Salesmate is a SaaS company itself. We understand everyday struggles of sales, marketing, and CX teams in a SaaS company. That’s why we’ve built the best CRM for SaaS businesses.

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Why we created Salesmate CRM for
SaaS companies?

SaaS companies have unique needs when it comes to CRM software. Data management is the most important factors for
decision-making for SaaS. That’s why the CRM tools need to be a complete solution that sales, marketing, and CX teams can
use. Every data from lead capturing to nurturing must be there in a CRM. That’s why created a Salesmate as the perfect
CRM for SaaS businesses.

Lead Generation

Lead Generation

Salesmate has important lead generation tools you need to convert website visitors into high-quality leads. Web Forms, Meeting Scheduler, Live Chat & Chatbots will help you turn visitors on landing pages to leads into CRM.

Lead Management

Lead Management

After lead generation, what you need is a strong lead management environment where all your contact details are stored without any limitations. This is where you’ll filter all your leads for better marketing and business decisions. Salesmate comes with the best Contact Management functionality with 100+ filters, so you can manage data your way!

Pipeline and Deal Management

Pipeline and Deal Management

This is where salespeople comes in, and they demand the right environment for all the SQLs. Pipeline Management helps sales team to get a bird-eye view of all the deals flowing at the moment. Salespeople can always find the right oppportunities to focus, just by looking at the pipeline view. Our SaaS CRM comes with industry-best Pipeline Management.

Sales Closing

Sales Closing

Salespeople are extremely talented at communicating with prospects based on their buying stage and suggest the right product or service. A true SaaS CRM should empower this quality and need. That’s why Salesmate has left no communication channel. Salespeople can email, call, text, and video chat with Salesmate.

Customer Retention

Customer Retention

Sales closing is not the end, it’s the start. This is the stage where customer success team takes over and makes sure existing customers have everything they need to efficiently run their day. Salesmate’s Live Chat & Chatbots are built for CX teams deliver extra-ordinary experiences to their customers. Shared Team Inbox helps CX teams come together and resolve customer tickets like a true team.

Analytics & Reporting

Analytics & Reporting

Every team needs insights, there’s no doubt about it. Sales team need their monthly perfomance reports. Marketing team needs campaign-level inisights. CX team wants to see how many customers are satisfied. Salesmate’s perfect CRM for SaaS answers to all these needs with Custom Reports, Advanced Analytics, and Custom Dashboards.



SaaS businesses rely on a lot of tools. The ideal SaaS CRM should integrate with these tools for better data maintenance and collaborations. That’s why Salesmate offers 700+ integrations, native and Zapier-based, so you can build a data-centric ecosystem.

Use Salesmate with your favorite SaaS apps


With 700+ business app integrations including Google Apps, Microsoft, and Zapier, Salesmate enables a seamless and productive workflow for your entire team.


What should you look for in a SaaS CRM for
your business?

Check out the best features you must look for in a CRM for SaaS businesses. Also find out how Salesmate
drives immense values via these features.


Your website visitors are your future customers. Turn visitors into hot leads using attarctive Web Forms. More interested in face-to-face chats? Encourage visitors to book a slot with you using Meeting Scheduler. Want to generate leads while you sleep? Try Salesmate Chatbots to capture leads using automated journey.

Wake up with fresh MQLs!
Truly understand your future customers


Salesmate Contact Management let’s you manage unlimited
leads and companies, so you can bring out the best insights for your business.

Score leads as per your own rules to deliver the highest-quality leads to salespeople.

  • Contact Management
  • 100+ Advanced Filters
  • Profile Enrichment
  • Contact Timeline
  • Create Lists
  • Lead Scoring
Value-rich Google CRM, starting at just $12!

Take your marketing to the next level with Salesmate’s lead
generation and management tools.


Every SQL is a Deal and Pipelines is the collection of Deals spread across various stages of buying journey.

Salesmate empowers you to create unlimited deals and pipelines and customize them exactly the way you want.

Modify pipeline stages and deal cards, so you can drive your sales process, the way you want!

  • Multiple Pipeline Management
  • Deal Management
  • Custom Deals & Pipelines
  • Pipeline Stage Automation
Managing deals is a BIG deal!
Say hello to sales closing!


Salesmate is absolutely the best SaaS CRM when it comes to communication channels.

Connect with prospects via emails, calls, and text without leaving your CRM. Everything is inside!

Salesmate also integrated with Google Meet, Microsoft Teams, and Zoom!

An award-winning software that is top-rated by customers

Hundreds of awards and thousands of customer rating across all industry outlets.

CRM Software
CRM Software
CRM Software
Best Support
Best Support
CRM for Startups
CRM for Startups
CRM Software
CRM Software
CRM Software
CRM Software
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  • Cancel anytime
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You have to be there for your customer when they need you. Let them reach out to you via Live Chat where you resolve doubts one on one.

Be there, even where you’re not around with Chatbots. Let the automation answer all the questions and resolve customer queries.

Meanwhile, Shared Team Inbox truly empowers your CX team to come together and share an inbox. Assign conversations to the right owner and deliver extraordinary experiences.

CX is the best business strategy!
Turn data into game-changing insights


Don’t see data in a boring spreadsheet way. See the data in beautiful charts and reports. Salesmate lets you create custom reports that you need regularly.

With widgets, you can build your personal dashboard that shows crucial insights as soon as you open up Salesmate.

  • Custom Reports
  • Pre-made Report Templates
  • Custom Dashboards
  • Create Reports Automatically


Salesmate is the best CRM for SaaS because of its automation capabilities.

Workflow Automation lets you automate mundane, everyday tasks, so you can focus on better activities.

Sequences are true gift for salespeople to take follow-ups automatically using emails and texts.

Journey-based Marketing Automation lets you simplify complex campaigns and put them on auto-pilot.

  • Workflow Automation
  • Sequences
  • Marketing Automation
  • Sales Automation
  • Data Entry Automation
Do it. Yet don’t do it.
Be where you should. Automate the rest.

Explore the automation capabilities from Salesmate with a 15-day completely free trial. No credit cards required.

STArtup crm comparision

Comparing the best CRM for startups in 2022

Want to pick the right startup CRM for your business? Select from the list of top-rated startup CRM tools based
on different criteria such as features, cost, & customer ratings.

Featuressalesmate hubspot Close CRM pipedrive
Web FormsYes, in all plansYes, in all plans closeVia Add-on, pay extra
Built-in Meeting SchedulerYes, in all plansYes, in all plansNo, only Google CalendarStarts at $19.90/U/M
Live ChatYes, Add-ontruecloseYes, Add-on
ChatbotsYes, Add-ontruecloseYes, Add-on
Contact ManagementUnlimited, in all planstrueUnlimited, starting at $59/U/MUnlimited, in all plans
Pipeline ManagementUnlimited, in all plans2 pipelines/account in Starter1 pipeline in StarterUnlimited, in all plans
Deal ManagementUnlimited, in all plansUnlimited, in all plansUnlimited, starting at $59/U/MUnlimited, starting at $59.90/U/M
2-way Email SynctruetruetrueStarting at $19.90/U/M
Drag & Drop Email BuildertruetrueHTML EditorVia Add-on, Pay Extra
Bulk EmailtruetrueStarting at $89/U/MStarting at $19.90/U/M
Built-in Phone SystemtruetruetrueStarting at $39.90/U/M
Power DialerStarting at $40/U/MtrueStarting at $89/U/MVia integration, pay extra
Call RecordingYes, in all plansYes, in all plansStarting at $89/U/MStarting at $39.90/U/M
Built-in TexttrueVia integration, pay extratrueclose
Bulk TexttrueVia integration, pay extraVia APIclose
Zoom Integrationtruetruetruetrue
Google Meettruetrueclosetrue
Microsoft Teamstruetrueclosetrue
Workflow AutomationYes, in all plansStarting at $1,600/five users/monthcloseStarting at $19.90/U/M
Email SequencesStarting at $24/U/MStarting at $1,600/five users/monthStarting at $89/U/M Not as dedicated feature
Text SequencesStarting at $24/U/MVia integration, pay extracloseNot as dedicated feature
Live ChatVia Add-ontruecloseVia Add-on
Shared Team Inbox3 Shared Inboxes in Growth Plan1 Shared Inbox in Starter Plan closeclose
PricingStarter - $12/U/MStarter - $45/2U/MStarter - $25/U/MEssential - $9.90/U/M
Growth - $24/U/MProfessional - $1,600/5U/MBasic - $59/U/MAdvanced - $19.90/U/M
Boost - $40/U/MEnterprise - $5,000/10U/MProfessional - $89/U/MProfessional - $39.90/U/M
Enterprise - CustomBusiness - $129/U/MEnterprise - $59.90/U/M

Disclaimer: All the information, prices, and data are verified as of June 2022. All logos and company names are trademarks™ or registered® trademarks of their
respective holders. Usage is done purely for the comparison purpose only. To report any incorrect or outdated information, please get in touch with us.


Save massive money with Salesmate!

You don’t have to spend thousands of bucks annually for a solid CRM. Choose from our simple plans.

Build & organize your sales function


per user/month
$144, billed annuallyOr $15 per user if billed monthly
Automate sales and close more deals


per user/month
$288, billed annuallyOr $30 per user if billed monthly
Most PopularBecome a revenue machine


per user/month
$480, billed annuallyOr $50 per user if billed monthly
Perfect fit for enterprise sales teams


Connect with our sales team for enterprise pricing.

Frequently Asked Questions

Got questions? Find answers!

1. What is a CRM for SaaS companies?

A SaaS CRM is a platform that Software as a Service companies use on a daily basis to manage their sales, marketing, and customer service operations.

A large part of CRM revolves around the idea of building long-term relationships with customers. However, CRM has grown into much more than just sales.

Now, modern SaaS CRMs house features that all three teams can use effectively.

2. Who needs a SaaS CRM?

Most Software as a Service companies utilize SaaS CRMs to keep track of their sales using pipeline management and to visualize every deal through their sales process stages.

SaaS companies use CRM to effectively maintain customer and prospect information, and to imporve the overall sales.

Now, SaaS CRMs are also contributing to marketing and CX functions to manage various campaigns and to keep customers satisfied for long term.

Whether you own a large corporation, a small or medium-sized business, or are a sole proprietor, you must grow your sales and revenue.  

A SaaS CRM software is therefore necessary if you want to manage all of your contacts (leads, prospects, and customers), create sales pipelines, track leads, streamline sales processes, improve team collaboration, get real-time updates on your deals, and develop relationships with both potential and existing customers.

However, it is crucial to note that organizations that desire complete control and ownership of their data and have specialized industry needs may require to opt for an enterprise plan of the CRM system that provides high-level security of your data to support their sales activities and grow their revenue. 

3. How to choose the right CRM for your SaaS business?

With exceptional profits and the highest levels of customer relationships, the right SaaS CRM can help you reach the top of your game.

Let us examine the best strategies for selecting the SaaS CRM software using the following points:

  • Determine your requirement for Cloud vs On-premise SaaS CRM.
  • Determine which CRM features and functionalities you require and proceed accordingly.
  • Make certain that the system is compatible and integrated with your existing tech stack.
  • Conduct a thorough CRM SaaS comparison before choosing any specific tool, that fits your requirement.
  • Before making a final decision, you should request a demonstration and test a free trial if it does not require you to submit your credit card information.
  • Prefer specific vendor selection as well as local partners.
  • Before making a final purchase, check out the available customizations and training.
  • To get an understanding of the software, read the reviews and analyze the user experience.
  • Check that the software includes GDPR-compliant features. It enables you to monitor and manage customer information.
4. Should SaaS CRM be GDPR compliant?

Yes. Your SaaS CRM has to be GDPR compliant because it ensures data integrity and provide transparency to your customers. Data security is a huge concern for customers, and you need to make sure your CRM is GDPR compliant.

Salesmate is GDPR compliant SaaS CRM. We follow full-proof practices to ensure data integrity of our customers.

5. What are the best CRM for SaaS startups and companies?

As per the current market, these are the best CRM for SaaS startups and companies:

  • Salesmate
  • HubSpot
  • Close
  • Pipedrive


You can check out the SaaS CRM comparison table above to evaluate features and limitations.

6. What is the difference between in-house CRM and SaaS CRM?

CRM for SaaS can be accessed anytime and anywhere as long as you have internet. SaaS CRMs are hosted on cloud, while in-house CRM are hosted on premise.

In-house CRMs need proper installation and maintenance, and it becomes difficult to access due to location restrictions.

7. What are the benefits of using SaaS CRM for your business?

The main advantage of the SaaS (Software as a Service) CRM is that you don’t have to use any of your on-premise storage devices to access the software, and you don’t even have to install it on your computer. 

You can complete your task more quickly and easily than ever before thanks to this. Here are a few quantifiable advantages of choosing the SaaS option. 

1. Scalability

Pay-as-you-go SaaS CRM features allow you to use the software to adjust to the changing size of your department.  

For example – The SaaS solution is likely to be used by 20 of your employees in the first year, but as you continue to grow to 100, 150, and 200 employees, the service provider may immediately upgrade your software for more users, giving you the chance to scale quickly. 

2. Geographical freedom 

Working remotely is possible using the SaaS CRM. You can conduct business from any location you want if you have access to the internet.  

Any SaaS solution, including CRM software, landing page builders, and other tools, can be used with just an internet connection. You can then log in right away using the custom URL created for your business and get to work right away.

You can even use these applications directly from your smartphones even while you are traveling and stay connected with your customers all the time.

3. Virtually no overhead exists

By choosing a SaaS CRM software, you gain access to the cloud software and servers of the service provider.  

Since they personalized the SaaS CRM features according your requirements, you can avoid hiring other vendors who specialize in setting up servers for particular jobs.

A cloud-based CRM software let’s you access all the required details of your customers from anywhere, anytime. 

4. Security 

SaaS CRM software has built-in security measures in place to safeguard your data. However, you must conduct some research on the protective measures offered to you.  

For instance, if you operate a financial services company and use a service CRM as a SaaS solution, you must make sure that critical customer data is not stored on the servers of the SaaS provider.

You must check for the compliances that are followed by the service provides like, whether they are GDPR, CCPA, HIPPA compliant or not? This will help you in the long-run to avoid any legal issues.