly identify high-quality leads, prioritize follow-up efforts, and make better use of their resources.

Ultimately, using lead scoring tool can help streamline the sales process and generate more revenue for the business.

What types of lead scoring software exist?

Various types of lead scoring software are available in the market, each with unique features and benefits. Here are some of the most common types of lead scoring software:  

1. Rule-based lead scoring: This type of lead scoring software assigns scores to leads based on a set of predefined rules. The rules can be based on demographics, firmographics, behavior, and engagement level.   

Rule-based lead scoring is a popular choice for businesses that are new to lead scoring and are looking for a simple and straightforward solution.  

2. Predictive lead scoring: Predictive lead scoring uses machine learning algorithms to analyze large volumes of data and predict which leads are most likely to convert.   

This type of lead scoring software is ideal for businesses that generate a large volume of leads and are looking for a more accurate and sophisticated lead scoring solution.  

3. Hybrid lead scoring: Hybrid lead scoring combines rule-based and predictive lead scoring to create a more accurate and flexible lead scoring system.   

Hybrid lead scoring allows businesses to use predefined rules while also incorporating predictive analytics to identify leads that may have been missed by the rule-based system.  

4. Account-based lead scoring: Account-based lead scoring focuses on scoring accounts rather than individual leads. 

Thus, various types of lead scoring software are available, each with unique features and benefits that businesses can choose from based on their needs and budget.

What are common use-cases of lead scoring software?

Here are some common use-cases of lead scoring software:  

  • Prioritizing leads: Lead scoring software allows businesses to prioritize leads based on their possibility to convert, allowing sales teams to focus on leads. 
  • Resource allocation: By prioritizing leads, lead scoring software helps businesses allocate their sales resources more efficiently, saving time and reducing costs.
  • Sales forecasting: Lead scoring software provides businesses with insights into their sales pipeline, allowing them to forecast future sales more accurately.
  • Marketing segmentation: Lead scoring software can be used to segment a business’s target audience based on demographics, firmographics, behavior, and engagement level, allowing marketers to deliver more personalized and effective messaging.
  • Account-based marketing: Lead scoring software is particularly useful for businesses that sell to other businesses (B2B) and need to prioritize high-value accounts.
  • Lead nurturing: Lead scoring software helps businesses identify leads that are not yet ready to buy and engage with them in a more targeted and personalized way, increasing the likelihood of conversion in the future.
  • Data-driven decision making: Lead scoring software provides businesses with data and insights that can be used to optimize their sales and marketing strategies and improve their overall performance.

These use cases make B2B lead scoring software valuable for businesses looking to streamline their sales process and improve their bottom line. 

How can lead scoring software benefit marketing, sales, and customer support teams?

Lead scoring software offers numerous benefits for marketing, sales, and customer support teams: 

  1. Marketing teams:
    i. Identification of marketing qualified leads (MQLs): Lead scoring tools help marketing teams pinpoint MQLs and allocate resources accordingly for nurturing and conversion.
    ii. Personalized campaigns: The software allows optimizing the marketing database and creating targeted, personalized campaigns based on lead scores and engagement levels.
  2. Sales teams:
    i. Focus on high-quality leads: Lead scoring software enables sales teams to concentrate on high-quality leads, increasing their chances of closing deals and enhancing overall sales efficiency.
    ii. Better lead insights: Sales representatives can leverage lead scoring data to gain valuable insights into lead behavior and preferences, helping them tailor their sales approach.
  3. Customer support teams:
    i. Upsell and cross-sell opportunities: Lead scoring insights help customer support teams identify potential upsell or cross-sell opportunities, allowing them to provide better, more customized customer support.
    ii. Improved customer satisfaction: Identifying high-value customers and prioritizing their needs enhances customer satisfaction and long-term loyalty.
Does Salesmate have lead scoring, and how can it help?

Salesmate offers a comprehensive lead scoring feature to help businesses prioritize and manage leads more effectively. Key advantages of Salesmate’s lead scoring include: 

  1. CRM integration: Salesmate integrates lead scoring into its CRM platform, offering a unified solution for lead qualification, tracking, and nurturing.
  2. Customizable scoring models: Salesmate supports rule-based scoring and traditional level scoring, allowing businesses to tailor their lead scoring models according to their specific needs and preferences.
  3. Additional features: Salesmate provides extra features such as lead tracking, web forms, and marketing automation, sales pipeline making it an all-in-one solution for effective lead management.
How does Salesmate's lead scoring software differ from other lead scoring solutions?

Salesmate’s lead scoring software stands out from other solutions in the market due to several key differentiators: 

  1. Seamless CRM integration: Salesmate combines lead scoring with its CRM platform, providing a comprehensive and unified lead management solution.
  2. Customizable scoring models: The software supports rule-based scoring and traditional level scoring, enabling businesses to adapt their lead scoring models to their unique needs.
  3. Additional functionalities: Salesmate offers extra features like lead tracking, web forms, and marketing automation software integration, positioning itself as a versatile solution for effective lead management.