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Get a clear picture of all the deals present in your sales pipeline, move them across stages. Prioritize, moniter and analyze each deal and make the most out of your day with the right Deal Management Software.

Feature- rich CRM for best deal management

Feature- rich CRM for best deal management

  • Identify stalled deals
  • Forecast closures accurately
  • View and control the entire sales pipeline
  • Get notified about upcoming activities
  • Augment sales velocity
  • Move a deal quickly through all stages of the pipeline


Embrace more deals and make closures like a pro with a
 Deal Management CRM

Identify opportunities, capture information, and organize them in a single place to gain real-time visibility of all deals.
Strategixe your deal closure methods and convert more than ever!


contact management

Easily filter and sort deals as per their priorities and categorize them according to their progress with Salesmate’s Deal Management CRM. Add and edit deal stages and plan your next move to maintain the sales momentum with simplicity.

Organize and filter deals for smooth flow
Move deals across stages with just a click
Drag & drop

Drag & drop

Move your deals smoothly through sales stages. Drag and drop them easily from one stage to another as they climb the ladder and come to a close. Salesmate makes the complex process of deal management easy for you and let’s you sell more.

workflow automation

workflow automation

Reach your prospects as fast as a flash directly from a centralized dashboard on Salesmate CRM. Follow-up without wasting any time so that you never miss on any important opportunities due to lack of communication.

Automate your follow-ups

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Manage deals on the go
mobile crm

mobile crm

Never lose sight of your deals, even while you are working remote. Sieze every opportunity from any corner of the world with Salesmate’s Mobile CRM that provides a clear view of your deals on any device so that you can keep closing more deals!

sales reports

sales reports

Don’t fret over the lost deals, learn from them with Salesmate’s Sales Reports. Spend time on the right deals and embrace profitable opportunities, avoid guesswork and win more deals by gaining win probablilities with Reports.

Win more with probability reports
Switch between multiple pipelines effortlessly

sales pipeline

Create multiple pipelines, and switch through them in real-time to access each deal effortlessly. With a simple click, you can view any pipeline you want, and obtain client information without any delays.


Salesmate caters to all your sales needs and
manages deals efficiently

Pay immediate attention to each deal individually while caterting to the entire pipelines simultaneuosly. With Salesmate, close
deals faster by keeping track of every deal, and prioritizing them as and when required.

Define deal parameters
Define deal parameters

Improve company’s revenue, profit and market share by defining clear deal parameters – product status,
past customer activities, offers and operational constraints.

Stay connected
Stay connected

Stay in touch with your customers 24×7 by accessing information from any device at any time through Salesmate. Establish, and nurture customer relationship with Salesmate to scale your sales.

In-depth deal analysis
In-depth deal analysis

Scrutinize the historical reports of deals to get a clear picture of your sales team performance. An in-depth analysis will help in identifying the bottleneck in the sales funnel.

Jacqui Sabo

We can see our pipeline, including the sales process stages and the dollar volume at each stage. Since our inception 90 days ago, our pipeline has grown 100%

Jacqui Sabo Vice President Kissflow, Faciliteq
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