Create multiple custom sales pipelines and get a bird’s eye view of your entire sales cycle. Salesmate’s best-in-class Pipeline Management CRM Software helps your sales team identify leads that drive revenue.

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Why do successful businesses choose CRM
software with Pipeline Management?

Find out 5 clear reasons why smart businesses choose a sales pipeline CRM software.

Bird-eye view of sales pipelines

Bird-eye view of sales pipelines

Don’t know where exactly deals get stuck? The right sales pipeline management software lets you observe the entire sales pipeline and offers a bigger picture. So you can spot where exactly you need to simplify your sales process.

Seal the right deals at the right time

Seal the right deals at the right time

Hate missing out on crucial deals? Pipeline management software lets you identify hot leads using lead scoring so salespeople can focus on the right deals at the right time.

Identify loopholes in your sales pipelines

Identify loopholes in your sales pipelines

With a suitable sales pipeline CRM, you can spot where your deals are clogging in the pipeline. This tool literally helps you find the exact spot where your sales process needs improvements.

Constant flow of sales closing

Constant flow of sales closing

Failure to build a constant revenue engine is one of the reasons why 20% of businesses disappear in the first year. An effective sales pipeline software truly solves this problem.

An army of sales rockstars

An army of sales rockstars ⭐

A simplified sales process offers more time for actual selling. Empower your sales team to spend more time selling with the finest pipeline CRM software.


Values the best pipeline management CRM
brings to your business!

Businesses that master their sales pipeline saw a staggering 28% higher revenue growth!


Create pipelines the way you have always imagined. Customize every single stage and structure your winning pipelines. You can also create a unique pipeline for every product or service you offer!

  • Customize Deal Stages
  • Deal Management
  • Customize Deal Cards
  • Auto-profile Enrichment
  • Custom Fields

Salesmate has given us a great way to improve communication with our leads, clients, and potential customers

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Chitti B Verified Verified Customer
Create and customize multiple sales pipelines flawlessly
Create and manage deals in a blink!


Add new deals in just a few clicks and swiftly move across stages in your pipeline with drag and drop. Add every possible information about leads and build a 360° contact view that helps salespeople close more deals in style.

  • Drag & Drop Deals
  • Import & Export Deals
  • 360° Contact View
  • Mass Update/Delete Deals
  • Manage Deals On Mobile
An award-winning software that is top-rated by customers

Hundreds of awards and thousands of customer ratings across all industry outlets.

CRM Software
CRM Software
CRM Software
Best Support
Best Support
CRM for Startups
CRM for Startups
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CRM Software
CRM Software
CRM Software
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Develop a revenue-first approach to every single deal you create. Maximize your sales closing with best-in-class lead scoring, so no deal ever falls through the crack.

  • Lead Scoring
  • Total Value of Each Stage
  • Total Pipeline Value
  • Total Forecast Value
An eye on the price, always!
Manage every single interaction inside CRM


Email, call, text, or video chat with prospects right from Salesmate CRM. You don’t have to rely on multiple tools to connect with prospects and feed data manually, ever!

  • Built-in Calling
  • Text Messaging CRM
  • 2-Way Email Sync
  • Video Selling
  • Call Recording
  • Voicemail Drop

Salesmate has the capacity to send text or email messages, as well as phone a contact. It aids us in establishing and maintaining relationships with our customers.

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Benjamin M Verified Verified Customer
Value-rich Google CRM, starting at just $12!

Manage all communications from Salesmate CRM and never lose touch with prospects and customers.


Correct data helps you make the right decisions. Intelligent reporting helps you identify the true potential of your sales pipeline and teammates. The right decision is just a step away.

  • Create Custom Reports
  • Create Custom Dashboard
  • 45+ Premade Widgets
  • Advanced Filters
  • Sales Forecasting
Intelligent reporting for better decision making
Focus on selling. Automate the rest!


Simplify your every single day with advanced automation capabilities. Automate manual data entries, task assignments, and follow-ups. Dedicate productive hours to what you’re truly good at – Selling!



Salesmate is so much more than pipeline
management software!

Salesmate is not just a CRM; it’s a unified platform for sales, marketing, and customer service teams. Find out how
Salesmate can help you deliver extraordinary customer experiences.

Live Chat & Chatbots
Live Chat & Chatbots

Connect with online visitors and never miss an opportunity to connect with your future customers. Set up an automated flow to generate leads while you sleep!

Marketing Automation
Marketing Automation

Design a personalized customer journey for your prospects and put the entire process on auto-pilot. Track the right metrics and A/B test marketing campaigns.

Web Forms
Web Forms

Customize web forms the way you want and embed them on your website to generate high-quality leads. Use form URLs to turn sales communications into conversions.

Shared Team Inbox
Shared Team Inbox

Collaborate with your teammates and resolve every single customer/support query like a true team. Drastically improve customer satisfaction together, as a true team!

Meeting Scheduler
Meeting Scheduler

Build your personal calendar and embed it on your landing pages to book more sales meetings. You can also sync your existing Google or Microsoft calendars with Salesmate.

Drag & Drop Email Builder
Drag & Drop Email Builder

Create valuable and re-usable email templates that bring new prospects every single time. Use email templates with Sequences, Marketing Automation, or simply in your daily emails.

Mobile CRM
Mobile CRM

Access every crucial deal information on the go using iOS and Android apps. Create new deals or update contact details, no matter where you are!

Smart Queue
Smart Queue

Design your entire day and achieve top-notch productivity, personally and as a team. Simply select your activities, and the automation will assist you in meeting your goals.

Powerful Integrations
Powerful Integrations

Salesmate connects with hundreds of popular apps via native or Zapier-based integrations so that you can bring every crucial data to a single platform.


Save massive money with Salesmate!

You don’t have to spend thousands of bucks annually for a solid CRM. Choose from our simple plans.


Build & organize your sales function


per user/month

$144, billed annually

Or $15 per user if billed monthly

Automate sales and close more deals


per user/month

$288, billed annually

Or $30 per user if billed monthly
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Become a revenue machine


per user/month

$480, billed annually

Or $50 per user if billed monthly

Perfect fit for enterprise sales teams


Connect with our sales team for enterprise pricing.

Frequently Asked Questions

Got questions? Find answers!

Can you manage multiple pipelines in Salesmate?

Yes, of course. You can create as many sales pipelines as you want. The good thing is – you can replicate the existing pipelines and make the necessary changes.

Can you create custom sales pipelines in Salesmate?

Absolutely. You can create and customize your pipelines as per your business process. You can create as many stages as possible with customizable stage titles.

How can you automatically move deals between stages?

Salesmate’s Workflow feature can help you automate the deal movements. Workflows are a set of rules with actions. These rules are triggered when specific conditions are met.

You can use Workflow to automate deal movements, send emails, assign leads to sales reps, and much more. Check out Workflow Automation to know more!

Why Salesmate is the best sales pipeline management software?

Salesmate is the best choice for your business because it provides every crucial feature that you’re looking for in a sales pipeline management tool.

Moreover, Salesmate is a simple sales pipeline software that allows you to manage your entire business processes for sales, marketing, and CX teams. That means you don’t have to spend thousands of bucks on multiple tools yearly.

The Starter plan comes at $12/user/month only. You can take a 15-days free trial and explore every feature available.

Why do you need sales pipeline software?

Sales pipeline software enables you to track the progress of your overall sales. You can clearly see where your deals stand.

Also, get clarity on where exactly you need to plug the holes to ensure that deals are not falling through the cracks.

A sales pipeline CRM software also shows the deals that require the most attention so that your sales team can reach out to them instantly and try to close more deals in less time.

A visual sales pipeline allows you to keep an eye on everything that’s going on within your sales team and also helps you analyze the performance of each rep.

1. Increased sales conversion rate and growth

According to Harvard Business Review, companies with sorted sales pipelines saw 28% growth compared to the ones that didn’t.

Looking at each stage of your sales pipeline using a kanban view gives you insights into how many deals are there in each stage and where the process needs to be streamlined to achieve the desired goals.

For e.g. If you have less qualified deals in the initial stage, that means you will face a volume crunch by the end of the month.

Similarly, if too many leads are stuck in the negotiation stage, you need to work on your offerings to make the leads take the next required step.

A pipeline CRM would provide you with insights such as keeping track of stalled deals, identifying hot leads, how long your sales cycle is, and much more.

Proper deal tracking lets you identify the most valued deals from your pipeline CRM. An effective follow-up process would help you build long-term relationships and close more deals.

Choosing the right communication will speed up your sales process by folds, and the right negotiation tactics will speed up the closing process.

2. Forecast business results

A sales pipeline tool is all about maximizing sales with the available resources. A competent pipeline CRM is all you need to do the same.

It lets you track your deals and keep an eye on every small detail that matters to you. You already know your next steps when you track your deals and their stages.

That means you know when and how to follow up to turn the prospect into a customer. Similarly, you also know which prospect has less or no chance of turning into your customer.

Getting these insights will help you better forecast sales and revenue.

3. Measure your target accomplishment gap

You are very well aware of the team targets. It is an inseparable part of the sales process. Achieving the set target is not always as easy as it seems. But with proper sales pipeline management software, you can make this difficult task easy.

For example, if you have a list of 10 prospects and you need 4 more deal closures to achieve the set target. You can refer to the prospects list and follow up with the most relevant ones to convert them.

Hence, pipeline sales software works like a ticking clock. It helps you know your achieved number and the distance that still needs to be covered to achieve the set goals.

A proper pipeline CRM helps you measure your target accomplishment gap.

4. Analyze different sales strategies for your business

Sales is a dynamic field. The pitches, mailers, and texts are subjective at a certain point of customer interaction.

While tracking your deals with the help of sales pipeline CRM software, you’ll come across your prospects at various stages. And while you’re following up with these prospects, you may use some new strategies or modify the existing ones.

Likewise, you can rank the strategy that yields the highest to least conversion of your sales. Thus, it concludes that you can analyze different sales strategies for your business by using the best sales pipeline software.

What are the best practices to manage your sales pipeline effectively?

The points below will help you manage your sales pipeline CRM in the most efficient way.

1. Automate your entire sales playbook

Imagine having 200 prospects at different stages in your sales pipeline that you need to connect with in a single day.

Now, each of these prospects needs to be reached using different communication channels. For example, you may have to call certain prospects, send mailers to some, and send texts to the remaining ones.

Working manually on each prospect is time-consuming and will consume your entire day. The solution is to look for the best sales pipeline software that automates all these processes and allows you to focus more on actual sales.

2. You can automate your follow-ups in Salesmate CRM

All you have to do is create a Cadence (a.k.a. Sequence) that will send emails, texts or create activities at regular intervals to automate your follow-ups.

You can automate most of your manual sales activities. This simply means more time for selling and a much simpler sales process for your business.

3. Review sales pipelines frequently

One of the best practices you can perform is reviewing your sales pipelines frequently.This practice ensures there is no backlog of deals at any particular stage, and you can reach your sales quota with much less effort.

Here are some ways sales pipeline reviews can help, and you should perform them at least once a month:

Find where deals are getting stacked. More deals at a particular stage mean your process has a problem.

For example, if the stack is in the “Proposal” stage and fewer deals are moving to “Negotiation,” you need serious improvements to generate proposals quickly or hire more people.

Investigate how much time each stage takes in your sales process. This would help you what exactly is slowing you down.

Identify the sales performance of each rep or the entire team. This directly leads you to people who need recognition or training.

4. Effectively define criteria for every stage of your sales pipeline

Your prospects go through various stages in the sales pipeline to turn into your customers. Your actions vary from one stage to another.

For example, your actions while you are qualifying the leads and your actions while you are following up with your prospects are totally different.Similarly, every prospect has different requirements.

Defining those criteria will help you categorize your prospects and identify which ones are more likely to become your customers.

This lead scoring process helps you identify the hot deals and ensure that you don’t miss any potential prospects.

What are the different ways to manage sales pipeline with CRM?

Below are some of the ways to manage sales pipeline with CRM:

1. Audit your current sales processes: Before you can implement any changes, it’s important to understand how your current sales process works. Take inventory of each step in the sales pipeline, from initial contact with a prospect until they make a purchase and beyond.

2. Identify specific goals for each part of the pipeline: Once you have a good understanding of the sales process, identify specific goals for each step. For example, how quickly do you want to close deals? What percentage of prospects should be qualified leads? How many opportunities do you need to generate in order to meet your revenue goals?

3. Leverage automated tools: A CRM can automate many of the repetitive tasks associated with managing your sales pipeline, freeing up your time for more important work. Using pipeline management solutions to automate your tasks such as lead scoring and automated dialing can help you quickly identify qualified leads and prioritize them accordingly.

4. Create customized reports: Use the data within your CRM to generate reports that provide insight into your sales CRM pipeline. You can measure the performance of each team member, identify areas where you need to focus more attention, and compare customer data across different stages in the sales process.

5. Utilize Lead nurturing workflows: Automated lead nurturing workflows are a great way to keep prospects engaged at every stage of the sales process. You can set up customized workflows that automatically send emails and follow-up messages, ensuring that your prospects are kept informed and have the right information at the right time.

6. Monitor performance continuously: Finally, make sure to regularly monitor the performance of your sales team and adjust your processes accordingly. A CRM makes it easy to track KPIs, analyze trends, and measure the effectiveness of your sales pipeline. This will help you identify potential problems before they become bigger issues.

By taking advantage of automated tools and tracking performance regularly, you can ensure that your sales team is running as efficiently and effectively as possible. With a CRM in place, managing a sales pipeline is easy and efficient.

Using pipeline management solutions, you create automated marketing campaigns that nurture leads and keep them engaged. Automated campaigns allow you to target specific segments of your audience with tailored messages, helping you drive more qualified leads into the sales pipeline CRM. Additionally, these campaigns can be used to track performance metrics so that you can monitor the effectiveness of your campaigns.

By leveraging pipeline management solutions and automated marketing strategies, you can take your sales process to the next level and get better results with less effort. Implementing a CRM is an essential part of managing any modern sales pipeline. With its help, you can streamline your process and optimize performance for better results.