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CRM for Higher Education

Bolster relationships with your students and gain an edge in the competitive educational market with a highly advanced CRM for higher education.

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Educational institutions need to do a lot beyond providing good educational facilities to the students for being the frontrunners in their niche.

  • Managing massive amounts of student’s local Guardian (Emergency Contact) and Parent information
  • Updating parents about upcoming educational seminars and symposiums
  • Keeping track of fees and other monetary transactions
  • Handling course-related inquiries

All this, plus successfully processing each candidate through the enrolment process while maintaining a position in the industry becomes a challenging task.

Overcome the challenges to growth and boost your intuition’s productivity using a CRM for higher education. With a perfect CRM solution, you can eliminate time traps, speed up the admission process and direct your staff’s efforts in the right direction using smart pipelines.

Meet and exceed the success metrics of your higher education institution with optimum performance and consistent improvements for creating a top-of-the-mind impact on your students and parents.

Why is Salesmate a perfect CRM software for higher education?

Increase admission as well as retention rate and boost the the growth of your educational institution with Salesmate. Spot the right-fit talent for your academic institution and track vital information at each stage of student lifecycle using this advanced education CRM that can be tailored to your institution’s unique needs.

Benefits of using Salesmate CRM for your institution:

  • Seamlessly manage registrations
  • Automate admission process using activity or calendar synchronization
  • Send bulk emails and track their open and click rate
  • Get a holistic view of each student to take real-time actions
  • Maintain accurate communication history
  • Get timely reminders about student’s fees and payments
  • Gain insights into student’s behavior and demand patterns with detailed reports
CRM for your institution
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Efficiently manage students and parents
contact data

Streamline the contact detail of prospective students or parents collected after attending seminars and other such events in Salesmate. Keep your contact database organized to avoid confusion and maintain contact privacy to ensure you do not annoy any student or parent while approaching them for admissions.

For example, while filling the form, few parents or students opt “not to be” disturbed through emails or text messages. By assigning a DND “Tag” or creating a filter of the same name, you can connect your prospective students or their parents through the apt communication channel with a CRM for higher education.

Learn more about contact management

contact management for higher education

Automate various educational processes

Reduce the admin efforts spent on performing manual tasks and maximize efficiency by automating most of the admission process with Salesmate. Create an organized environment by setting workflows for automatically sending informative as well as acknowledgment email to the applicants, students, and parents. Besides, you can even automatically assign a task to the team whenever a field is updated as per the set criteria.

Learn more about Salesmate automation

process automation for education system

Gain control over the student acquisition process

See everything in one glance by breaking down the entire acquisition process as stages in the pipeline within a CRM for higher education. The entire process of collecting data from seminars to making connections with a prospective student, qualifying students as per their courses, generating knowledge and collecting fees is systematically structured in one place. With a visual representation of the pipeline you can know how the prospective students are progressing and where do you need to put in extra efforts.

Learn more about pipeline management

pipeline management for higher education

Track conversation with your applicants

Having a good understanding of the applicant is necessary to acquaint them with the right course or educational program. Track every conversation the prospective student has with your team in a CRM for higher education to understand their needs and provide better guidance. Salesmate comes with a built-in calling feature that allows you to record calls and take notes instantly to ensure you don’t miss out any crucial details mentioned by the applicant.

Learn more about built-in calling

built in calling for sales calls

Connect with opportunities of your institution

No matter whether you are attending an educational fair or conducting a seminar in another city you can still respond to the student’s admission queries, schedule emails about the upcoming seminars and update student records with Salesmate mobile access. Turn your free time into productive hours and connect to opportunities wherever you are with quick access to student’s information.

Learn more about Salesmate mobile app

CRM mobile app for higher education

Get vital metrics with seamless reporting

Generate actionable insights and analyze the outcome of your enrollment activities with Salesmate’s insightful reports. Get the information you need to enhance your recruitment strategies for expanding your talent pool. Customize reports as per your specific requirements for identifying and addressing obstacles in your student acquisition process.

Learn more about reports

sales reporting

Get your education business organized using Salesmate CRM

Easy to use with advanced features at a very affordable price

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Why use Salesmate for your higher education institution?

Fulfill your institution’s vision and succeed in the educational landscape with Salesmate CRM. From managing you institutions overall educational processes to ensuring high-quality enrolments and maintaining a long-term relationship with your students and parents, Salesmate is a complete educational solution.

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It’s very user-friendly, easy to navigate, and simple to use. Not much training is involved for the new staff to get them off the ground. I like how stages are set and we can move the deals accordingly!

Johnny Beig

CEO - Alanic International

It integrates very well with GMail and Chrome – It’s extremely easy to set up and truthfully Salesmate has THE best customer service team bar none. That is truly the benefit. Oh- I almost forgot, it’s insanely cheap.

Alan Peterson

President - Skytop Business Loans LLC

Salesmate is very easy to use and affordable. It’s a one stop shop when it comes to managing my clients.

Jessica Williams

Fashion Designer - Irregular Exposure

If you are looking for an intuitive, lightweight, and customizable sales platform, you have to get a demo from the Salesmate team.

Eric Griego

VP, Business Development – HoldMyTicket

Solid CRM for small business looking for an easy to use, yet impactful CRM

Mike Barugel



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