Make your team excel at calling with an built-in call automation tool that improves productivity two fold.



Make calls efficiently with Power Dialer

Salesmate’s Power Dialer software automatically dials contacts from the selected activities one by one by using automation. Call through
lead lists without switching apps. No more manual clicking and jumping from one record to another. All of it is taken care of by
Power Dialer. All you need to do now is stay pumped and get ready to close the next big deal.

Navigating through record screens based on your planned activities is now made easier with Salesmate’s CRM Power Dialer. It automatically takes you from one screen to another as soon as your activity completes.

Surf from one screen to another smoothly
Choose the wait time between calls

Need time to prepare for the next call? Set a specific time duration between calls, and Power Dialer will automatically call the contacts in line after the wait time ends.

Even with Power Dialer in motion, you have all the control in your hands. Pause and resume the smart queue at your will, reschedule calls on a desired date and time, complete or skip any activity manually. Take control at any point during the process and keep moving forward.

Keep all the control in your hands
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Save and drop pre-recorded voicemails

Hit the prospect’s voicemail? No worries, choose from the
pre-recorded voicemails and drop them without spending any time manually recording voicemails. Also, reschedule calls from the same screen.

Power Dialer is like an automated to-do list that will dial one call after another so that you don’t have to struggle manually. All you have to do is choose the contacts and hit the start button.

Get a powerful calling tool cum To-Do list

Frequently Asked Questions

Got questions? Find answers!

What do you mean by CRM with Power Dialer?

CRM with power dialer is a feature that allows users to make calls automatically from their CRM software. This can be a valuable tool for sales teams, customer service teams, or any other teams that need to make frequent calls.  

CRM Power dialer can help improve efficiency and productivity by eliminating the need to manually dial numbers.  

How does Power Dialer CRM works?

A Power Dialer CRM is a software that automates the process of making phone calls. It’s used by sales reps to make more calls in less time, and increase the efficiency of their outreach. 

If you are not able to establish a connection, just select the outcome of the call and the power dialer will automatically move on to the next number.  It also provides you the ability to leave a pre-recorded voicemail. 

Additionally, using power dialer CRM you can select the interval between the calls and it will automatically call the next contact that is in queue, it automatically navigates you according to your planned activities. 

Thus, using a power dialer CRM, you reach more prospects in same time quickly and efficiently. 

What are the benefits of using Power Dialer software?

Various benefits of using power dialer software are as follows: 

  • Save time: The power dialer software helps in saving a lot of time as it automates the process of dialing multiple phone numbers manually. 
  • Increases productivity: The power dialer also increases the productivity of the sales team as they can make more calls in less time.  
  • Reduces chances of human error: The power dialer reduces the chances of human error as it automates the process of dialing.  
  • Better engagement: The power dialer also helps in better engagement with prospects and leads as it allows the sales team to have more time to talk to the prospects. 

        Thus, we see that there are various benefits of using power dialer software. It is thus an essential tool for any sales team. 

        What are the key features of using CRM Power dialer?

        The CRM Power Dialer is a cloud-based dialer that helps sales team increase productivity and close more deals. The key features of using the CRM Power Dialer include:  

        1. Auto-dialing: The CRM Power Dialer automatically calls leads and contacts from your CRM system, so you don’t have to waste time manually dialing numbers.
        2. Call recording: Records all calls made through the system, so you can listen back to them later and make sure you’re providing the best possible solution using CRM with Power Dialer.
        3. Call logging: All calls made through the Power Dialer software are automatically logged, allowing you to easily keep track of your sales conversations.
        4. Click to call chrome: The CRM Power Dialer has a “click to call” feature that allows you to make calls directly from your web browser. 
        5. Integrations: You can use the Power Dialer CRM with your existing telephony software as it integrates with popular VoIP systems. So, you don’t have to juggle between multiple apps.
        6. Call notes: You can take notes during and after a call using the CRM Power Dialer so that you can recall crucial details about the conversation later.
        7. Voicemail drops: You can leave pre-recorded voicemails for your leads and contacts using the Power Dialer software so that you can stay in touch even if they aren’t available to take your call.
        8. Call transfer: You can quickly connect your lead or contact to another member of your team using the call transfer feature of the CRM Power Dialer.

        So, these were some of the key features of CRM Power Dialer, that helps sales teams increase productivity and close more deals.  

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