Start converting visitors into leads using Salesmate’s smart web forms that don’t require any coding.



Create forms and start capturing leads instantly

Sign-up form on your website is the best place to generate tons of leads, and you wouldn’t want your visitors to go somewhere
else without signing up. With Salesmate’s web forms, now you can create forms in minutes that are easily customizable and visually
appealing. Capture every information that is valuable for your sales team to close more deals and crush their quotas.

Collecting and managing customer information from multiple sources is a hassle for any sales rep. Web form puts an end to your problem of collecting customer data; it brings all contact information right inside your CRM for your ease of use.

Centralized customer data for increased outreach
Customized web forms that provide solutions

Every business brand has its distinctive image that makes them stand out from the rest. Use different fields such as check boxes, text fields, and tags according to your requirement. Customize the forms and capture all the relevant information that is important to your business.

Don’t just rely on your website to generate leads for you. Place the link in your email body or share them on social media and generate leads from all your marketing and sales campaigns. You can also embed the forms on your website and analyze how each form is converting.

Convert prospects through multiple ways
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Nurture leads with automation

Nurture every prospect with the powerful combination of web forms and Salesmate CRM. Automatically send emails to your prospects after they submit the form and start nurturing them. So, you can bring more leads to your business and convert them into customers.

Don’t drive away your prospects by sending irrelevant emails. Salesmate CRM’s web forms enable you to create multiple segments of the leads based on the assigned tags to target a specific audience based on their preferences.

Segment leads without any hassle
Detailed insights for increased productivity

Boost your team’s productivity with insightful reports of your web forms. Find out which form is performing best and accordingly make optimization to the rest of the web forms to capture more leads.

Connect your support emails with web forms and capture all support requests into the CRM. Respond to all the queries directly from your CRM using team inbox and solve customer queries within minutes to build lasting relationships.

Be quick to respond and build lasting relationships
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We can see our pipeline, including the sales process stages and the dollar volume at each stage. Since our inception 90 days ago, our pipeline has grown 100%

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