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User Friendly
User friendly

Salesmate is easy-to-use, quick, and customizable.

Better Support
Better support

Comes with Enterprise-grade
security, ISO certified and GDPR ready.


Top-rated live chat, email, phone,
and one-on-one video support, all in
a single software.

Award-winning alternative to PipelineDeals

Customer Support

Customer Support

CRM Category Real Estate Category

CRM Category
Real Estate Category

Customer Satisfaction and Usability

Customer Satisfaction
and Usability

Real Estate

Real Estate

CRM Category Contact Management Category

CRM Category
Contact Management

Customer Support

CRM Category

Comparison- PipelineDeals vs. Salesmate

Streamlining sales and contact data, managing calls & notes, and scheduling client meetings play a crucial role in generating revenue
in the long run. Salesmate provides innovative, customizable solutions that help grow any business. Be it sales
reports, or a built-in virtual phone system, Salesmate has got it all! Here is how Salesmate excels as an alternative to PipelineDeals.

Features salesmate pipeline deals
Contact Management trueHigher Plans
Sales PipelinesAll PlansHigher Plans
Sales Reportingtrue starHigher Plans
Power Dialertrue star
Built-in CallingAll Plans
Team Inboxtrue star
Email SyncAll Plans star
Text MessagingAll Plansstar
Sales Sequences true
Workflow AutomationAll PlansHigher Plans
Ease of Usestar 4.7star 4.3
Customer Supportstar 4.9star 4.5
Value for Moneystar 4.5star 4.4
Features & Functionalitystar 4.8star 4
Source: capteetra
Pricing (per user, per month) $15 - $50 $29 - $59
star Best-in-class
($) Additional investment required

Disclaimer: All the information, prices, and data are verified as of November 2020. All logos and company names are trademarks™ or registered® trademarks of their
respective holders. Usage is done purely for the comparison purpose only. To report any incorrect or outdated information, please get in touch with us.

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robert allen

Improved sales effectiveness. It’s got everything we need, works efficiently and it is affordable. The team picked this over all of the others and they’re using it. Great sales app.

Robert AllenPrincipal - RKA Ventures, LLC

Here’s how Salesmate stands out as the ultimate PipelineDeals alternative

Personalized Support
Personalized support

Salesmate provides personalized support to its clientele. Every. Single. Time.

Value for money
Value for money

Get the right value for your money with Salesmate’s smart features.


It’s intuitive. It’s quick. It’s
easy-to-use. Salesmate is a friendly CRM that won’t give you headaches.

Easy to setup
Easy to setup

Salesmate never gives you a hard
time in setting it up. It keeps you
away from the mess and delivers fast.

World-class Security
World-class Security

With Enterprise-grade security, ISO certification and GDPR ready, Salesmate keeps your data safe.

Easy customization
Easy customization

Salesmate works the way you want it to work. It’s easily customizable and doesn’t mess around.

5 Reasons to choose Salesmate over PipelineDeals

Even though PipelineDeals shows significant similarities to Salesmate in terms of features, the considerable differences come once you
start talking about the pricing. Costing is a major concern for every enterprise, however big or small, and this is where Salesmate
becomes your sales team’s best friend! We provide some of the top-class features without burdening you financially.


Power Dialer

Want to dial contacts directly from the CRM screen? Salesmate provides you with this 2x productivity feature, while PipelineDeals lacks this tool.

Learn more about Power Dialer

Grow 2x more
Collaborate with your team more
Team Inbox

Team Inbox

Boost your team’s productivity with Salesmate’s shared inbox feature where all the team members can collaborate with ease. Sorry PipelineDeals users, you don’t get this feature either!

Learn more about Team Inbox

Built-in calling and text messaging

Built-in calling and text messaging

Salesmate lets you call and text from within the CRM so that no communication channel is left unused while selling. Alas, PipelineDeals doesn’t have this great feature.

Learn more about Built-in Calling and Text Messaging

Send and receive texts, make calls, do more!
Automate everything you do
Workflow Automation

Workflow Automation

Automating your busywork is the least you can ask your CRM to do for you. While Salesmate CRM helps you with your workflow for free, PipelineDeals asks you to spend more for this basic necessity.

Learn more about Workflow Automation

Sales sequences

Sales sequences

Why spend more time on follow-ups when you can automate them? With Salesmate CRM, you can plan your follow-ups and other emails, while PipelineDeals makes you do it all manually.

Learn more about Sequences

Plan your follow-ups and other emails better

Improve your team productivity with the best sales and business suites

As per Gartner Methodology, which was based on the evaluation of 595 customer relationship management, this objective-based survey names only those CRM which gain top scores in usability and user recommendations. The Gartner FrontRunners® CRM software quadrant has positioned Salesmate as the leading CRM software in the market since 2018.

Salesmate is the most recommended CRM by users across all platforms
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4000+ sales teams have chosen Salesmate over Pipedrive to grow their business
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