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Are you looking for a CRM software that works well for your small business? Pave the way to the top with the best CRM for small business and startups. Give your business new heights by choosing the right one for small business. Provide better customer experience, and nurture more relationships with your customers with best-in class CRM software designed for small businesses.

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The need of CRM for small businesses

Small businesses or startups can easily manage their information across spreadsheets, notepads and other such tools. So why small businesses or startups require a CRM? When they need it? The answer is when you start growing! The number of customers and the number of employees increases as your business grows. In the early days, your business has limited contacts, and you know them personally.

A business grows with customers. More number of customers means more challenges and unorganized data. And there’s where you need a CRM software. Initially, you don’t require complex sales software to get organized; rather you need an easy to use CRM solution that simplifies your sales process and keeps you updated with overall customer information.

You do not need to be a big giant to leverage the benefits of this high-tech tool, Salesmate CRM is designed for your small business or very small business needs.

What are the benefits of a CRM system?

A CRM (Customer Relationship Management) software is a solution that streamlines all your customer data in one place, which is readily available to access and improve customer relations. Top benefits of CRM for your startup or small business are:

  1. Organize your contacts

    A good CRM system keeps your customer contacts organized at a single location which are easily accessible whenever required. This allows your sales reps to keep track of every single detail of customer interaction about what they discussed and with whom. This enables a smooth sales process and hence helps in nurturing customer relationships.

  2. Sales reporting

    Are your sales reps making timely follow-ups with prospects? Get detailed insights on sales activities like calls made/ received, emails sent, deals closure and quotes posted to know where your sales team is spending time. Track sales reports to understand where your team is doing well and the areas need to improve.

  3. Customer segmentation

    What are the verticals or territories bringing the most sales? What are the hot deals? You can segment your customers and deals according to its value, deal size and other properties like location, date, status, etc. Identify the most important customers to focus on with your CRM system. Segmented list of customers gives the clear idea of how to reach them.

  4. Sales automation

    No need to spend money on a separate sales force automation software when you are using a CRM system. You can get the benefits of automation along with many other features inside this advanced tool. Manage your marketing campaigns with ease and follow-up without putting in much efforts using automation. Easily create automated workflows and drip sequences to save you precious time for more critical marketing and sales activities.

  5. Effective forecasting

    Effective forecasting leads you towards more significant revenue. CRM system helps you to forecast your business revenue and sales performance. A good CRM system will let you generate effective sales funnel and seamless sales pipeline that makes it easier for you to forecast sales and overall business revenue.

  6. Activity tracking

    Activities and deadlines may get affected due to the manual work process. Using a CRM software will help you monitor and schedule your activities so that you will never miss to attend any meeting, to take follow ups or send the feedback emails. All the upcoming, overdue or present activity insights will help you to improve the sales process.

Get your small business organized using Salesmate CRM

Easy to use with advanced features at a very affordable price

Why Salesmate CRM for small business?

Empower your startup business with the powerful sales tool that renders operational excellence, improves customer engagement and helps in addressing your sales challenges. Reach a higher level of productivity and explore new opportunities by making Salesmate CRM a part of your business strategy. Startups don’t require complex sales tools to streamline their business needs, they need an effective CRM to manage the complete sales process.


Close deals faster with organized sales pipeline

Collect, organize, and engage with your deals with Salesmate sales pipeline feature. Keep track of the status of your deals and never miss any opportunity. Get the total visibility of how your team is performing and close more business in less time. An effortless pipeline view lets you track and change the stage of each deal quickly. Grow your startup or small business with effective sales pipeline management from Salesmate.

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Eliminate manual task with sales automation

Increase the pace of your small business by automatically capturing leads from webforms, customer profile enrichment, assign sales reps, log calls and follow up emails. Spend more time in selling with smart workflow automation. Work smarter and faster with Salesmate to turn your small business vision into reality. You just need to concentrate on closing more business, let your CRM do admin tasks for you. Check on how Salesmate CRM makes it easier for startups to generate more business.

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Advanced sales reports to make better decisions

Gain valuable insight into sales, productivity, and relationships. Measure your sales progress with intuitive sales reports. Develop your own sales reports to analyze monthly sales summary from lead to deal closure. Monitor and analyze the number of deals you’ve won and lost, along with the reason. Salesmate visual sales reports help small business owners to visualize the current scenario and plan for the future.

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Smart email tracking and templates

Don’t let your emailing efforts go in vain, keep a tab on your email activities with Salesmate. Get instantly notified when a prospect clicks, reads or responds to your email. With real-time tracking keep a record of the conversations. Make templates from your best performing emails to save more time.

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Seamless integration with the apps you already use

Salesmate CRM for small business integrates with various apps including Gmail, Google Calendar, Google Contacts, and MailChimp. You can easily schedule meetings, brainstorm new ideas with your team, and send quotes to your contacts in minutes. Make your CRM a complete solution for your business growth.

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Take quick actions with mobile CRM

Salesmate mobile CRM help you to stay updated, take quick actions and nurture relationships with your customers. Never miss a single opportunity even if you are away from your office. Salesmate mobile CRM keeps you notified about each and every activity you have on your plate. Make the most out of your CRM and close more business in less time.

Customize according to your business process

Salesmate is the highly customizable small business CRM that is natively built with tremendous flexibility in mind, as one size will not fit all customers. Each Salesmate module can be easily designed and molded according to your sales process in easy steps. The reduced learning curve, easy adoption, and massive productivity boost are just the starting point. Customize your pipeline and design your own sales process.

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Seamless calling with built-in phone

Does your small business/ startup require more calls? Use a built-in virtual phone system to have conversations with your prospects and perform a wide range of activities like call forwarding, call recording, taking notes during calls, etc. Be more productive and reduce manual data entry with auto call logging with Salesmate. No other third party integration required, make and receive sales phone calls from your CRM itself and be more productive.

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Text messages

Quit switching between CRM and texting apps. Engage more customers by sending text messages from Salesmate. Capture the attention of your potential buyers with promotional messages. Send bulk messages and target multiple prospects at the same time. Instantly remind your prospects about scheduled meetings and appointments. With message history, keep track of the conversation and strengthen customer relationships.

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Team inbox

Bring your team together with a shared team inbox and provide better services to your customers. Perform coordinated activities efficiently without stepping on each other’s foot and boost collaborative productivity. With a centralized view of the conversation, know what’s been discussed with the client. Respond to your client queries in real-time and get into their good books.

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Product module

Get all your product organized into Salesmate and manage them efficiently from a single dashboard. Easily attach all the products you sell with the deal in your sales pipeline. View all the product information at one place and track every action related to it. Know how many products were sold and what’s their current status. Change the deal currency and sell globally in multiple currencies. Add tags and find any information you need about the product quickly. Calculate the best discount price inside Salesmate to make more profits.

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360 degree customer view

Stay organized and manage all your contacts in single place. 360 degree customer view helps you to keep track of complete details about your customers in a single timeline including contact info, phone and email history, related activities and notes. Stay conversant with every detail of your contacts to interact with your prospects at any time from any point.

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Benefits of using Salesmate CRM for your growing business

What makes Salesmate CRM the best CRM software for small businesses? Salesmate CRM is specifically built for modern businesses. A truly intelligent sales CRM designed to help sales reps be more productive and engage deeply with their customers. Results in increasing sales and overall business revenue. Simplify the complex sales process with Salesmate CRM and win more business at a faster rate. Salespeople use it to automate admin tasks to speed up their sales process. Let your CRM do the manual tasks for you while you are working on sales productivity.

Power packed and hassle-free CRM for your small business

Why wait? Track everything from leads to repeat sales.

Realize greater ROI for your small business with CRM

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Solid CRM for small business looking for an easy to use, yet impactful CRM

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Improved sales effectiveness. It’s got everything we need, works efficiently and it is affordable. The team picked this over all of the others and they’re using it. Great sales app.

Robert Allen

Principal - RKA Ventures, LLC

Fantastic value for a CRM platform with easy staff onboarding and great back-end webhook integration support.

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CTO – Airshark

If you are looking for an intuitive, lightweight, and customizable sales platform, you have to get a demo from the Salesmate team.

Eric Griego

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Salesmate is very easy to use and affordable. It’s a one stop shop when it comes to managing my clients.

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