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Use industry’s most powerful mobile CRM to keep selling
anytime from anywhere

  • Access information from anywhere, anytime
  • Build and nurture relationships
  • Manage your deals on the go
  • Navigate & make the most of your field visits
  • Update records instantly
  • Log calls, add notes and appointments
Anders Steen Hansen

The user interface is very intuitive, has a lot of features and still very easy to get around. The support is exceptionally good, quick to respond, and knowledgeable. The iPhone app is also very cool and well laid out. It's very easy to add new contacts and deals. Call logs can also be added. The price is reasonable too. You don't get the same value in other CRMs in my opinion.

Anders Steen HansenEjer, Lydstudiet

Leverage the benefit of ‘Mobile First’ – Sell
on the move

Your smartphone is the best selling tool you have access to, and that too, all the time! With Salesmate’s iOS and Android mobile apps, you can easily navigate all your sales pipelines and seize every opportunity. Access your activities and contact information on-the-go to always stay updated on each deal.

With mobile apps this powerful, you can connect with your prospects via emails, calls and texts, collaborate with your teammates, track your progress and nurture relationships. Now you are not bound by time or place; sell effortlessly when you want with our fast, intuitive, and user-friendly mobile CRM.

Leverage the benefit of ‘Mobile First’ – Sell on the move


Mobile CRM for sales teams on the move

Align your sales, marketing, and customer service teams with immediate access to key information in real-time with Mobile CRM.
Make your salespeople more efficient with real-time syncing and updates. Leverage cloud storage in Mobile CRM to access
centrally held information across the globe.

Contact management

Contact management

Access all the necessary information 24×7 with Salesmate’s simple mobile CRM. Respond to queries in real-time, nurture customer relationships, and produce better sales by utilizing every minute of your day with a mobile-friendly sales tool.

Gain access to crucial information anywhere, anytime
Build and foster customer relationships
Activity tracking

Activity tracking

Like any other sales activity, nurturing leads and relationships shouldn’t be hindered while working remotely. Leverage emails, calls, and texts to send business proposals and maintain contact with leads without having to toggle between multiple screens with Salesmate’s Mobile CRM.

sales pipeline management

sales pipeline management

Get a crystal clear view of your entire sales pipeline, update their stages as they advance through the sales funnel using drag & drop, and track their progress effortlessly with Salesmate’s mobile CRM.

Don’t let a single deal slip through the cracks
Navigate and sell more on-the-go
Outbound sales

Outbound sales

Make the most out of your day with Salesmate’s mobile CRM. Done with a client meeting? Use your spare time to locate more prospects nearby, view their location using geolocation feature, access their website, and get all the necessary information before you reach out to them, all of it while being on-field. Plan your entire day with our effective mobile app and always stay productive.

call recording

call recording

No more forgetting crutial client information while you are travelling. Record every interaction during the conversation itself directly into the CRM to avoid any errors, improve data quality and access this information from anywhere, all of it while you are away from your system!

Capture every detail instantly and never lose any information
Log calls, add notes, make appointments, and much more!
Automatic call logging and notes

Automatic call logging and notes

Add the activities into the CRM right after an outgoing call, log and link them to a particular deal, add notes and schedule follow-up activities, do it all simultaneuosly to boost productivity, that too right from your phone’s screen.

Improve your team productivity with the best sales and business suites


Product management

Gain visibility on your product details in Salesmate’s mobile CRM. Associate products to the deal and keep track of them while you travel. Set ownership for each product you sell and quickly find information related to any of them on your mobile.

Get every product detail right in your palms
Don’t make your customers wait for long; transfer calls easily

call transfer

With Salesmate’s Mobile CRM, you can deliver the best calling experience to your customer by easily transferring incoming calls within your team and department via warm and cold transfer.

Email tracking

Email tracking

Craft compelling personalized emails using HTML email templates and manage email campaigns right from your smartphone hassle-free. Make email threads for each conversation, auto-associate these threads with deals, and get a streamlined view of each conversation.

Personalize your emails and manage campaigns
Collaborate with your entire team on a single platform
Team Inbox

Team Inbox

Work efficiently along with your team and save time with Salesmate’s team inbox feature that allows you to enahnce you team’s productivity and gives the team access to all the emails, so that you can connect clients easily and everyone on the team is always updated on each deal.


Why use Salesmate mobile CRM?

User-friendly CRM
User-friendly CRM

Salesmate mobile CRM is easy to
use. It has a simple interface and is smartly designed to support the
latest Android and iOS versions.

Constantly upgraded
Constantly upgraded

Salesmate constantly upgrades its mobile CRM features as per the changing market trend to provide the best-in-class user experience.

Share extension
Share extension

With Salesmate Share Extension,
iOS users can directly share their documents from the folder.

Dalyn Newby

After trying dozens of CRMs and getting frustrated, I found Salesmate. It’s really easy to start with and has a great mobile app that’s fast and responsive.

Dalyn Newby Software Architect

Fatih Sultan

User friendly interface. A great mobile app. Simple. Just what you need is it. It’s redundant.

Fatih Sultan Pisgin Owner, FSP.DESIGN

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