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conversational crm

  • Deliver exceptional conversational customer experiences at scale
    with Salesmate.
  • Engage with leads via multiple communication channels from one place.
  • Access history of every lead, contacts, customer from a
    single screen.

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conversation crm

Why choose Salesmate as your
conversational CRM?

If you’re looking for a CRM that can help you optimize lead interactions and conversations across channels,
then Salesmate is the right choice for you. See why!

one platform, multiple channels

Engage with leads using multiple communication channels and manage conversations in a centralized place.

Plus, all conversations are synced within the platform in real-time, so no communication gets lost in the way.

  • Built-In Calling
  • Texting
  • Emails
  • Live Chat
Unified communication channels for sales teams!
Keep track of conversations automatically!

drive contacts to conversations

Get a 360° view of each contact to access past conversations, associated deals, recent activities, and more.

Associate custom tags to contacts and utilize filters to instantly access necessary leads from the database.

  • 360° Profile View
  • Contact Timeline
  • Tags & Filters
  • Lists & Segments

automate to elevate

Leverage Sequences to target specific leads with right messaging.

Mix personalized emails & texts to win more deals and bring more revenue.

  • Email Sequences
  • Text Sequences
Take automated follow-ups using emails & texts
Bring out meaningful insights to drive efforts

Smart insights, smart decisions

Find out what is working for specific target groups and pick the right communication channel.

Leverage pre-made reports and get answers to complex conversational questions with a few clicks.

Discover your top performing reps and reward them.

  • Report Library
  • Custom Dashboard
  • Custom Reports
  • Share Insights
Everything you need to build memorable relationships 🤝

Take a 15-day FREE trial and explore how Salesmate can truly change the way your sales team connects with prospects.

conversational crm pricing

How much does it cost to buy a
conversational CRM?

Strong value, transparent pricing. Take a 15-day FREE trial and discover the true potential of Salesmate.


Build & organize your sales function


per user/month

$276, billed annually Or $29 per user if billed monthly


Automate sales and close more deals


per user/month

$468, billed annually Or $49 per user if billed monthly

Most Popular

Become a revenue machine


per user/month

$756, billed annually Or $79 per user if billed monthly

Frequently Asked Questions

Did we read your mind?
Find answers to important questions.

What is conversational CRM?

Conversational CRM (Customer Relationship Management) is an integrated approach that facilitates real-time customer engagement across multiple channels, including calls, emails, SMS, and messaging apps. 

Utilizing CRM systems in conjunction with these communication methods, businesses aim to streamline customer interactions, efficiently address queries, and improve the overall customer experience. 

How is conversational CRM different from traditional CRM?

While traditional CRM (Customer Relationship Management) systems focus on managing and storing customer data through manual inputs, conversational CRM automates many customer interactions, collecting data in real-time from ongoing conversations and enabling customer engagement through preferred channels like messaging apps.

Is conversational CRM only for customer support?

No, a conversational CRM system is not just for support teams but can be used across various business functions, including sales teams, marketing, and customer engagement.

It helps streamline unnecessary administrative processes, automate responses, and gather insights from customer interactions.

How secure is conversational CRM?

The security of conversational CRM systems depends on the provider. Choosing a CRM system that complies with data protection regulations and employs robust security protocols minimizes security risks.

Can I integrate conversational CRM with other business tools?

Certainly, most modern conversational CRM platforms, like Salesmate, offer integrated solutions with other essential business tools, such as eCommerce platforms, accounting software, and ERP systems.

What happens if the chatbot cannot answer a customer's question?

Most conversational CRM systems can seamlessly transfer the conversation to a human representative when the chatbot reaches its limit or when a potential customer requests human assistance, thereby maintaining a quality customer experience.

How does conversational CRM handle multiple languages?

Many conversational CRM tools support multi-language capabilities, utilizing AI and machine translation tools to interact with customers in their preferred channels of language.

How to use conversational CRM to drive more sales?

Utilizing conversational CRM to drive more sales involves tapping into the platform’s interactive nature and real-time data capturing capabilities.

Here are several strategies and steps to effectively use conversational CRM for sales enhancement:

1. Lead qualification:

Use chatbots to qualify leads automatically. By asking the right questions, bots can determine the potential customer’s interest level, needs, and purchase intent.

Filter out less serious inquiries, allowing your sales team to focus on high-quality leads.

2. 24/7 Availability:

Bots can engage visitors anytime, providing instant answers and capturing leads even outside of business hours.

This round-the-clock service can lead to increased conversions as potential customers get immediate responses.

3. Personalized interactions:

Conversational CRM can track user behavior and provide insights. Use this data to craft personalized offers or product recommendations.

Tailor conversations based on past interactions or purchases to make customers feel valued.

4. Streamline sales process:

Automate routine stages in the sales process such as setting up appointments or providing product information.

Redirect complex queries to human agents, ensuring a seamless experience for the potential customer.

5. Feedback collection:

Use chatbots to solicit feedback post-purchase or after a sales interaction. Understanding customer concerns can help refine your sales pitch and address pain points.

6. Cart abandonment strategy:

For e-commerce businesses, use conversational CRM to address cart abandonment. If a user abandons their cart, initiate a conversation offering help, discounts, or answering product-related queries.

7. Upselling and cross-selling:

Utilize the real-time data and insights from conversational CRM to offer additional products or upgraded services that align with the customer’s interests or past purchases.

8. Ongoing training:

Continuously train your chatbot with new data, evolving customer preferences, and feedback. The more refined and knowledgeable your bot becomes, the better it can support sales.

9. Mobile optimization:

Ensure your conversational CRM is optimized for mobile users. As a significant number of users access websites via smartphones, a smooth mobile experience can boost sales conversions.

10. Build trust:

Use conversational CRM to provide instant customer support, answer FAQs, and address concerns. A well-informed customer is more likely to make a purchase.

Ensure transparency in conversations and provide options for users to speak to human representatives when required.

11. Promotions and exclusive deals:

Use the platform to share time-limited promotions, discount codes, or exclusive offers. A timely and relevant offer can nudge a potential customer to make a purchase.

Incorporating these strategies can help businesses effectively use conversational CRM as a sales tool. However, it’s vital to remember that the key lies in maintaining a balance.

While automation and bots offer scalability and efficiency, human touch remains invaluable in building relationships and handling complex sales negotiations.

How secure is conversational CRM?

The security of a conversational CRM depends on the provider. Choosing a CRM that complies with data protection regulations and employs robust encryption and security protocols is crucial.

What are the features provided by Salesmate conversational CRM?

1. Integrated Chatbots: Automating basic interactions with potential clients or leads, helping in immediate query resolution and lead capturing. 

2. Omni-channel Messaging: Built in features like email, SMS, social media messaging, etc., allowing for seamless communication with leads and clients. 

3. Seamless Handoffs: Transition from automated chatbot interactions to live human agents without disrupting the user experience. 

4. Real-time Notifications: Immediate alerts for the sales team when a lead interacts with the chat system, ensuring timely follow-ups. 

5. Conversation Histories: Easy access to previous interactions, allowing for more personalized and context-rich conversations. 

6. Data Capture and Lead Enrichment: Automatic collection of data from conversations, which can be used to enrich lead profiles. 

7. Automated Follow-ups: Setting triggers to send automated messages based on user actions or inactions. 

8. Analytics and Reporting: Insights into chat interactions, lead scoring, response times, and other relevant metrics. 

9. Customizable Chat Interfaces: Branding and customization of the chat interface to align with the company’s design aesthetics. 

10. Mobile Responsiveness: Ensuring chat features work seamlessly across devices, especially mobile phones. 

11. Security and Compliance: Ensuring that the data captured through conversations is secure and compliant with data protection regulations. 

Can I transfer a conversation from a chatbot to a human agent using Salesmate?

Yes, Salesmate generally allows for seamless transitions between automated chatbot interactions and human agents, ensuring customers always receive the best support.

How can Salesmate's conversational CRM benefit my sales team?

Salesmate’s conversational CRM can benefit your sales team by automating lead qualification, providing real-time responses to customer queries, and offering data-driven insights for strategy refinement. It enhances efficiency, boosts customer engagement, and helps close deals faster.

How does Salesmate handle data privacy in conversational CRM?

Salesmate is committed to data privacy and security. Conversations and data captured through the conversational CRM are typically encrypted and stored securely.