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Powerful sales automation

Automate, move ahead, and sell!

With Salesmate’s Sales Cedances, you can automate all your follow-up activities, be it through emails or text messages, so that
you can spend more time pitching new leads and close more deals while your CRM takes care of your client relationships and
nurture them for more upselling and cross-selling.

Set up your sales sequences with any number of stages in a sales pipeline to get your follow-ups done with the help of measurable series of touchpoints.

Set an interval between your follow-up sequences and keep the prospect enganed throughout their sales journey, even when you have no time to interact.

Set it all up instantly

Seamless communication through intuitive crm

Choose to communicate better

Communication is the key to every goal reached. Automate your communication with your prospects and clients,
whether it’s with emails or text messages, and always stay on top of their minds. Also, keep reminding yourself what’s
supposed to be done next to always stay in the loop.

Automate your emails and texts

Set a series of timed emails and texts for your prospects so that you never miss on any client interaction while you are busy selling and closing more deals.

Don’t get carried away by the busywork. Set reminders for yourself inside the CRM so that you never forget any of your follow-up activities.

best-in-class outreach crm

Tailor every outreach

Communication is important. But doing it right is essential too. Send personalized emails and texts to your clients with automated
follow-ups by Sales Cedances. Add a personal touch to your messages to nurture long-lasting relationships.

Tailor each and every email/text you send to your prospects so that you don’t sound impersonal and build a lasting rapport.

Connect with your prospects more meaningfully with custom cedances templates to send effective emails and texts.

Personalize your messages
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powerful crm for effective engagement

Engage more prospects, close more deals!

Never miss out on any leads. Hold on to them from the very first communication, and keep them engaged with your business
to close deals faster. Never leave their minds with the help of automated follow-ups and even get reported on
how the automation is working in your favor.

Enroll contacts from CRM
Contact Management

Contact Management

Don’t wait for a reply from the prospect. Keep following-up till you get an answer. Enroll contacts right from your CRM and never lose the sight of your goals.

Sales reports

Sales reports

Don’t do it blindly. Get reported on how the sales cedances are performing. Make your sales campaigns far better using Salesmate’s follow-up tool.

Stay updated with Reports
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We can see our pipeline, including the sales process stages and the dollar volume at each stage. Since our inception 90 days ago, our pipeline has grown 100%

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