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Creating custom contracts or documents can be a real pain for any organization. It takes time, slows your team down, and is one of the least enjoyable tasks in the sales process.


 Imagine if you can automate the way your company creates SOWs, contracts, and presentations. This is where Webmerge comes in as a great partner to Salesmate. Webmerge makes it simple to automate making custom documents as PDF’s, Word Docs, Powerpoints, and more.

Here are reasons why you need to use Salesmate & Webmerge:

  • Streamline the way your sales reps create documents
  • Create consistent documents that makes your company look professional
  • Spend more time selling, less time on admin work

Webmerge and Salesmate works hand in hand helping streamline your sales process. First, you will need to create your professional documents in Webmerge. Using webhooks or Zapier, you will be able to push variables from Salesmate into your Webmerge documents. You can define what triggers you want your documents to be created in Salesmate. Some examples are when you move your deal into another stage or update a custom field in our system.

Once your document is created, Webmerge will deliver your document by email, Google Drive, and more. 

If you have not signed up for Webmerge, try their system free with test documents until you are satisfied.

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