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Explore the power of Geolocation with Salesmate mobile app

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When it comes to asking for directions, most people today depend on Google Map in their smartphones. And why not, this powerful tool is the best app out there, guiding the world to their destination.

Salesmate CRM’s Mobile App integration with Google Maps

The integration of Google Maps with Salesmate mobile CRM app works with Apple Maps also and helps your sales reps be more focused and productive while on the field. People who are from the sales and marketing background will understand the fact that not all scheduled meetings go as they are planned. Delays, reschedules or cancellations occur for numerous reasons.

With this Google Map integration:

  • You can locate your nearby contacts on the map
  • Filter and search contacts up to 100 mile radius

Salesmate Geolocation Update

To help you make the most out of your field visit, we bring you the latest update for Salesmate CRM mobile apps wherein using the Lat-Long functionality of Google Maps you can fetch the contact information of your prospects and clients within 15-mile to the maximum of 100-mile radius of your current location.

Search Location in Mobile CRM

To make better use of this update you can save the contact or company with:

  • Address Line 1, 2
  • City
  • State
  • Country
  • Zip

Once you do so, Google Maps Lat-Long function will save that location.

Apart from that, this new map update lets you see other crucial details of your saved contacts such as:

  • Contact/Company Name
  • Profile Pic
  • Associate Deal and Value

Scroll and Search – That easy!

Search in this area

The new update brings you the option ’’Search in this area’’. Previously, customers were only able to look up the contacts within the 5-mile radius of their current location. To resolve this shortcoming, while scrolling the map, user can go to any location and touch the ’’Search in this area’’ option at the top of the screen. The map will automatically fetch the contact and company information of that particular area.

With this update the users can:

  • Fetch contact and company details up to a 100-mile radius
  • Scroll the map and search for contact and company information
  • Filter the search with custom criteria
  • Touch and hold in the middle of the screen for searching contacts and companies in the custom radius set by user
  • Also just like Google Place search, the option of ’’Search Bar’’ is now available with Salesmate App making it easy for searching particular areas,
  • Get the aerial distance between the searched and current location

This update intends to increase your productive hours spent in the field visits and manage your time in an efficient manner.


You have scheduled a meeting with a customer to discuss about the performance of your product and need to visit him personally for evaluating the same. Once you are at the location you are informed that the meeting needs to be rescheduled as the client is out for another important meeting. You open the Salesmate CRM app and with the help of this geo-location feature update, search for other clients who are located within the 15-mile radius of your current location and schedule meetings based on their availability. You can also customize you search and look for contacts who are within the 100-mile radius of your current location.

A writer with an uncommon funny bone and a knack for perfection, Saptarshi loves to write about anything that can be of help to businesses, people, and dogs! A true human at heart, he likes to spend most of his time researching the internet to find ways technology is influencing our daily life (positively).

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