Harvest time tracking & invoicing application is loved by thousands of businesses around the world. They make it very easy to track time projects and easily invoice clients so you can start getting paid. Connecting Salesmate CRM and Harvest is a no-brainer. You can connect all your contacts from Salesmate to Harvest so you can bill your clients for all of your deals that you close.

Here is why you need to start using Salesmate CRM and Harvest

  • Sync your contacts from Salesmate to Harvest to start invoicing your clients
  • You can time track how much time you are spending on each deal
  • After the deal closes, start tracking time on the actual project
  • Affordable solution for invoicing and time tracking

Harvest and Salesmate is perfect for development and creative agencies that are looking to streamline the process of closing new deals, and starting the actual project!

Here is some documentation for connections which can be connected through PieSync, Zapier through our support docs.

If you are not a member of Salesmate you can enjoy a 15-day free trial by signing up today.