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top-notch lead management software

  • Manage leads, contacts, customers, vendors, and partners in one platform.
  • Qualify leads with your custom scoring model.
  • Get a complete suite of CRM with everything you need to achieve sales success.

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software for lead management

Why Salesmate is the best CRM for
lead management?

Salesmate is a stellar lead management system that has everything your business needs to manage leads effectively and much more.

Multiple sources, one platform!

  • Bring leads from various sources into Salesmate using built-in tools or Zapier.
  • Use attractive Web Forms to capture leads from websites and money pages
  • Leverage Chatbots to collect leads while you’re off the desk!
Bring leads from multiple sources to a central place
Lead Management Software 360° contact view

360° view of the leads

  • Learn everything you need to know about the lead from a Single screen with Salesmate’s 360-degree view.
  • Find lead contact, company details and deals they’re associated with.
  • The timeline shows every interaction happened with the lead from the moment it enters into Salesmate.
  • Find crucial insights like last page visited or recent interests
    from the lead.

There is nothing to dislike about Salesmate because it helps us increase revenue and work with clarity. The best CRM software to boost sales.

Yash K.
Yash K. Verified Verified Customer

The best part is the ease of moving leads through various stages. Truly a mate for you sales management!

Rishel A.
Rishel A. Verified Verified Customer

better clarity with lists & views

  • Utilize the 180+ filters within Salesmate lead management
    tool and quickly filter out the leads you wish to access.
  • Create lists of leads with similar interests or specific criteria
    and directly add them to Sequences.
  • Make bulk changes to leads to save time and efforts.
Build lists and views for better clarity of leads
Score leads and focus on right prospects only

automatic lead qualification

  • Build your custom lead scoring model from scratch, no matter
    how complex it is. Salesmate can handle it!
  • View Lead Score right on the lead profile for easy access.
  • Focus only on high-quality leads and increase closing chances.
5000+ sales teams trust Salesmate

See why so many businesses love using Salesmate everyday. Take a 15-day free trial. We don’t ask for credit card details.

software for lead management

Does Salesmate stop at lead management?

Salesmate is much more than just a simple lead management software. It has everything your teams need to manage leads
seamlessly and much more to help you convert leads into paying customers.

Built-In Calling
Built-In Calling

Engage with leads across 80+ countries and grow your customer relationships.

Text Messenger
Text Messenger

Reach to the palm of your leads with fast text messaging.

Web Forms
Web Forms

Create personalized Web Forms to collect leads.

Sales Pipeline
Sales Pipeline

Stop losing deals by identifying and addressing the sales challenges

Shared Team Inbox
Shared Team Inbox

2.5X your team productivity and drive seamless collaboration across teams.

Meeting Scheduler
Meeting Scheduler

Plug your calendar on money pages and book more meetings.

Automation Journeys
Lost Reasons

Have an automation in mind? It’s rarely not possible in Salesmate.

Sales Sequences
Sales Sequences

Automate the lead nurturing process with automated follow-ups.

Sales Reports
Sales Reports

Identify sales patterns, roadblocks, and make data-driven decisions.

salesmate crm pricing

How much does it cost to buy a
lead management CRM?

Incredible value, transparent pricing. Take a 15-day FREE trial and discover the true potential of Salesmate.


Build & organize your sales function


per user/month

$276, billed annually Or $29 per user if billed monthly


Automate sales and close more deals


per user/month

$468, billed annually Or $49 per user if billed monthly

Most Popular

Become a revenue machine


per user/month

$756, billed annually Or $79 per user if billed monthly

Frequently Asked Questions

FAQs on lead management CRM

What is lead management software?

Lead management software is a tool designed to simplify the process of tracking and managing leads, or potential customers.  

It can automate various aspects of the sales process, such as identifying, tracking, engaging, and converting potential clients, allowing sales teams to focus on high-impact activities. 

Top lead management software specifically cater to different industries like real estate, retail, insurance, call center, and many more. 

How does lead management software work?

Lead management CRM software captures leads from sources like websites, social media, SMS marketing and email campaigns, storing them in a centralized Lead management system.  

This sales lead management software then allows businesses to qualify, score, and prioritize leads, enhancing the efficiency of the Lead management process. 

Why use a lead management software?

Using a lead management software enhances efficiency by automating lead capturing, tracking, and nurturing. It boosts conversion rates by scoring and prioritizing prospects, improves sales productivity, and offers valuable insights through data analytics.  

What are the benefits of using lead management software?

Lead management software can provide numerous benefits, including improved lead conversion rates, more efficient sales processes, and better client relationships.  

By automating repetitive tasks and providing insightful analytics, such software allows businesses to focus on strategy and building stronger customer relationships.

What is the best way to manage leads in Salesmate?

Salesmate is a robust CRM tailored to enhance the efficiency of lead management for businesses. By seamlessly integrating with various other tools, it enables automatic lead capture.

With features like sales pipelines, automated workflows, and built-in communication tools, Salesmate streamlines the lead nurturing process. Additionally, its advanced analytics provides valuable insights, ensuring sales teams prioritize high value leads and maximize conversions.

This holistic approach ensures that teams remain aligned and can focus on building meaningful relationships with the leads and customers.

What features should I consider in lead management software?

Key features to look in best lead management software include lead capture and segmentation, lead scoring and qualification, sales pipeline visualization, task automation, reporting and analytics, and integration with other business tools such as accounting software, project management software, and social media platforms. 

Is lead management software suitable for small businesses?

Absolutely, lead management software is suitable for businesses of all sizes, including small businesses. Such tools streamline their sales process, improving efficiency and enhancing the lead management system.

This can be especially crucial for growth, allowing them to focus on high-impact activities and fostering better customer relationship management.

Can I use CRM lead management solution to track the effectiveness of my marketing campaigns?

Yes, CRM lead management software typically helps in tracking the effectiveness of marketing campaigns.

With capabilities to provide deep insights into which marketing channels are yielding the best prospects and qualified leads, this software for lead management aids in refining and optimizing your marketing automation. 

Utilizing such lead management tools and lead tracking software can ensure businesses harness their marketing and sales teams efficiently. 

How much does lead management software cost?

The cost of lead management software can vary widely based on its features, the size of your business, and your specific needs. Some providers offer basic packages for small businesses that can start from as low as $10-20 per user per month.

On the other hand, more comprehensive solutions for large enterprises can cost several hundred dollars per user per month. Many providers also offer free trials or freemium versions of their software.

Top 5 lead management software in market.

 Some of the best lead management software in the market are: 

  1. Salesmate CRM
  2. HubSpot CRM
  3. Salesforce CRM
  4. Freshworks
  5. Pipedrive