Win and execute more projects and nurture long-term relationships with Salesmate CRM for Construction, that understands your industry to its core.

Features that enhance your construction business

Salesmate comes with a plethora of features that add productivity to your work and make your team more efficient in delivering work. With Salesmate, it’s possible to do it all without any hassle.

  • Keep track of all the on-going tenders
  • Centrally store every contact with detailed information
  • View your contacts and forecast your contracts
  • Indentify opportunities and acquire the best ones in time
  • Get notified about the next project tasks as you slide through the day
  • Stay informed at every stage of construction
  • Keep in touch with the entire team wherever you are
  • Get insights of everything happening on-site
  • Track every activity taking place during the construction
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What can Salesmate CRM do for your 
Construction company?

Acquiring and carrying out new projects is a complex process for a Construction company, and winning in such a competitive niche
is not only about knowing projects and contractors. In this new world, it now more about how you execute your relationships,
identify opportunities, and convert tenders into contracts. With Salesmate’s CRM for Construction, you can monitor your contracts
and projects, enhance data-sharing on different levels of your organization, and even access information on-site.

contact management

contact management

Centralize your contacts like stakeholders, customers, partners, suppliers, subcontractors, and more with Salesmate’s CRM for construction. Create different view for the contacts as per your need and easily find information on them when required.

Organize industry contacts & current customers
Stay informed even on-site

Mobile crm

Keep in touch with every piece of information, even while you are working on-site with Salesmate’s Mobile CRM, that brings all your contacts and data on your mobile device. Monitor the deal’s progress, get notified about activities, stay alert about your tasks, track biddings, respond to prospects, and do much more with our Construction CRM.

activity tracking

activity tracking

Take control of every activity and tasks that your team carries out like making phone calls, sending emails and more, and increase your chances to close more deals with Salesmate.

Track every on-site activity from your system

Improve your team productivity with the best sales and business suites

Manage your pipelines with ease
sales pipeline

sales pipeline

Get a clear view of your entire sales pipeline and know where your leads stand in the sales funnel. Know which construction project has more potential and can be closed fast. With Salesmate, you can focus more on the right deals and grow in no time.

sales forecast

sales forecast

Forecase the future by analysing the available data- deals that you expect to close, when it’ll get closed, and how much revenue it would generate. Plan steps ahead and let your team know what to expect, and avoid any unforeseen situations and perform better.

Analyze data and make informed decisions


Integrate Salesmate with your favorite apps

Salesmate integrates with 700+ business apps including Google Apps, Microsoft, and Zapier


Salesmate is the best CRM choice for Construction business

Avail the benefits of an intuitive CRM along with ease of use and many more rewards that free you from mundane tasks and
from your reliance over human efforts and stick-on notes.


Save more to spend more on projects with Salesmate’s CRM that is feature packed and affordable.


Easily navigate through your CRM as Salesmate is easy-to-use with a simple interface.

Dedicated support
Dedicated support

Get uninterrupted support from Salesmate’s team via email, chat or phone.

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