Slack is a real time messaging app which helps you to connect with your team and make inter communication faster. It helps sales teams collaborate instantly.

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With the power of Slack instant messaging and Salesmate CRM integration, your team will stay connected and updated with each activity being performed around tasks assigned to them or of which they are a part of. Keep everyone in the loop and you will have a more efficient sales team.

Not just instant messaging, Slack empowers Salesmate CRM to be a live notification channel for lead updates as well the power of Slack commands make it work as a quick search tool to search CRM data from within Slack. Remember a bit about your contact, related company, activity or deal Salesmate allows your search for it and its relevant details.

Also, Salesmate Slack commands let you work from inside Slack.

Give Slack CRM integration with Salesmate a try today. Here’s how you can activate your Slack App.

Salesmate CRM integration with Slack
Salesmate integration
Slack CRM Integration

Frequently Asked Questions

Got questions? Find answers!

What is a Slack CRM?

A Slack CRM is a customer relationship management tool that allows businesses to manage their customer interactions and data in one place. It provides a centralized hub for customer information, communication, and collaboration.

Slack CRMs can be used to track customer contact information, interactions, and communications. They can also be used to create and manage customer relationships.

What CRM works with Slack?

There are a number of CRMs that work with Slack, including: Salesmate, HubSpot, Salesforce, and SugarCRM. Each CRM has its own unique features and integrations. However, all of them offer a way to manage customer relationships and data within Slack.

How CRM Slack integration works?

Slack integrations with CRMs work by allowing businesses to connect their customer data and interactions from the CRM into Slack.

This gives businesses a central place to view and manage all of their customer information. It also allows businesses to collaborate with their team on customer issues and projects.

Why use a Slack CRM?

There are a number of reasons why businesses might want to use a Slack CRM:

  • It can help businesses manage their customer data and interactions in one place. This can save time and improve efficiency.
  • A Slack CRMs can be used to create and manage customer relationships. This can help businesses build stronger relationships with their customers.
  • A CRM for Slack can be used to collaborate with teams on customer projects and issues. This can improve communication and collaboration within businesses.
How to choose a Slack CRM?

Businesses should consider a number of factors when choosing a Slack CRM:

  • They should consider the type of data and interactions they want to manage in Slack.
  • They should consider the features and integrations offered by each CRM.
  • They should consider the price and subscription model of each CRM.

Salesmate is one of the best CRM for Slack because it offers a number of features and integrations that businesses can use to manage their customer data and interactions. Salesmate also has a free trial period so businesses can try it out before they subscribe.

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