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How to choose the right virtual phone system?

When you’re working with multiple clients, you can’t rely on just one mode of communication. Using CRM with a virtual phone system lets you manage multiple communication channels from a single place. It is highly beneficial, cost-effective, and crucial for driving customer interaction throughout the areas where traditional calling systems are expensive or unreachable.

Cost saving
Cost saving

A small business needs to consider their budget too. An affordable cloud-based virtual phone system enables you to make and receive local and international calls without any requirement of hardware.

Easy and quick to set up
Easy and quick to set up

You need a system that provides an ease of use to avoid spending days trying to learn it. Quickly set up the virtual phone system and get started without any training. Stay connected with every prospect using easy to use virtual phone system.

Flexible usage
Flexible usage

Do not limit yourself to your office; handle calls from anywhere, anytime, and easily engage with your potential customers. Use multiple devices such as browser or cell phone to manage inbound and outbound phone calls with single click functionality.


Alter the virtual phone system to fit your team’s needs. Create a customized layout and calling sequence just the way you want. Your virtual phone system must reflect your way of communication with customizable features and personalized engagement.

Team collaboration
Team collaboration

Improve productivity with a virtual phone system by collaborating with remote team members. You can easily transfer calls, and set-up call forwarding directly to their cell phones to seize every sales opportunity.

Smart Automations
Smart Automations

Take your communication to the next level with the help of automation that is quick and efficient. Get 3x productivity with power dialer and close more deals.


Virtual phone system for sales & service teams

Salesmate CRM’s built-in VoIP based phone system enables you to call your clients from anywhere with our mobile and web apps. Get toll-free and virtual phone numbers in over 80 countries with a specific area code for everyone on your team. Utilize the top-class calling and texting features of Salesmate CRM without any setup charges or hidden costs, and it takes less than 5 mins to start calling.

Virtual phone system for sales & service teams

We can see our pipeline, including the sales process stages and the dollar volume at each stage. Since our inception 90 days ago, our pipeline has grown 100%

Jacqui Sabo
Jacqui Sabo Vice President, Faciliteq

See how Salesmate can improve sales pipeline management for your team.


See how Salesmate’s CRM software can boost calling productivity and grow your business


Call management

Boost your team’s productivity by assigning numbers to your sales team. Salesmate CRM offers local and toll free virtual phone numbers for 80+ countries. Set up quickly and start calling instantly.

Get local number for your entire sales team
Seamlessly transfer calls and nurture every prospect

call transfer

Every prospect is a potential customer so use call transfer feature to prevent miscommunication and connect your prospect with the best rep available on the floor. Call transfer feature enables you to transfer warm and cold calls to the right person and nurture every lead.



Sales calls are highly important, so capture every minute detail from your calls by using notes. Boost your efficiency with automated call log feature to never miss out on any sales opportunity.

Best CRM ever. Love the built-in calling and texting functionality that works flawlessly. No more texting from personal phone 😊

paul chiumento
Paul Chiumento Android User
Take notes and track call outcomes
Dial automatically and reach more prospects

power dialer

Boost your calling performance with our power dialer. Schedule your calls for the day and let power dialer do the rest. You can adjust and customize the way your calls take place to stay efficient and close more deals.

Use Texts (sms)

Use Texts (sms)

Reach directly to your prospect’s smartphone with our text messaging feature to engage and get faster responses. Use pre-defined text templates to save time, speed up your outreach process and avoid typing each message manually every time.

Text messaging to engage with customers
Forward calls to connect with prospects form anywhere
Call forwarding

Call forwarding

Work 2x more efficiently even when you’re not sitting on your desk. Attend important calls and reach more prospects by utilizing virtual phone system on any device. Forward calls to your smartphone and never miss any important calls again.

Automatic call distribution (ACD)

Automatic call distribution (ACD)

Use Salesmate’s virtual phone system to distribute inbound calls your way. Whether it’s implementing sequential inbound calls to its designated users in sequence or simultaneous distribution among multiple numbers, you can do it with automated call distribution.

Manage team’s workload automatically
Record calls to capture crucial information
Call Recording

Call Recording

Record every sales conversation to capture crucial information discussed during the calls. Use the conversations to assess your team’s interactions and provide valuable feedback to improve their sales and service performance.

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Boost connectivity with these additional features

Use these additional calling features to sell more efficiently and faster. Do not let the deals go cold because of the delays in processing the information.

Voicemail Drop
Voicemail Drop

Drop a voicemail when customers do not answer your calls . You can pre-record the voicemail message and drop it instantly to avoid repeating the same message every time.

Virtual Phone Numbers

Salesmate’s built-in phone system offers phone numbers at affordable rates. No matter where you are located geographically, now your clients can reach out to you anytime using the virtual phone numbers.

Welcome Greetings
Welcome Greetings

Provide a better customer experience with personalized welcome messages for your customers. Keep your customers engaged on call when your reps are busy on other calls.

Number Portability
Number Portability

Changing location or not satisfied with the current service provider? Port your existing number without any hassle into Salesmate and start making and receiving calls instantly.

HD Audio Calling
HD Audio Calling

Get the HD quality audio while having conversations with your customers and give them the best experience they deserve. No additional setup required.

Call Insights
Call Insights

Get call insights on how many calls are made, leads generated, who is making the most number of calls, and many more. Make decisions based on data and not assumptions.


Connect with customers from anywhere, anytime

Connect with customers from anywhere, anytime

Don’t limit yourself to traditional calling methods. Upgrade your calling capabilities with our mobile apps that let you make and receive calls, forward calls, record calls and also transfer calls.

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Pranav Dev

I've used salesforce and a plethora of others and Salesmate blows them all away for everything. Calling is super impressive, mobile app is brilliant, integrate to loads of other software.

Paul Hirst CEO, Sole Juice

Get more than just Calling & Texting

Pipeline Management

Build your visual pipeline and do not let the deals fall through the cracks

Activity Tracking

Automatically track emails, calls, texts, meetings as they happen

Sales Automation

Eliminate busywork by automating your sales process and playbook


Collaborate efficiently with your team and close more deals

Roles & Permissions
Roles & Permissions

Enable secure collaboration and divide responsibilities for your team

Mobile Sales
Mobile Sales

Keep closing more deals from anywhere and anytime

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