Salesmate’s marketing automation to capture, engage, and delight your prospects. Put your marketing process on autopilot and create highly targeted marketing campaigns with robust marketing automation.


Power through every marketing campaign with
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Are your marketing strategies not as effective as they used to be? If your marketing team is facing any mentioned challenges, then you need to execute marketing automation.

  • Not being able to track user engagement.
  • Manual tasks are time-consuming and reducing productivity.
  • I’m not able to convert leads.
  • Lack of qualified leads is reducing the conversion rate.
  • Experiencing inefficiencies due to fragmented process.


With smart automation, you can recognize the bottlenecks that are hampering your team’s productivity and streamline your marketing process. Here’s how you can create scalable processes with Salesmate’s marketing automation.

  • Apply automation to every touchpoint of your entire customer journey.
  • Create triggers to send custom messages based on the contact interaction.
  • Send different sets of emails based on the user actions (opened, replied, and clicked).
  • Send timely and meaningful follow-ups to nurture leads at crucial stages.
  • Segment users and add them to different lists based on their actions.


Streamline all your marketing processes with
 Salesmate automation

Engage with your prospects and leads at every touchpoint with Salesmate’s smart automation. Create captivating campaigns and
apply your marketing strategy to a specially curated list of prospects.

Personalized campaigns

Personalized campaigns

Execute personalized emails by segmenting users based on the actions they perform on your website. Send tailored messages to your prospects by adding certain triggers and conditions. Create successful drip campaigns with multiple touchpoints to your marketing strategy.

Create personalized campaigns
Engage effectively using web forms
Web forms

Web forms

Build a targeted contact list using tags in web forms and automatically send targeted messages to a specific segment of users and keep them engaged. Send a series of automated emails that helps your prospects make an informed decision and transit prospects from one stage of the sales funnel to another.

Marketing campaigns automation

Marketing campaigns automation

Salesmate’s marketing automation empowers your team to automate multiple marketing processes and save more time to focus on high-intent leads. Automatically notify a team member when the prospect responds and set up activities or reminders to engage further. Create different journeys for every stage of your marketing campaign – from scoring the leads to qualifying them – and close deals faster.

Automate multiple processes
A/B test campaigns
A/B test marketing campaigns

A/B test marketing campaigns

Run A/B tests to analyze your strategy and reach a wider audience. Automatically split email lists and send two variations of your campaign to a specific subset of subscribers—track open rate, click-through rate, reply rate to optimize email campaigns better. Find out which email strategy works better for your targeted audience and optimize it for better outreach.

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Email automation

Email automation

Connect with your prospect right when they open your email to increase the response rate. Execute the automation by setting up a delay of x hours and shoot the following email to further engage with the prospect and guide them through the funnel.

Engage at the right time
Track user engagement
Engage better with prospects

Engage better with prospects

Track your prospect’s moves throughout the campaign. Identify your most engaged users by tracking their activities like email open or reply rate and connect with them to convert them into customers. Engage and nurture your prospects with personalized content based on their behavior and preferences.

Send personalized emails

Send personalized emails

A prospect’s requirement changes at every stage. So,
re-engage with the prospects you’ve interacted with in the past and send the latest updates and offers to make them move forward in your sales pipeline. Segment the group and engage with them by sending personalized emails.

Reengage with your prospects


Create successful campaigns with 500+ in-built features

Lead Scoring
Lead Scoring

Find out which leads needs more attention with lead scoring.

Sales Inbox
Web Forms

Capture leads directly from your website using smart web forms.

Contact Management
Contact Management

Get a 360-degree view of all your contacts from one place.

Built-in Calling & Texting
Built-in Calling & Texting

Make and record calls, send texts from web and mobile apps

Power Dialer
Power Dialer

Automatically dial to your contacts
for 3x productivity.

Smart Emails
Smart Emails

Send and track emails to connect at the right time.

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