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Improve your entire sales funnel by using interactive, pre-built, and customizable sales reports. Eliminate guesswork and make smart decisions with data. Identify roadblocks and remove them. Speed up coaching and performance measurement. Actionable sales intelligence comes in very handy with Salesmate’s extremely easy-to-use reports.

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Beautiful & Insightful Sales Reports

Replace your old, ugly, and convoluted reports with the beautiful visualizations and actionable sales intelligence that your entire team will love to use. Report monthly sales summary with pipeline conversion, team effort, and each deal that contributed to your sales. Aggregate, drill down, slice and dice ’ every sales intelligence you want to derive is just a few clicks away.

Know Everything about Sales Growth

Get instant and highly visual access to every sales insight you ever wanted. Know how far you are from quarterly sales goals and how much revenue you have generated so far. Forecasting reports give you a clear picture of potential sales, how likely they are to close, and when to expect closures of current deals.

Measure the Entire Sales Funnel from Lead to Closure

Sales pipeline reports will help you visualize how deals are moving through each stage of the sales process. Learn what percentage of the deals are moving to next stage, how long it takes for deals to move to the next stage, and which deals are getting stuck in which stages of the pipeline.

Which Channels are Bringing You the Most Sales?

Do you know which marketing channels are critical to your sales goals? Deal reports are the best way to dissect your sales outcomes by channels, users, and over time so you know what brings more valuable leads and what does not.

Real-time Sales Forecasting

Ever had a month when your team was falling short on sales but you didn’t know until the very end? Your top deals did not happen due to lack of focus and hard push to close. Do you know who is more likely to hit their quota and who is going to miss it? Forecasting can help.

Use sales forecasting insights to spot the problem early on and direct your team’s focus toward the deals that are more likely to close while time is still on your side. You can confidently predict the revenue and understand the strength and value of the pipeline. And that’s why sales forecasting is the most important tool for any sales driven business strategy.

Coach Sales Reps with Best Actionable Feedback

Do you have a teammate who is a rockstar, hitting the ground running with a new lead, but losing more deals in the negotiation stage? Maybe he can use little coaching and help from other team members who are good at this stage of the sales process.

Dig deeper into your team’s strengths and weaknesses and use actionable insights to bridge the gaps and turn each rep into an indispensable sales rockstar.

Improve Your Sales Performance with Activity Insights

Know how many emails were sent, calls were made, and meetings were held last month, who is booking more meetings and why is he doing better than everyone on the team, what kind of effort your new hire has made in past two months, what activities are time consuming and should be cut down on. Use these insights to improve your sales process, training, and messaging.

Activity Leaderboard

Know how active your entire sales team is, who on your team is putting in the most effort, which activities are consuming most work and how they are affecting your team’s efficiency.

Actionable intelligence about sales efforts will help you improve your sales process and coach people to close more deals faster. And the best part is that all activities are automatically tracked for you.

Sales Leaderboard

Know who is going to meet their sales quota this month, and who is not. Spark healthy competition within your team to chase the targets and be at the top.

The sales leaderboard will increase transparency, and boost the morale of entire team as they celebrate the wins and learn from losses of everyone in real-time.

Build Highly Customizable Reports in Seconds

On top of the pre-defined reports, you can create an unlimited number of custom reports. The sky's the limit with Salesmate’s custom sales reporting tool. Slice and dice all your data to create views and reports the way you like it.

Custom Sales Dashboards

Monitor your most important sales metrics using custom dashboards. Create unlimited custom reports and sales dashboards from all the data being tracked in the Salesmate CRM. We are continuously building the insights widgets for you to drop into your dashboards with a click.

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Fantastic value for a CRM platform with easy staff onboarding and great back-end webhook integration support.

Ian Ray

CTO – Airshark

I’ve been using this platform for over a month now and have seen my productivity double!

Brittany Canaski

Director of Partnerships

Improved sales effectiveness. It’s got everything we need, works efficiently and it is affordable. The team picked this over all of the others and they’re using it. Great sales app.

Robert Allen

Principal - RKA Ventures, LLC

Solid CRM for small business looking for an easy to use, yet impactful CRM

Mike Barugel


It’s very user-friendly, easy to navigate, and simple to use. Not much training is involved for the new staff to get them off the ground. I like how stages are set and we can move the deals accordingly!

Johnny Beig

CEO - Alanic International

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