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Livestorm is a powerful webinar software for your product demos. Not all webinar screens sharing software are made equal.Ā 


Livestorm provides you with a solid solution that once you set it up, you will be able to take your product demos to the next level. As a SaaS company ourselves, we see the power of hosting webinars through Livestorm because it is easy to setup, you can easily captureĀ users emails, promote user engagement, and follow-up with viewers until conversion.

Now every attendeeĀ that visits your webinar, you can push their contact details to Salesmate CRM so you can take your lead nurturing to the next level.

  • LivestormĀ provides you landing pages to capture webinar attendees
  • Use Salemate to bulk email prospects to join your webinar
  • Livestorm provides easy chat & QA features for great webinar engagement
  • Landing pages to capture new attendees for your product demo/webinars
  • Sync all attendees intoĀ Salesmate CRMĀ for further lead nurturing

You can build a solid process for your company to grow by using Livestorm as your webinar software and Salesmate to take those hot leads and turn them into sales for your business.

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