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✌️New Features for the month of June

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Better visibility for deal cards and control conversations effectively. 

Customize your Deal Cards 

You can now choose the fields which should appear on your deal cards in your selected pipeline. With this, you can view all important data without moving through multiple screens. Not only this, you can have separate fields to appear on your deal cards for each pipeline (E.g., Your Retail pipeline and wholesale pipeline can have different fields.) 

You have the option to choose deals, contact and company’s default, custom fields over the deal card. At a time, you can add 10 fields to a deal card. Learn more about customizing deal cards.  Learn more

Snooze a chat conversation

With our new Snooze feature, you can hold a conversation and remind yourself to follow up with them later. Snoozing a conversation with the selected time will hide it from your open conversation list. At the end of the snooze period (or if someone replies), the conversation will reopen, reminding you to follow up. Learn More 

View recent conversations 

We are introducing a new widget inside contact detail, which helps you view all recently performed conversations. Now you can quickly go through recent sales or support-related queries they discuss with your team. Learn more

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