Best CRM for Insurance Agents: A Detailed Guide

Amidst the ferociously competitive market in the insurance sector, you need a way to stay on top of your game. When you’re on the path of growth, you need to capture and nurture every prospect. And the key to accomplishing that is effective communication, which you can achieve only when you have access to the best CRM for insurance agents which can simplify the way of managing your work process.

Insurance agents and brokers deal with multiple tasks and clients every day. From calling prospects to closing deals and scheduling appointments, they’ve got a lot on the platter. Therefore, without a streamlined process of managing tasks, an agent might miss out on essential tasks. To prevent such errors, you need CRM software that is intuitive and adds value to your company.

First, let’s look at what Insurance CRM is and the challenges insurance agents face to understand CRM’s need in business.


  1. What is Insurance CRM?
  2. Challenges an Insurance agent faces regularly
  3. How using CRM system helps businesses to improve ROI
  4. Choose the CRM that meets all the needs of your business
  5. Use Salesmate CRM and scale your business
  6. Some additional features of Salesmate that can help boost your sales

What is insurance CRM?

Insurance CRM is essential to build lasting relationships and increase customer retention. It’s a software that automates all those menial tasks for you. From lead capturing, workflow management to activity tracking, you name it, and it’ll take care of it.

Insurance CRM is designed specifically for companies and insurance agents. It facilitates them in working effectively to convert more prospects into customers. In these times, an automated data process is pivotal to meet a multitude of requests and inquiries. So, this is where you need a CRM to stand out from the masses. 

Challenges an insurance agent faces regularly

As we mentioned earlier, it’s a competitive market, and insurance agents tackle a myriad of issues when they’re working with clients. So, here we have shed light on all the challenges that agents and brokers from the insurance sector face. 

There’s close competition

Has it ever happened that you got an inquiry from a client just a day back, and they’ve already moved on to the competitor? 

Well, for you, it must be just a day, but this generation Z is quicker than you think; a slight delay in revert and consider them gone!

The insurance sector especially faces cut-throat competition when it comes to gaining more clients. And it’s not the fault of an insurance agent as well; they’re already going the extra mile when it comes to completing tasks. And this is where automation comes in; let the software handle manual tasks so the insurance agent can go ahead and work to his full potential.

Your sales process is fragmented

Yes, spreadsheets and excels are a good source of storing data. However, you must’ve experienced fragmented data and information, which affected the client relationships as well. 

When you’ve got a lot of information on your plate and don’t have a streamlined way of processing it, errors are bound to happen. While this manual practice is followed by many, it does more harm than good in the long run of business. 

Inefficient workflow is hampering the revenue

The major drawback of every insurance agency is inefficiency in the workflow. Manual handling of sequential tasks can take up too much of your time, resulting in low productivity and scattered workflow. 

From processing policies, renewals, taking follow-ups, all while keeping the communication with clients intact, the workflow becomes relatively inefficient and leads to a decline in revenue. One can’t expect repeat business when the workflow itself isn’t up to the mark. Companies need to level-up and combat these challenges; as such, decreased productivity will lead them nowhere. 

Lead generation is getting difficult

A client is always inclined towards a company that provides a solution to all their problems. When a customer has to navigate through various stages, their interest in purchasing your policies might ebb.

These days, people prefer to opt for products that call for less hassle and derive more value. So, to generate leads and eventually convert them into customers, you need a quick implementation strategy.

You’re not able to retain your customers

From the challenges mentioned above, it’s apparent that there’s room for improvement in your business. Not being able to retain customers is certainly discouraging; however, everything is up to you now. 

You can wade through the obstacles only when you have a supportive CRM by your side. Otherwise, this pattern will keep on hindering the overall growth of your company.

Once you’ve realized what’s holding you back, all you need to do is take a leap and achieve what seemed impossible!

Implement a smart CRM in your insurance agency and just sit back to witness how it helps you prosper! 

To overcome the challenges, the majority of businesses are leaning towards automated CRM systems. Both large and small enterprises have approached the streamlined process of CRM over the conventional process of manually working on projects.

Below you will see how the trend of CRM usage both small and large enterprises have witnessed rapid growth. 

customer relationship market size

Studies have shown that implementing a CRM system in any company has proven highly beneficial for its revenue and has improved productivity. Check out how CRM software can increase ROI.

Less hassle, increased win rates

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How using CRM system helps businesses to improve ROI

If you thought a CRM just helps automate the workflow, you might want to check out the statistics. When your work process is streamlined, it will result in better productivity and, therefore, improved ROI. 

Using CRM increases market size

These statistics are factual indicators of how a CRM system can significantly impact a business and its revenue. 

So, what are you waiting for? Get a CRM that adds value to your work and lets you grow without any limit. Although, ensure you pick the CRM that fits all the needs of your team members and business.

The right CRM will help you grow your business, while the wrong one will just make the process even more complicated. So ensure you pay heed to all the features the CRM offers and see whether it is the right fit for your company or not.

Choose the CRM that meets all the needs of your business

Investing in a CRM is essential for every business, but investing in a good CRM is what everyone must practice. Take all the requirements of your team members into account and check whether the CRM you’ve got your eyes on is capable of fulfilling it or not.

For every insurance agent, organizing data and handling clients is a priority, so get an Insurance CRM that excels in these aspects. To make your selection process simpler, we’ve come up with these points. Ensure you refer to them whenever you’re selecting a CRM for your life or health insurance agents. 

Capture prospects seamlessly 

Capture and nurture your prospects even when you’re traveling; there’s no limit to prospecting with a good CRM. It helps you reach interested prospects that you can later reach out to and convert them into customers. 

“CRM can boost conversion rates by 300%.”

(source – Entrepreneur )

Attract, convert, close, and delight every client that comes your way. An intuitive CRM will help you efficiently close more business. 

Automated lead allocation

Now, you can easily allot leads to sales agents and brokers for higher productivity. CRM for insurance offers automated lead management and allocation, so you don’t miss out on any lead. It stores all the crucial data and allows streamlined allocation so your agents and brokers can get started and reach out to potential leads. This automated practice saves you time and helps manage all the leads from just one page.

Affordable and scalable

A good CRM will give you space to grow without burning a hole in your pocket. Choose a CRM for insurance agents that is affordable and scalable with your growth. Go through all the add-ons that the CRM is offering and check whether they’ll be beneficial for you or not. 

Customizable features

Insurance companies offer different policies and insurances, so it’s imperative to check whether the CRM you’re opting for is customizable or not. You must be able to customize the features and interface as per your company’s requirements to achieve optimal productivity.

Quick and effective support (team inbox)

Work within a collaborative space with your team members. Team inbox lets you solve customers’ queries efficiently. Provide a high-end experience to your clients by managing email conversations in a shared environment. 

Keep track of all activities 

Have you been wondering whether your team members are indeed working or just acting like it? Well, track their every activity to ensure that the work is getting done in time. Track, plan and organize your sales activities using this tracking feature.

Sell on the go with mobile CRM 

Don’t limit your work to a cubicle; expand your horizons and work without limits with Mobile CRM. Manage and sell on the go by accessing CRM on your mobile.

“CRM applications can increase revenue by up to 41% per sales representative.”

Whether you’re traveling or on a field trip, never miss out on any details. Explore every opportunity and boost your sales.

Upsell and cross-sell opportunities

Don’t miss out on any opportunity! Upsell and cross-sell for a better experience. Keep them in the loop for all the upgrades and upsell/cross-sell opportunities that they can avail to boost their growth. 

Manage and update policies 

Insurance policies tend to change now and then; update them using CRM from anywhere and anytime! Notify your customer about the change in policies so they can work accordingly. 

Develop client trust 

The services will speak for itself when you’re using a smart CRM; with an automated CRM, you’re not only gaining more clients, you’re also developing their trust. According to a survey conducted by Capterra, 47% of CRM users said that using a CRM system had a positive impact on customer retention.

When a customer is happy with the services, they won’t think of switching to another insurance agency. So, always give priority to your clients.

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Use Salesmate CRM and scale your business

Salesmate is your one-stop solution for any CRM need. It offers feature-rich CRM software for your life and health insurance agents and brokers that is tailor-made for agencies and brokers to increase their sales and grow revenue. 

With Salesmate CRM, automate all the daily tasks so you can focus on closing high-quality deals. For overall productivity and enhanced growth, CRM is a must. The below feature list will help you determine how Salesmate can contribute to your team’s productivity. Salesmate works as an insurance sales software and helps you grow your business.

Provides a 360-degree view of clients  

A versatile CRM provides insight into every aspect of your client information. You can capture leads, track their conversations and activities, store crucial data, and enrich them using a contact management feature. A reliable data repository lets you import data from anywhere so you can utilize the same for converting more prospects into customers. 

Keep in touch with all your clients in real-time to leave them delighted. Prioritize and nurture relations for better sales and overall growth.

Easy onboarding 

Put your clients at ease by offering a seamless, onboarding experience. Engage them with personalized texts and emails, timely reminders, and track their activities. 

Tailormade notifications and messages are sure to impress your client and build lasting, strong relations. Moreover, you can also generate follow-up sequences until your interested prospect turns into a client. 

Documents processing 

The vital aspect of every insurance agency is managing and processing the documents. An insurance agent receives various documents from different clients and needs to process them at the end of the day. CRM for insurance can meticulously process all the documents and update them accordingly. 

Acquire more leads

When you’re already on top of your game with the help of CRM, you’ll automatically attract and nurture leads. Quick communication, timely follow-ups, and a helpful demeanor can go a long way in building lasting relationships with clients.

Powerful integrations 

You don’t have to switch back and forth between multiple apps anymore. CRM software allows you to integrate with numerous platforms such as Google Apps, Quickbooks, Zapier, RingCentral, and much more. Integrate these apps into your CRM system, and you’ve got everything in just one place.

Easily accessible dashboard

Insurance CRM is here to make your work life easier, not the other way around. Therefore, an easy-to-access dashboard won’t leave you confused. Navigate through your CRM system without any hassle and boost your productivity! 

Some additional features of Salesmate that can help boost your sales

  • Bulk actions – Bulk actions let you update, merge, and manage your data in no time. You can also send bulk promotional emails to your prospects. 
  • Detailed sales reports – Tailor-made sales reports give you better insights into the sales trends and help you strategize your next move. 
  • Personalized templates – Make your clients feel valued by using personalized templates in your emails.
  • Product management – Add new products and customize the descriptions as per the clients’ requirements.  
  • Built-in calling – A web-based service that looks after all your calls and texts with built-in calling features. Use virtual phone numbers to reach clients from different locations. 
  • Power dialer – Automated power dialer helps you switch from one call to another without any effort. Schedule your calls, and it’ll handle the rest. 
  • Goal tracking – Become ambitious and set goals to exceed your expectations. Track and manage your goals to stay more productive.
  • Flexible – Salesmate is designed to fit the different needs of every client. This flexible system can be used for any type of sales process.
  • Email tracking – Win more deals by keeping track of opened emails and follow-up in real-time. 


Every insurance agent needs a CRM that is intuitive and flexible. Salesmate CRM for insurance is something that every agency needs to stay on top of their game. Whether it’s automating workflows or managing clients, it takes care of every single thing. 

Having unified solutions for all your problems can prove highly beneficial. Having one CRM system that executes and performs all tasks is a boon for every insurance agent. 

Salesmate CRM is the next-gen automated platform that is feature-rich and centered around building valuable customer relationships. Try Salesmate CRM once, and you won’t have to look anywhere else!

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