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Finance CRM – A detailed guide on CRM for financial services

Key Takeaways
  • CRM finance is software designed to manage financial services effectively, with customer experience in mind.
  • CRM finance provides several benefits for sales reps, sales managers, financial advisors, and sales management, including increased productivity, efficiency, better data management, security, and more.
  • The CRM for financial services will reduce manual data entry, maintain high levels of engagement, nurture leads and be easy to use and customize.

A CRM finance is basically designed to manage financial services effectively. As we all know, customer experience is the heart of any business. The kind of support you provide to your customers is as important as your services.  

Hence, every business needs a helping hand to ensure that they provide the best experience to their customers and create a repeatable cycle of customer satisfaction.  

One handy way of ensuring the best services for any business is using Customer Relationship Management (CRM) software that enables timely services and personalized customer experiences.  

So, let’s take a deeper look into what exactly CRM Finance is and how CRM financial services will help them in customer relationship.

What does CRM stand for in financial services?

Customer Relationship Management software is a platform that allows you to see the bigger picture of your relationships and interactions with your customers. It is a tool that, enables you to keep track of all your activities and even gets you rid of the manual labor for managing data.  

With a growing economy, the number of investors in the market is also increasing. As per Software Advice, almost 50% of CRM buyers are in one of the four markets: Real Estate, Consulting, Distribution, and Insurance.  

According to another prediction from Denis Pombriant, “A great deal of new CRM growth will come from industry CRM aimed at vertical markets like healthcare, finance, insurance, manufacturing, and the like.”  

Also, with the statistics of 60% of people using multiple search engines to find a particular website, the use of CRM has increased even further to get more data on their target audience.  

This has also led to more use of CRM solutions in financial services as well. As a result, today’s Finance CRM solution is not only a niche industry but a must-have set of tools that enable financial advisors and businesses to deliver personalized and streamlined financial planning services to their customers.

sales performance as related to CRM adoption

Role of a CRM in your finance business

Customer Relationship Management tools are an essential investment you make toward the growth of your business. It is necessary to understand how a Finance CRM helps you to overcome any obstacles you face during the sales and lets you increase your revenue.

For sales reps

A good CRM helps sales representatives get more productive and generate better sales results. A sales team becomes efficient when they are all on the same page, have all the data handy, and can easily communicate in and out of their team.

For sales managers

Managers often face the problem of being unable to keep a tab on their sales team’s activities. CRM software helps them with this grave issue by giving them timely information in the form of analytics and reports to plan better for future sales campaigns

For financial advisors

Financial advisors must constantly stay in touch with their prospects and clients, as it helps them build lasting relationships. In addition, CRM for financial advisors enables them to scale their business and grab new opportunities using automated processes.  

With CRM for financial advisors, you can have access to all your client’s important information, automate your workflows, schedule meetings, make calls, and send emails right from one place. Therefore, you need to implement CRM for financial advisors to create a lasting connection with your clients.

For sales management (HOD/CEO)

The sales team is always the front face of the company, with the managers backing them up. Hence, the management always seems to take a back seat when it comes to the activities happening in their department.  

The perfect CRM would be the one that gives them an insight into what is going on with their team and how the managers are taking their work ahead. As a result, they can manage things better without actively participating in sales processes.

Why do companies need a financial CRM?

Every financial company has a challenge to face, which is to meet customer expectations. You just don’t need to give the best service, but also significant financial advice. This means that you need to have an in-depth understanding of each customer’s industry and provide them with solutions that are best applicable to them. 

With increased customer demands, there’s also an increase in competition within the industry. Therefore, today’s finance businesses need to adopt modern and customer-focused approaches, which is why CRM for Finance plays a vital role in scaling companies.  

According to a study, 77% of 110,000 customers surveyed were willing to stay with a financial institute longer if they felt valued, and 89% even agreed to advocate for that company if they felt respected. Since customers have such high expectations, CRM is not just an option for financial businesses but a necessity.  

CRM helps you to understand your customers and provide them with the best solutions according to their needs, all of this in no time.  

The right CRM for your company gives you an edge over your contemporaries, making you seem like a better option to your customers for your personalized and quick services.  

You can not only get a 360-degree view of your customers’ industries but also provide them with customized solutions. This would not only help their growth but also make your sales process quick and revenue generation easier. Therefore, an ideal CRM for financial advisors, sales reps, sales managers, and CEOs can help you achieve your goals and grow your business.

Ways in which you can grow your business with a financial CRM

Now that you know how important a CRM is for your financial business, it is also essential to understand how you can leverage it to grow your revenue.   

Let’s look at some of the solutions that the best CRM for finance can offer to your business. 

1. Deliver personalized services

CRMs track data from all over your company that enables you to tailor the best solutions for each customer while building trust for a lifetime.

2. Create upsell and cross-sell opportunities

Your customers are always looking for more. When you sell a service to your customers, they also look forward to getting something more later. This opportunity can be used to retain them for longer while making a new customer base.

3. Streamlined processes

With every employee having a real-time update of every customer, processes become much faster and more reliable. This enables any team member to complete procedures quickly, saving you precious time and giving satisfactory service to the customers.

4. Better team collaboration

When all the information is available on one platform, it becomes easier for the whole team to quickly get any particular piece of information and collaborate with the rest of the team with ease.  

5. Integration with other apps and systems

Juggling between several apps to get information about your customers can be a pain in the neck. Your CRM financial services are a one-stop solution for managing the leads, knowledge, and all other sales processes.  

6. Keep the data safe and secure

Keeping data on spreadsheets and note-pads isn’t the best way to keep track of customer information. CRM finance is an innovative solution that lets you keep all your customer information safe and secure on a reliable platform.  

7. Effectively manage leads data

CRM lets you manage all your leads systematically to give you a perspective on which leads are important and which ones can be dealt with later. Find all the necessary information in one place, so you don’t waste time looking for any particular lead.  

8. Make data available across all devices

Whether you have one software or more, you can manage your financial data across all platforms by integrating them within just one CRM. But why is it essential to have data available across devices? According to a study, only 22% of companies that did not use mobile CRM met their sales quotas compared to 65% of those who used mobile CRM.  

9. Track the entire customer journey

Imagine you can have access to entire conversation history for a specific contact. It helps in having a better understanding of creating your pitch based on past conversations. A CRM does precisely that for you; it creates a timeline for each contact and keeps a check on each interaction they had throughout their journey from being a prospect to becoming your customer.  

10. Track performance of finance agents

Wouldn’t it be better if you had a platform to track how your team is working? CRM lets you peek into the sales processes that your sales reps handle to be more productive and increase revenue. It also helps analyze the performance of entire team or individuals. You can use the reports or call recordings for training purposes and turn your sales reps into rockstars. 

How to choose the best financial CRM for your business?

Every company requires maintaining a healthy relationship with its prospects and clients so that they can remain associated with your organization for a long time. A CRM acts as a bridge between you and your customers, which can make or break your business. Thus, choosing the best Finance CRM is critical for your business.  

Here is how you can select the best CRM for finance business and grow exponentially along with your customers:  

1. Reduce manual data entry using automation

The right CRM frees you from the busy work of The best CRM frees you from the busy work of data entry and follow-ups, allowing you to grow your clientele and sell more rapidly. According to surveys, 82% of companies use CRM systems for sales automation. So choose a CRM that provides automation for all your mundane tasks and allows your sales team to focus more on selling.

customer engagement platform

2. Maintain a high level of engagement with clients regularly

It’s important for any organization to have constant engagement with their prospects and customers. Using a CRM for your finance business will help you automate your email or text follow-ups and engage better with your clients. You can even personalize your messages and deliver the right message at the right time to close more deals and create brand promoters. 

3. Nurture your leads and close more deals

Nurturing your lead and engaging with them at every stage of your sales pipeline is an important part of the sales cycle. This can be done by sending them relevant information, offers, and supporting them where they need help in their entire buyer’s journey. You can send automated follow-up mails using email sequence and save time.

4. Generate more leads and scale your business

While you are busy entering your data on spreadsheets, someone else is eyeing your prospects and is ready to snatch them away. Get the help of a CRM that allows you to capture leads and keep track of them while the software takes care of the tedious work.

5. Easy to use

Entering data into a CRM daily is a nightmare for sales reps. A CRM should be easy to use so that your sales team loves using it. Before choosing a finance CRM make sure your reps have explored the system via a free trial to avoid any backlash at a later stage.

6. Easily customizable

Your CRM might be easy to use, but what if you can’t customize it your way? Choose a CRM that gives you customization options so that you can customize it your own and make the most out of it.

7. Keep your customer data safe and secure

A CRM should be able to keep your important data safe and secure. Choose a CRM for your finance business that’s certified with the best safety measures so that you can sell without worrying about the safety of your data.

6 Key features of CRM for financial services

Just like your sales processes would be different from that of your competitors and other industries, the same way your ideal CRM would be different than that of other companies too.  

Choosing the best finance CRM for your business is the vital step you take towards your business’s growth. Here are some features that allows you to scale up without having to go through all the hustle:

1. Automated emails

In today’s tech-savvy world, it is impossible to reach prospects without using emails. Be it pitching new leads or following up with the ones already in the pipeline CRM, emails are the fastest means to grab your prospect’s attention toward your services.  

Salesmate offers a wide range of email marketing and selling solutions, be it integrating with Google Suite (Gmail), sending personalized emails, scheduling email campaigns, or keeping track of your conversations.  

With powerful email automation CRM, Salesmate allows you to do the most tedious tasks with much ease and achieve splendid result with your email campaigns.  

2. Built-in calling and texting

Ever juggled between phone and laptop while you were in the middle of a sales call? It happens when you have to use more than one device at a time to complete a simple task.

Salesmate makes your work easier with its built-in calling and texting feature, where your team can store all the contact details. You can even get virtual phone numbers or toll-free numbers for your sales reps. You can also record calls on the system and revisit them whenever required; forward calls to teammates, and even make automated calls with the help of Power Dialer.

With the help of ACD (Automated Call Distribution), where incoming calls get distributed among the team, you can ensure that no call ever gets unanswered. Bulk text your contact list to send them reminders or offers and close more deals.

3. Sales and marketing automation

No one likes doing monotonous tasks of data entry and follow-ups independently. However, Salesmate has a solution to this day-to-day problem that sales reps always face- Automation of the sales processes.  

Be it email follow-ups, text follow-ups, planning activities, or setting reminders. Salesmate automates all your activities and allows you to customize it according to your needs. It also allows you to have personalized interactions with your prospects and customers. 

Engage your customers more effectively while staying on the lookout for new ones, saving yourself time and increasing revenue generation. 

4. Sales intelligence

Sales processes are tedious and need to be tracked. Thus it’s necessary to get regular reports on sales patterns and the team’s productivity.  

Salesmate gives you an accurate report on all your sales activities, a detailed analysis of past sales figures, and forecasting of your future campaigns.

5. Team collaboration

Nothing hurts the team spirit like the lack of a streamlined platform that allows you to work with your team in real-time.   

Salesmate has developed a solution to boost collaboration with team inbox, mentions, and notes on the platform. Any team member can access the inbox, mention their team members, comment, and create notes for future reference.

6. Contact management

Keeping track of several contacts on different platforms can be tiring. Salesmate brings all your contacts into one place by importing them from other software and spreadsheets. In addition, it allows you to customize fields for different contacts according to your requirements and gives you a 360-degree view of your contacts’ journey.  

Salesmate CRM for finance creates a timeline for each contact so that reps know about every contact’s previous interaction and prepare in advance for their sales call.

5 Best financial CRM software

Below are the some of the best CRM for finance industry:

1. Salesmate

Salesmate is a comprehensive cloud-based Financial CRM software designed to help sales, marketing, and customer service teams boost their productivity, drive more revenue, capture leads and increase customer satisfaction. It helps streamline processes and manage customer relationships to give businesses a competitive edge in the market. With Salesmate, financial advisors can easily keep track of leads, deals, and sales pipelines in one user-friendly platform. 

It also provides powerful features such as sales pipeline management, email automation, built-in calling & texting and many more. With its mobile CRM app, you can access your data from anywhere on the go. Salesmate is an excellent choice for businesses looking to streamline their sales processes and close more deals. 

2. Pipedrive

Pipedrive is a powerful and user-friendly Financial CRM software designed to help financial investment advisors improve their performance, close more deals, and increase customer satisfaction. It provides a visual sales pipeline to assist teams in tracking contacts, deals, and tasks in a single user-friendly platform. 

3. Bitrix24

Bitrix24 is an all-in-one Financial CRM software that helps businesses centralize customer data, streamline sales and marketing processes, and optimize customer service operations. It offers advanced features such as automated task reminders, powerful contact management, one-click customer segmentation, and more.    

4. LeadSquared

LeadSquared Financial CRM software designed to help businesses automate their sales and marketing processes, track leads and tasks in one intuitive platform. It offers features such as built-in lead scoring, customizable reports, and automated task reminders. However, the software is best suited for businesses with a large number of leads and customers. 

5. Nimble

Nimble is a comprehensive Financial CRM software designed to help businesses nurture their relationships with customers and prospects. It provides features such as contact management, automated task reminders, one-click customer segmentation, and more. 


Every company’s success depends on the productivity of its employees, especially its sales team. However, an effective sales team following the right sales process is just not enough to get the best results. Hence, CRM becomes a valuable tool and an essential investment for the growth of your business.  

With many Finance CRM solutions available in the market, Salesmate stands out as a user-friendly, safe, customizable, and scalable software solution that enhances your team’s productivity and brings more customers to your business.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is CRM for Finance?

CRM for finance is a system designed to help financial institutions better manage customer relationships. It allows the organization to capture, store and analyze customer data in order to improve customer service, increase sales and maximize profits.  

CRM for finance systems typically include features such as sales pipeline, built-in calling and texting, meeting scheduler and contact management. 

Why CRM is important for financial services?  

CRM for finance can help financial institutions better manage their customer relationships and increase sales. It provides a centralized platform to store, analyze and update customer data in order to improve the customer experience and increase loyalty.

By using CRM for finance, organizations can capture leads from multiple sources automatically, engage better with them, run personalized marketing campaigns, 360-degree contact management, managing sales pipeline, insightful reporting, and analytics, and integrate with your existing tech stack.  

  • Capture leads from multiple sources: CRM for finance allows you to capture leads from multiple sources such as websites, emails, webinars, and other promotional activities. This enables you to track leads from multiple sources and provide insights on the best-performing channels for lead generation. 
  • Engage better with leads: With a CRM for finance system, you can easily create segments of contacts based on their interest and behavior allowing you to create personalized and targeted campaigns. This will help you engage better with them, build relationships and increase loyalty. A Finance CRM also allows you to engage with your leads via multiple communication channels such as emails, texts, calls, and meetings allowing you to reach out to your leads at the right time using the right channel. 
  • Run personalized marketing campaigns: You can use the contact information from a CRM for finance system to create tailored messaging that resonates with each segment of leads. This will improve the effectiveness of your marketing campaigns, which will help to increase sales and customer loyalty. 
  • Manage sales pipeline: A CRM for finance also allows you to track the progress of each lead throughout the sales pipeline. You can use this data to identify loopholes in your sales process, shorten your sales cycle by eliminating the roadblocks, identify hot leads, and create automated workflows to move deals between multiple stages based on specific actions. 
  • Insightful reporting and analytics:  CRM for finance will also provide you with insightful reports and analytics such as: campaign analytics, sales performance reports, goal tracking, and activity tracking that can help you better understand customer behavior.  This will help you make better-informed decisions and optimize marketing and sales efforts. 
  • Integration with existing tech stack: CRM for finance can also be integrated with other third-party apps such as accounting, customer service, inventory, and more. This allows you to manage all your data from a single platform, and avoid switching between multiple apps. 

In conclusion, CRM for finance can help financial institutions better manage customer relationships and increase sales. It provides a centralized platform to store, analyze and update customer data in order to improve the customer experience and maximize profits. By leveraging the power of CRM for finance, organizations can capture leads from multiple sources, engage better with leads. 

How Salesmate CRM for financial services works?

Following are the reasons Salesmate for financial services works:  

  • Contact management –  

Salesmate helps financial advisors to keep organized by storing contact data in one place, tracking client conversations, and making it easier to access necessary information quickly. You can also get a 360-degree view of your contact from a single screen, check past conversations, assign activity to team members, and get notified when they are due.  

  • Sales pipeline management- 

Salesmate allows financial advisors to track their sales progress, and easily identify what actions they need to do next. It also helps to keep an eagle eye on your entire sales process that allows you to remove any roadblocks that are hampering your sales cycle.  

  • Power dialer-  

Salesmate provides a powerful dialer that boosts the financial advisors’ productivity by automatically dialing the next contact in the list, calling through lead lists without switching apps, allows you to record calls and schedule follow-up calls with just one click while they are on the go.  

This ensures that you don’t miss any critical conversations or important notes while calling your leads. 

  • Meeting scheduler- 

Salesmate provides an intuitive meeting scheduler that allows you to book meetings quickly. You can add prospects’ data automatically into your CRM when they book a meeting with your available time slots, sends reminder emails automatically and sync with your calendar within a few clicks.  

  • Workflow automation- 

Salesmate simplifies the sales process for financial advisors by automating repetitive tasks such as lead nurturing, and follow-up emails.  

It also provides them with the ability to customize their sales workflow to ensure that nothing falls through the cracks.  

  • Email sequence –  

With Salesmate, financial advisors can also create automated email sequences for their sales process. With just a few clicks, you can add huge numbers of contacts, speeding up your email follow-up procedure which helps to save time and engage with leads more efficiently.  

  • Activity tracking–  

Salesmate helps financial advisors to measure their progress and identify which activities they should focus on more. It also helps in setting goals, delegating tasks, and keeping track of the performance of each team member.   

Overall, Salesmate for financial services provides you with features you need to better manage customer relationships, capture insights, increase sales, and provide a valuable tool to grow your business.  Whether you are an individual financial advisor or a large institution.

What are the best finance CRM? 

Some of the best financial service CRM software include –  

  1. Salesmate- Salesmate is a great option for financial advisors. It offers simplicity, affordability, and user friendly for your sales, marketing, and customer team. It includes powerful features such as call recording, voicemail drop, power dialer, email sequence, sales and marketing automation. 
  1. Salesforce- Salesforce may not be the easiest solution to implement, but it comes with a wide range of features such as opportunity management, sales automation, forecast management, and many more. 
  1. Redtail CRM- Redtail CRM has the biggest market share for CRM providers. These include workflow automation, customizable reporting, lead and contact management, but it lacks built-in phone or video conferencing, and the cost may be too high for small businesses or independent advisors. 
  1. Wealthbox-  Wealthbox CRM is designed to meet the needs of financial advisors. It has features such as client data tracking, portfolio management, task automation, document management and more.  

From the above CRM software, Salesmate CRM is the best finance CRM in the market as it provides features that no other CRM offers. It has a comprehensive suite of features such as sales pipeline management, contact management, workflow automation, and much more which helps financial advisors stay organized and achieve their sales targets more efficiently.  

Additionally, Salesmate CRM is user-friendly and easily customizable, making it the perfect choice for any finance professional.

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