• text messaging sidebar with more context
    Product Updates

    Product update – Get more context while texting

    The ability to connect quickly with a customer is what matters when you’re on the path of...

  • January product update banner
    Product Updates

    Product update – A fresh design for better and clear view

    Salesmate is committed to providing best-in-class experiences to its users. We’re geared up with fresh energy and zeal to bring...

  • inside sales guide

    Inside sales guide: challenges, strategies, tips, and tools

    Technology has changed a lot of things in the past two decades. It has changed...

  • A guide on enterprise sales

    A guide on Enterprise Sales – What it is and how to scale it?

    Enterprise sales was a distant idea to me. And writing an article on it, almost...

  • Sales Tips

    What do best sales negotiators do differently to close deals?

    Negotiation is something not every sales rep can excel in. Your prospect is sitting in...

  • Mobile CRM

    A Comprehensive guide to next-gen Mobile CRM

    In these times where remote working has become the new norm, it's also imperative to...

  • product update
    Product Updates

    New year, new features 🎁

    It’s 2021, and we’re here to make the best out of it. Let’s start this...

  • Sales Emails

    Sales email tips and tricks for effective prospecting

    "Email has an ability many channels don’t: creating valuable, personal touches – at scale." -...

  • Grow your advertising agency with CRM
    CRM Tips

    How to grow with a CRM for your advertising business?

    You are your customer’s favorite advertising agency because you have original ideas, and you know...