Streamline your sales processes as you grow your clientele with a CRM for agencies that always keeps you on top of your game, organizes your leads and takes them through the sales funnel.



How is CRM beneficial for your 
Media/Marketing/Advertising agency?

Agencies run on relationships, and with a growing competition, it’s becoming difficult to retain clients for long. A CRM helps you
manage each client’s data along with the information on their projects, so that you can deliver your best without worrying about
looking for data all over the place while you are in need of it.

With Salesmate CRM for your digital agency can
  • Manage inbound leads through your website
  • Create a list of targeted prospects you are pursuing
  • Keep track of all your current clients and what projects you have completed for them
  • Track the status of every potential deal in your sales pipeline
  • Forecast your company sales
  • Track your sales team’s productivity: Phone calls, Demos, Meetings, etc…
  • Keep all client conversations in one place to build a customer profile for future use
  • Use Telephony system to make outbound and handle inbound calls
  • Take your projects from sales to a project management tool so your company can start fulfilling the project you have signed


What can Salesmate CRM do for your 
media and advertising agency?

Salesmate comes with a plethora of features that add productivity to your work and make your team more
efficient in delivering work. With Salesmate, it’s possible to do it all without any hassle.

email tracking

email tracking

Don’t waste time on foul leads and identify which ones are really interested in working with your agency by using our system to organize lead details. Track who opened and read your emails and capture prospects, engage them and close deals in no time.

Spot the right prospects
Build strong client-agency relationships

lead nurturing

Manage all the current clients in Salesmate CRM. Understand every project and initiative you have completed, and use your insights to upsell and grow revenue. Also build relationships that are strong enough to last long.

contact management

contact management

Manage everything from customer information to emails, communication and deal details seamlessly in one place for smooth transitions. Capture data at each stage of the sales process and store it on a single screen to ease your processes.

Centralize all your data


Integrate Salesmate with your favorite apps

Salesmate integrates with 700+ business apps including Google Apps, Microsoft, and Zapier

Get reported on your team’s performance
Sales reports

Sales reports

Gain insights into your team’s performance and see what’s keeping you from reaching your goals. Create and customize reports as per your agency’s unique needs. Set goals, understand sales rep’s shortcoming and come up with new trends to acheive your quota.

Sales pipeline

Sales pipeline

Handle prospects efficeintly and create multiple pipelines to manage clients from different niches. With Salesmate you can customize each stage of the sales pipeline as per your specific preference.

  • Create as many stages as needed
  • Add, edit and rename stages
  • Add win probability to forecast your sales
Create multiple sales pipeline
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Why use Salesmate CRM to grow your advertising agency?

Salesmate comes with benefits that save your business’s cost while providing all the right features. Here are some features
that make Salesmate’s simple CRM an ideal choice.

Well-designed dashboard
Well-designed dashboard

Intuitive and clean dashboard to keep track of important details about your agency’s clients. Keep every communication at one place.

Frequent upgrades
Frequent upgrades

Use an upgraded system as Salesmate constantly upgrades its CRM to meet the changing demands of the agencies.

Automate workflow
Automate workflow

utomate repetitive task like
assigning task to your media professionals and greeting emails to your esteemed clients.

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