Make, receive, and track calls with Salesmate
CRM’s click-to-call feature. Take complete control
over your sales communication with advanced
sales call tracking system.


Missing out on crucial information during client calls is every salesperson’s nightmare. However, Salesmate has come up with a click-to-call feature that lets you make, receive, and record calls, save them and get back to them later, right from your CRM system.

You can now maintain a healthy flowing pipeline with all the wealth of information stored safely inside your system while you identify opportunities, optimize sales calls and keep track of your team’s performance to generate maximum revenue.

Salesmate – all-in-one sales calling and tracking software

Prioritize your day’s sales calls with Salesmate CRM’s built-in virtual phone system. Streamline your sales calling activities in
one place and maximize your team’s efficiency. Avoid the hassle of integrating with third-party applications and call your
prospect directly from the CRM. Choose desired local or toll-free virtual phone numbers from 80+ countries, track every call
made and received, and enhance your calling strategies with Salesmate’s call tracking software.

Built-in virtual phone system

Built-in virtual phone system

Monitor every sales call and automatically log them into the CRM with the advanced call tracking software to keep track of each conversation at any point in time. Come back to any entry anytime and strategize your follow-up activities.

Log calls into the CRM automatically
Record your outbound/inbound calls
Call Recording

Call Recording

Record calls to understand your clients’ unique requirements and keep tabs on how your sales reps interact with the prospects. Identify effective sales techniques to train your reps and bolster client relationships with the right pain points.

Sales Report

Sales Report

Get vital insights about each call with call tracking software to improve your team’s performance. Get clarity on what’s happening in your sales team and summarize call patterns for taking real-time actions. Learn more about Sales Reports.

Create insightful call reports
Stay informed with timely notifications
Call forwarding

Real-time Notifications

Get timely notifications about every call made, received, or unanswered. Stay informed with each sales rep’s calling activities and follow-up with clients on time so that you never miss any valuable prospects.


Salesmate is the best sales call tracking solution
for your business

Make informed decisions, improve your client conversations, and track all your sales communication and calling
activities with Salesmate’s call tracking solution.

Measure the effectiveness
Measure the effectiveness

Gain access to insightful reports to determine whether your outbound calling tactics are driving any results or not.

Determine peak call hours
Determine peak call hours

With call tracking, find out which
days and hours are most crucial for
calling your high potential sales prospects.

Take better decisions
Take better decisions

Eliminate guesswork and make informed decisions with call tracking data that is well-organized in salesmate call tracking software.

Manage your team efficiently
Manage your team efficiently

Determine the best calling practices by recording the calls of star performers for guiding other
members of the team.

Enhanced communications
Enhanced communications

Check past conversations with your prospects and understand their pain points for having a meaningful conversation.

Avoid missed calls
Avoid missed calls

Don’t let your customers turn
towards your competitors, get alerts about each missed call for
connecting in real-time.

Dalyn Newby

After trying dozens of CRMs and getting frustrated, I found Salesmate. It's really easy to start with and has a great mobile app that's fast and responsive.

Dalyn NewbySoftware Architect

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