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Workflow Automation

Eliminate manual tasks and focus on closing more deals by using workflow automation from Salesmate. Give more time to close more deals and nurture relationships, let your CRM do manual tasks for you. Learn more about how intelligent workflows from Salesmate helps you get more business closure.

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Increase productivity through workflow automation

Reduce manual dependency at every point and let the process move smoothly without much human effort. All you need to do is create a standardized process that triggers certain actions based on the predefined workflow automation rules. Add more time to your day and enhance your productivity by taking the wise route of workflow automation software.

Use workflows to update records, assign & rotate deals, notify internal users and send emails automatically. Your sales tasks will become automated saving your time to sell more with Salesmate.

Automate task assignment

Use workflow automation software to automate lead assignment to salespeople. By automating, you not only decrease your workload but even reduce the chances of delays. Automatically create activities when the new deal is assigned to your team member, or the new contact is created.

Send personalized emails

Increase email engagement with your valuable clients by automating the sales emails. Send automated welcome emails to acquaint the clients with your company or remind them when their subscription is about to expire. Bolster your relationships with your customers by creating date-based custom fields in Salesmate for birthdays and anniversaries and run workflows on them.

Automate follow-ups

Keep your conversation on track and nurture the deals at the right time with auto follow-ups. With Salesmate’s intelligent workflows, effortlessly automate the follow-up process and save valuable time. It’s a smarter way to connect with your potential prospects and remind them to respond.

Close more deals faster with automation

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Benefits of using Salesmate CRM for workflow automation

Workflow automation from Salesmate allows you to focus more on sales deals by eliminating manual tasks along with a wide array of benefits.


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