Chrome Extension for Gmail

As a salesperson, you spend lots of time daily, interacting with your contacts using emails.  And if you are a Gmail fan, then there is good news for you. Salesmate has built a Chrome plugin for Gmail, which will be helpful in multiple ways.

Relationship Intelligence

Salesmate quickly finds out contacts involved inside an email and provides detailed information about them from current deals to scheduled activities.  In case, if the contact doesn’t exist inside your system then Salesmate will scrape the name and email address from the email and will let you add it quickly.

Engagement Intelligence

Salesmate provides you email templates so that you can save your time when sending repetitive messages and identify which email works the best by checking their open, click and response rate. You can also verify if particular’s email content has engaged client or not by its view and click tracking logs.

Automation Intelligence

We are pretty sure; you will agree with the point that email timing matters when you are chasing a deal.  Salesmate lets you schedule emails, so your email gets delivered to client’s inbox at a particular time of the day, without you being available on that time and also makes it easy to work from completely different time zones.

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