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You can set up a sequence of emails to your prospects which can turn into new business. We all know that a sale does not have from the first outreach, it takes a series of strategic outreaches to make this happen. This is where Woodpecker is a very powerful and affordable solution for your business. Stop manually sending emails to prospects, automate the process so you can focus on the leads that have already raised interest.

Here are some great reasons to use Woodpecker

  • Set your automated sales emails one time, and let Woodpecker do the rest
  • Personalize all your emails for higher conversion
  • Easily see stats on how your campaigns are performing so you can optimize your sales email sequence
  • Affordable solution to send automated emails to gain new business
  • Sync with all major email service providers

Easly migrate all your contacts from Salesmate into Woodpecker using Zapier or PieSync. Let Woodpecker do the hard work of outreaching to your new potential clients. Once they show interest, this is where you can use Salesmate to move your lead through the sales cycle!

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