Get a clear picture of all the deals present in your sales pipeline, move them across stages. Prioritize, moniter and analyze each deal and make the most out of your day with the right Deal Management Software.



Manage contacts with Ease and turn every
 opportunity into closure

Exceed your customers’ expectations with seamless communication over multiple channels, and perform your best in every deal with a clear view of every client’s important data. Do it all with Salesmate’s Contact Management CRM.


contact Quick view

Create multiple pipelines and manage contacts based on their business types; prioritize them and deliver the best results. Get a clear view of every contact’s detail on a single page so that you can respond to their needs right on time.

Manage contacts from a single page
Get a view of client’s journey

contact management

Stay up-to-date with every contact’s journey with your company. Access their graphical timeline consisting of complete information of the contact history, activities, conversations and details of dashboard activities.

bulk activities

bulk activities

Perform multiple activites on several contacts at the same time. It’s easy to email, message and notify bulk contacts together by saving up to 37% of your valuable time with Salesmate’s Contact Management Software.

Perform bulk activities to save time
Manage every task efficiently

Activity tracking

Create new activities, set reminders, view past tasks to maintain comprehensive records, and manage your sales tasks. Salesmate’s Contact Management keeps you informed about the upcoming tasks so that you can take necessary actions right in time.

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Integrate Salesmate with your favorite apps

Salesmate integrates with 700+ business apps including Google Apps, Microsoft, and Zapier

tags and filters

tags and filters

Assign various tags and sort contacts using 50+ filters with Salesmate’s contact management. No need to apply filters every time, just hit on the saved view and you are done!

Add tags & smart filters
Get 360° customer view
contact timeline and insights

contact timeline and insights

Gain 360-degree visibility on all your contacts to view every tiny detail of your customers on a single screen. Access activities, deals, notes, emails, files, texts, and every key progress from the contact timeline. Get Smart Insights to view revenue generation from each contact.

global search

global search

Perform global search from Salesmate’s contact management CRM and find every piece of information that contains your search phrase. Filter your data using attributes like Contacts, Companies, Deals, Activities, and Notes, and funnel the findings using Ownership of a contact.

Find every information with Global Search
Make calls right from your CRM screen
built-in calling

built-in calling

Make and receive calls, send texts, access call logs, record calls and get call insights- all of it from your CRM screen! Get toll-free or virtual phone numbers and make quick calls to your customers from any corner of the world.

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We can see our pipeline, including the sales process stages and the dollar volume at each stage. Since our inception 90 days ago, our pipeline has grown 100%

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