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Never miss any opportunity or important activity when you are away from the office. Turn your smartphone into a sales management tool to quickly glide deals through the sales pipeline with Salesmate iOS and Android mobile apps.

Quickly access your activity list and contact information on the go and stay updated. With Salesmate mobile CRM for iOS and Android, connect with your prospects, share information with your teammates, track your sales deals and nurture relationships. Sell effortlessly from anywhere at any hour of the day with this fast, intuitive and user-friendly mobile CRM.

Leverage the benefit of ‘Mobile First’ – Sell on the move

Spending more time on the field? Travel frequently for meetings or work? Here’s why you need to take Salesmate mobile CRM with you:

  • Gain quick access to CRM dashboard to get status of your deals
  • Instantly view and analyse your sales pipeline
  • Stay updated and follow up on time
  • Get notified about appointments and tasks
  • Respond in real-time for bolstering customer relationships

Salesmate CRM for mobile sales people

Mobile CRM keeps your sales, marketing and customer service teams in alignment with the immediate access to key information in real time without any boundary limitations. When your salespersons can update and sync real time information on the move, sales productivity increases. Cloud storage to mobile CRM functionality is an add on advantage as sales reps are accessing live, centrally held information around the world.

Access anything, anytime and stay updated

Salesmate mobile CRM keeps you connected with opportunities by giving you 24X7 access to crucial information. Respond to queries in real-time and foster customer relationships with this mobile-friendly sales tool. Turn deadtime into productive hours by instantly accessing and analysing sales data on the fly.

Build and nurture relationships

Quit ceasing your sales activities like sending emails or calling potential prospects, sending business proposals when you move out of your workspace. With CRM mobility, you can instantly interact with your clients from any geographical location.

All the information about the client is systematically structured directly in the contact detail screen so that you can instantly call from there without toggling between screens. Moreover, the details of the outgoing calls will automatically appear with the contact’s information to avoid extra work.

Manage your deals on the go

Effortlessly manage your sales deals with Salesmate mobile apps. Every information related to the deal is neatly organized at a single place for tracking and viewing the progress of the deals. With just a single tap, you can change the stages of the deal.

Make the most of your field visits

Save your time when on the field by discovering clients in a specific area with Salesmate mobile CRM. With the aid of its geolocation feature, get the map view of clients within a stipulated range. It displays all the nearby contacts from your current location with distance to plan your visit.

Update records

There are chances of forgetting the details mentioned by the client in a meeting when you wait to reach your office and update the data in your CRM. With Salesmate mobile CRM you can update records on the spot while interacting with the client. Avoid errors and improve the quality of your data by accessing and updating your CRM database from anywhere

Log calls, add notes and appointments

Salesmate mobile apps allows you to log calls and associate them with a activity, deal or contact. Take notes during the call or meeting on your mobile device. Automatically log activities right after the outgoing call. Link the call and the notes to the relevant deal and simultaneously schedule a follow-up activity.

Why use Salesmate mobile CRM?

Don’t let your deals slip through the crack

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Happy & Growing Customers

We can see our pipeline, including the sales process stages and the dollar volume at each stage. Since our inception 90 days ago, our pipeline has grown 100%

Jacqui Sabo

Vice President - Faciliteq

I’ve been using this platform for over a month now and have seen my productivity double!

Brittany Canaski

Director of Partnerships

Solid CRM for small business looking for an easy to use, yet impactful CRM

Mike Barugel


Fantastic value for a CRM platform with easy staff onboarding and great back-end webhook integration support.

Ian Ray

CTO – Airshark

Improved sales effectiveness. It’s got everything we need, works efficiently and it is affordable. The team picked this over all of the others and they’re using it. Great sales app.

Robert Allen

Principal - RKA Ventures, LLC

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