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Salesmate Year-in Review 2021

Salesmate in 2021: A year in review

As 2021 comes to an end, we would like to take a moment to thank you for being a part of Salesmate’s journey till now. Your support was the stepping stone to our success; your feedback led us to improve our product and introduce new and exciting features. 

2021 was the year where our product evolved with the addition of robust new features and enhancements. 

Along with sales, we have brought more power to marketing and customer service teams as well. Now, Salesmate customers can streamline their entire customer journey with value-driven functionalities.  

In this article, we’re going to take a look at all the milestones we achieved in 2021 and some glimpse of what we’ll achieve in the coming year. 

New features introduced in 2021 

Our main goal for 2021 was to provide a solution that streamlines the entire marketing, sales, and service processes. Hence, it automates the entire customer journey.  

This year’s feature launches turned that vision into reality. Our team added some powerful functionalities into Salesmate, and here’s how it went – 

1. Automation Journeys

Automation-Journeys Year in Review 2021

Automation Journeys was one of the major additions to Salesmate. Our super-simple drag-and-drop builder enables you to automate every touchpoint throughout your customer journey to deliver personalized and exceptional customer experiences. 

You can segment users, create marketing campaigns of your dream, run A/B tests, and automate your business processes that help you improve productivity and generate more revenue. 

Check out Automation Journeys

2. Web Forms

Web Form Salesmate Year in Review 2021

To capture leads effortlessly, Salesmate introduced Web Forms; an effective way to capture leads from various channels right into your CRM.  

Salesmate Web Forms don’t require any coding skills. You can easily set it up on your website by embedding the code or sharing it via a link as well.   

Check out Web Forms 

3. Salesmate Messenger

Live Chat Year in Review 2021

Salesmate Messenger is a value-addition to your website. Our Live Chat enables you to connect with your visitors in real-time, engage with them and solve queries faster.  

You can customize your live chat window to represent your brand and attract more visitors to fuel the conversations. 

Check out Messenger

4. Meeting Scheduler

Meeting Scheduler Year in Review

Now, you don’t require different Apps to book your meetings. With Salesmate Meeting Scheduler, you can seamlessly create meetings and share invites to your contacts in a snap!

Check out Meeting Scheduler

Web and Mobile app enhancements 

This year was all about enhancing customer experiences, and our web and mobile app improvements say it all. Our 50+ product enhancements helped our customers work more productively and supported in achieving their business goals.

Web and Mobile app enhancements Salesmate Year in Review 2021

1. Inline edit option on the list view 

List management has become much easier with the new edit option. Now you can edit fields of all modules, right from the list view.

2. Native activity reminders 

You can always stay updated and get notified of your scheduled activities with Salesmate’s native activity reminder. There’s no way you’ll miss an important activity!

3. Improvised Text Inbox 

The improved Text Inbox shows the better categorization of your text messages.

4. Identify lead sources with UTMs 

Find out where your leads are coming from, and segment them using customizable UTM parameters in Web Forms.   

5. Enroll contacts to Sequence using Workflow 

Utilize Workflows inside Salesmate to automatically enroll contacts into Sequences. 

6. Bulk operations for speed in mobile apps 

Take bulk actions like sending emails, texts, or enrolling your contacts to lists for automation right from your mobile app. 

7. Create deals or activities from Messenger or Text screens 

Easily create new activities or deals while you’re talking to your prospects. You can create deals from both Messenger and Text screens. 

Read about all 50+ product updates

Useful Integrations 

We came up with 5 crucial integrations this year, so you can connect your favorite tools and work flawlessly. 

Integrations Salesmate 2021

1. DocuSign and PandaDoc 

Avoid the hassle of manually sending documents to your clients. Salesmate integrates with DocuSign and PandaDoc, so you can exchange e-signed documents in a snap! 

2. Zoom, Microsoft Teams, and Google Meet 

Creating virtual meetings is much easier now! Salesmate can integrate with your favorite video conferencing tools and empower you to sell virtually.  

3. Zapier 2.0

The new Zaps provide better support for new users, notes, and many more triggers. Now you can take actions for new users and notes seamlessly and search for records effortlessly.

Find all game-changing Integrations

Words from our customers we love ❤️

Over the years, Salesmate has carved a special place in the CRM space. Businesses of all sizes have shown love to us, and here are a few words that make us proud 😊 

Salesmate Testimonials Year in Review 2021

Want your share your success story in front of 50k+ viewers? We would love to chat with you.

Recognition from the top software evaluators 

Along with customer praise, the best software review platforms chose Salesmate for highly competitive categories. In 2021, Salesmate earned 20+ awards and recognitions. Take a quick glimpse: 

Salesmate Awards and Recognition 2021

Customer support at its finest! 

When we say that we look into every customer’s feedback, we mean it! These numbers speak for themselves when it comes to customer support. 

Customer Service in 2021

What’s coming up in 2022? 

 The Salesmate team strives to provide exceptional experiences, so we’ll be coming up with many updates and improvements, along with the launch of the new features. 

Here’s what you should expect from Salesmate in the next year.

Chat Journeys 

Taking our live chat messenger to the next level, Salesmate will be introducing chat journeys. These enhancements will allow you to automate your initial engagement and qualify leads using basic chatbots. 

Formula Fields 

Formula fields will automate the calculations with pre-defined formulas in different fields. These mathematical expressions will automatically process the equations to deliver instant results.  

Custom Modules 

Our existing modules (Contacts, Companies, Activities, and Deals) can work perfectly fine for most business models. Soon, you’ll be able to add custom modules as per your requirements and customize Salesmate your way. 

Text Pilot 

Text Pilot feature will automatically pick the most suitable option from your virtual numbers and send texts based on your contact’s location. This will help your business appear more local for your customers. 

Email Template Builder 

The new drag-and-drop builder will enable you to create visually appealing newsletters and emails for various campaigns.  

Your Wishlist 

Have a feature in mind that you’d like us to include? Or want us to improve an existing feature?  

Please share your thoughts with us, and we promise to make Salesmate a better product in the coming years 😊 

Dhara Thakkar

Dhara Thakkar is a seasoned marketer at Salesmate. She thrives on trying new organic strategies to improve traffic & conversions, and has in-depth knowledge on how search works. When she's not working, you will find her travelling or binge watching F.R.I.E.N.D.S

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