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Seamless Call Tracking, Now Available

Seamless call logging now available for iOS and Android apps

2 Min read

Logging and tracking all your outgoing calls is now easier with Salesmate’s iOS and Android app.

This feature update allows:

  • Logging all your outgoing calls
  • Link those calls to the respective deals and contacts
  • Schedule a new follow-up with single click

What else to know?

  • The calls must be made from the Salesmate mobile app
  • This feature will only work for your outgoing calls
  • You will be able to link these calls to the respective call-type activities done or scheduled for contacts, deals, and companies.

How does it work?

Log Outgoing Calls to Respective Activities


A better part of any sales representative’s working hour includes scheduling meeting and calls with clients and prospects. They schedule call-type activities for different contacts for various deals that involve different companies.

So, we can say that making calls to these prospects and clients is a daily routine and this makes logging and tracking them a bit difficult in the long run.

The next time you have a word with a client or prospect, who already is in your ’’scheduled call list,’’ Salesmate app will suggest whether you want to link the call to the scheduled call-type activity and mark it ’’done’’ or log it as a new activity.

This update helps avoid double entry into the system regarding the outgoing calls, hence streamlining your sales call logs. Moreover, Salesmate app also gives you the option of scheduling another follow-up call for the same contact from the same screen, saving your precious time and keeping you productive.

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