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Another victory streak for Salesmate!

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The sign of success is not in profits but the quality of service you provide to the customers. Taking note of that, Salesmate is very proud to announce that we are listed in the top 10 for GetApp’s category leaders in sales force automation. Yes, we did it again, and that too with flying colors!  

These awards are the legitimate proof of our business excellence, service quality, and customer satisfaction that has made us earn a respectable position in top leaders by a renowned platform like GetApp.

What is the significance of this award?  

GetApp is one of the top online resources that is a go-to guide for SaaS companies or any business that runs digitally. It is an online platform that provides its expert opinions and feedback based on industry experts and the customers’ reviews. Any software or digital product that comes in handy for running a business, you can find its rating and review over GetApp.  

GetApp is the by-product of Gartner, one of the most reliable information source platforms. Therefore, anything published and listed on GetApp comes with authority. So, getting listed in the top 10 leaders in sales force automation is definitely a sign of hard work, genuine service, accountability, and acknowledgment for the same at a mass level.  

On receiving the award, our Co-founder and CEO Mr. Jayesh Mori shared his joy by saying- 

Indeed, this is one of the valued feathers added to Salesmate’s hat.

What are the criteria for scoring on GetApp?  

Salesmate has got a respectable score of 92/100 that is based on the five different criteria. Each criterion has a maximum score of 20. The total of every criterion is added to give the total score. 

According to GetApp, “Category Leaders rankings highlight top-ranked North American software products based on ratings from end-users in five key areas: ease of use, value for money, functionality, customer support, and likelihood to recommend.”

Ease of use  

Salesmate has a very simple yet smart layout where users can find different features from the main menu. Also, on selecting the features, they are provided the descriptions of the feature functionality that makes it easy for the user to operate.  

Value for money  

Today multiple CRM software is out in the market but Salesmate is one of the few that provide head-to-toe marketing and sales solutions. Unlike in other software where you have to pay an extra amount for every add-on feature of a third party or upgrade, you get all the features under Salesmate only. Thus, making Salesmate a very budget-friendly choice.  

Likelihood to recommend  

Well, for this we have nothing much to say apart from saying thanks to all our customers and GetApp who found value in our product. We are a scalable CRM software solution that users can customize as per their needs.

Therefore every business type can relate to it and make the most out of our software. So it is safe to say that our software could be used by anyone at any time.

Customer support   

Salesmate is round the clock to help you if you get stuck in the middle of a problem while operating the CRM software. We do not have the policy to entertain our customers only. We support every person or business who comes with a query and try to provide them a feasible solution even if they are not at Salesmate for purchase.


Whatever you look in the CRM, you can get it all at Salesmate. Be it related to marketing, sales, or support. You can manage all activities with one software at a single time. So, it is an ultimate must-have tool for all business owners who want to run their business effectively and efficiently.


Profits may decrease or increase but your reputation and recognition stay with you. Salesmate could not be more proud than this where on one hand it is blooming with good turnovers and on the other side getting appreciated by GetApp like prestigious platforms for its service.  

We promise to keep our service standards high and share the joy of such recognitions with you in the future too. 


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