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Salesmate CRM and ActiveCampaign integration lets you add marketing automation to your sales process.

* Free / Paid


Now, stay connected with your prospects and create more connections with powerful marketing automation tool โ€“ย ActiveCampaign. Using ActiveCampaign, you can create highly dynamic and engaging emails for your contacts to get a better response. ActiveCampaign is a great product to help automate your marketing efforts.

This integration allows you to automatically import your Salesmate CRM contact information into ActiveCampaign as contacts. A new record will be created in ActiveCampaign each time you create a new contact in Salesmate. Now, you can create and manage newsletters from customizable templates and use reporting and analytics tools to follow up on incoming leads.

  • Eliminating time-consuming tasks like import/export.
  • Take new leads from nurture to conversion.
  • Organize and plan your newsletters on the go.
  • No credit card required
  • Cancel anytime.