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Best functionalities never go unnoticed – Salesmate receives 15 awards

Success in business begins by putting customers first, and doing that has brought us so far. From the very start, Salesmate has focused on providing an excellent user experience with utmost customer satisfaction.

GetApp and SoftwareAdvice have acknowledged our commitment to our valuable clients. The recognition received from these prestigious peer review platforms proves that we are on the right path. It’s the testimony of our unwavering determination towards fulfilling our customer’s expectations. 

Read on to find out the categories that Salesmate got awarded.

Awards from GetApp:

  • Category leaders 2020
  • Best functionality and features 2020

Awards from SoftwareAdvice:

  • Frontrunners 2020
  • Most recommended 2020
  • Best customer support 2020

Here is a brief look at what each of these awards means and how Salesmate aced it.


GetApp has recognized Salesmate’s several years of experience supporting the customer’s business journey with advanced functionalities and uncompromising services excellence.

Category leaders 2020 

Salesmate has earned itself a leading spot by proving itself more valuable in terms of reliability, innovation, and high-end service. GetApp has given Salesmate a leading position in its category leaders 2020 list from multiple categories.

According to GetApp, “Category Leaders rankings highlight top-ranked North American software products based on ratings from end-users in five key areas: ease of use, value for money, functionality, customer support, and likelihood to recommend.”

CRM- Being a widely used software, CRM is the most competitive category on GetApp, where 300 + CRM products are listed. Salesmate has been ranked at 5th position on this list. 

Sales Force Automation – Salesmate is renowned for its amazing sales automation features, due to which it received a 5ht position with a 92 score.

Lead Management- Salesmate makes managing leads easier, which is why it has been ranked in the 5th position with a 90 score.

Contact Management- Salesmate helps manage contacts and prioritize conversation, which is why it has topped this segment with a 94 score.

Salesmate received outstanding scores across the board

Best Functionality and Features 2020

Salesmate is a feature-rich system.  Various features like sales automation, lead management, contact management, etc. have captured the attention of our valuable clients. Salesmate has distinguished itself in a rapidly growing market and got amazing scores in GetApp’s various segments due to the wide array of features.

The customer review reiterates the above fact:


By being honored with multiple awards from SoftwareAdvice, Salesmate has proven its technology expertise, in-depth domain knowledge, and the ability to deliver utmost customer satisfaction. 

SoftwareAdvice Frontrunners 2020

Salesmate has been experiencing exponential growth with more and more businesses trusting it to improve its sales and grow relationships. Due to some of its exceptional features like Sequences, Power-dialer, and powerful sales automation it has become a preferred choice in the CRM market. Even this year, it has been able to get the Frontrunners badge for CRM and multiple other categories.

According to SoftwareAdvice, “The FrontRunners methodology uses recent, published user reviews to score products on two primary dimensions: Usability and Customer Satisfaction.

Sales Force Automation – Salesmate helps save time and increase productivity by automating most of the time-consuming tasks, which is why teams of all sizes prefer it. 

Real Estate CRM – Real-estate being a fluctuating market, needs a tool that helps the realtors succeed. Being a feature-rich system, Salesmate earned a position in this list because its advanced functionalities help agents stay on top of their real-estate opportunities. 

Lead Management–  It helps sales teams capture, nurture, and close leads quickly, which is why it is ahead of many other CRM software.

CRM – Since 2018, Salesmate is recognized as a leader in this category due to constant effort; again, it has managed to be on top for the frontrunners badge. 

SoftwareAdvice Most Recommended, 2020

SoftwareAdvice is renowned for providing top software options. SoftwareAdvice has made Salesmate a part of the Most Recommended software 2020 list due to the several positive reviews it has received from its users.

Salesmate has received recognition in the following categories.

  • Customer Engagement Platform
  • CRM 
  • Mac CRM Softwar

SoftwareAdvice Best Customer Support 2020:

Being a customer-centric platform backed with a proficient customer success team, SoftwareAdvice also considered Salesmate worthy of the Best Customer Support 2020 badge for multiple categories.

  • Customer Engagement Platform
  • CRM
  • Mac CRM Software

One more customer review to prove our point:

These awards and badges motivate us to work harder. We are continuously working to make Salesmate a CRM that would help businesses grow and tread on the route of success.

About Salesmate

Salesmate CRM is an all-in-one sales solution that businesses of different sizes trust to improve their revenue and strengthen customer relationships. It is a feature-rich platform that helps sales teams in managing, nurturing, and closing deals faster. Its advanced features like sales automation, sequences, and pipeline management help in saving time at different stages of the sales process. Besides its reporting capabilities helps in amassing vital insights to improve sales performance. Salesmate is an ideal solution for businesses that wish to grow. 


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