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Instant set up

Sequences will help drive better engagement with your contacts by creating a measurable series of touchpoints. Set up your sequences with any number of stages that fulfill your follow up needs.

Set the delay

Choose the interval between your follow up sequences and keep the prospects engaged throughout their sales journey.

Choose how you communicate

Email sequences and text (SMS) sequences

Send a series of timed emails or texts to your prospects so you never lose touch and close more deals by putting follow-ups on autopilot.

Activities and reminders

Don’t let busy work eat away your sales follow ups schedule. Leave reminders for yourself inside Salesmate CRM, and perform activities depending on certain actions.

Tailor that outreach


Never sound impersonal with your approach. Tailor emails and text (SMS) sequence content that suits your contacts.


Make good use of the most effective sales email sequence templates and connect with your prospects in a more meaningful way.

Engage and gauge!


Enroll contacts right from your CRM. Automate your follow-ups with sequences until the contact replies. Game on!


See how your sequences are performing. Make your sales campaigns superior using Salesmate’s sales follow up tool. Create, optimize, test, repeat!

Happy & Growing Customers

I’ve been using this platform for over a month now and have seen my productivity double!

Brittany Canaski

Director of Partnerships

Ian Ray

Fantastic value for a CRM platform with easy staff onboarding and great back-end webhook integration support.

Ian Ray

CTO – Airshark


Solid CRM for small business looking for an easy to use, yet impactful CRM

Mike Barugel


Jacqui Sabo

We can see our pipeline, including the sales process stages and the dollar volume at each stage. Since our inception 90 days ago, our pipeline has grown 100%

Jacqui Sabo

Vice President - Faciliteq

Eric Griego

If you are looking for an intuitive, lightweight, and customizable sales platform, you have to get a demo from the Salesmate team.

Eric Griego

VP, Business Development – HoldMyTicket

Sales follow up sequence that works your way

Activities, communication, action - right on point with Salesmate automated sales sequences.

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