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Sales emails: Absolutely everything you need to know!

Today, clients are more informed about the products and services of their interest. They have more sources of information available than ever in the past, and they consume more content than ever before.

One of the most efficient ways of communicating with one another in the time of the internet is email. Roughly 306.4 billion emails were sent and received each day in 2020.

That’s a lot of emails, for sure!

The drastic shift in consumer behavior is the reason behind such huge email exchanges throughout the world. Emails being one of the fastest ways of communicating, that is being used more than any other medium in the corporate world, hence, acknowledging the above-mentioned number.

Since we all receive hundreds of emails every day, we also know that most of them end up in our SPAM folder. And none of us wants our email to go unseen.

But how do you make sure that your email is being opened and read? Not only that, but how do you even make your email worth reading in the first place?

The average email open rate as of 2021 is 18.0%, and this percentage is every sales rep’s enemy.

Putting yourself in the position of your client, you as a sales rep can realize how much time crunch they must be facing every day, and if your email can’t help them, then it’s almost useless to them.

Emails are a very essential part of the sales process, and they should never be taken for granted. So, to help you leverage this powerful channel, we have come up with a proper lesson on sales emails that covers every aspect of the channel and also helps you to help your clients in the best way possible.

This bundle is the only blog you’ll ever need to learn about sales emails, and even master them!

11 lessons on leveraging sales emails to grow your business

What is the role of emails in the sales process?

Diving into the first lesson on sales emails, it is necessary to understand what role it plays in the sales processes.

Everyone’s inbox is always flooded with emails, then why do companies even think of sending more of them every day? Well, sales emails help every business tremendously to drive more sales, since emails are majorly used tools for communication in the corporate world. We receive hundreds of emails every day but open only a few.

This blog contains an interesting case study about how a brand increased its email open rate to 15-20% within a timeframe of just six weeks! Well, this is a very interesting case to read because it has all the motivation you need to start planning your next email campaign and win!

Along with the case study, you’ll also learn how efficient are your current sales practices.

After completing this introductory lesson will then take you to the next stage, I.e., the components of sales emails.

Learn more about The role of sales emails in the sales processes.

Components of best sales emails

Every email can be divided into five essential components that come together to form the perfect sales email. We have written a comprehensive guide on these components so that you can learn how to craft each one of the sales emails that you plan to send out in your next campaign.

The components of sales emails are:

Subject line

We suggest you read the next mentioned facts seriously. Subject lines are what grab your reader’s attention.

The way you decide if you want to read an article you found online is based on how much its headline attracts you. Similarly, your prospects/ clients will decide to open your emails based on the subject line that you write.

Learning how to write the catchy subject lines that gets your emails opened, is something you’ll do once you read our blog. So go ahead, and dive into the world of email subject lines!

Sales Email Guide - Subject Line

Opening line

Once you grab your prospect’s attention, the next step you need to make is to keep the prospect interested in your email.

Like a movie’s ground-breaking trailer makes you go into the theatre to watch it (although it’s all in the past, the pre-covid era), but the opening scene keeps you hooked, the same way email opening lines also keep your prospect on the email and push them to read further.

So, learning about writing good opening lines is another essential trick that our blog includes, and we know you are going to dig into it right away!

Sales Email Guide - Opening Line

Email body and pitch

Coming on to your sales pitch, it’s important to note that the email body is where you tell the prospect what you have to offer and how it can benefit them.

Crafting an email body and pitch is a task for many, but not for you since you have come to the right place to learn all about it.

We need not say more, the blog will talk on its own!

Sales Email Guide - Body and Pitch

Closing statement and CTA

Once your prospect knows what you are offering to them, the next step is to inform them what you want them to do.

A closing statement sets the tone for your upcoming relationship with your prospect, hence, it’s an important component to think about. Also, the Call-to-Action will tell them how to do what you want them to do!

Sales Email Guide - Closing Statement and CTA


Okay now here comes the final part of the emails, I.e., signature. Now you must be thinking that this is the easiest part of all, right?

But let us tell you, it’s the last but not the least. Signatures have a power that not many recognize. You can show the value of your business through a well-crafted signature. Writing those old, boring signatures that include your name, designation, and contact details are not going to do you any good.

Sales Email Guide - Signature

However, including videos, or links to your publishing, can surely help you set a rapport with your prospects. It helps them know who they are dealing with, and why they should take you seriously out of all those other emails that they receive.

Nothing more left to say- head into this blog to know more about these five components and learn how you can write the best sales emails for your next sales email campaign.

Read the entire comprehensive guide on the Components of Sales Emails.

Types of sales emails

The third lesson teaches you the types of sales emails that you can write for different purposes. Be it for a newly found prospect (cold email) or a follow-up email to remind your clients about your services, there’s an email type for every occasion!

Here are the types of sales emails that’ll help you at every step of your prospecting or lead nurturing:

Cold outreach emails

Cold emailing sometimes seems almost a useless task, however, it can yield amazing results when done correctly- just like cold calls. You can engage better with your customers by crafting a captivating cold outreach email.

In this article, we talk about what cold outreach emails are and the steps for writing a perfect cold outreach email with templates for your reference.

Here’s an example of a cold outreach email for you:

Read ahead on the Cold outreach emails.

Cold Outreach Emails Example

Prospecting emails

Who wants their prospecting emails to look like spam or promotional emails? Not you, for sure!

Then why not learn how to write a prospecting email that actually gets your prospect’s attention and helps you establish a rapport with them?

In this blog, we have covered important points on what makes a prospecting email successful and how you can write one for your business!

Let’s peek into what a prospecting email looks like:

Learn more about Prospecting emails.

Prospecting Emails Example

Pitch emails

Sales pitches are where you build a foundation of your relationship with a prospect. You can reach a prospect in many ways but then all of it comes down to one step- pitching. And your sales pitch, whether you believe it or not, makes all the difference.

Refer to this blog and get insights on how you can write a compelling sales pitch email to convert more leads. Also, for your reference,

Here is what a sales pitch email looks like:


Read more about Pitch emails.

Introduction emails

Introducing yourself to a prospect is an essential step toward converting them into clients. And what better way to do that than an email?

Write compelling introductory emails to make a good first impression on your prospects. Make them want to know more about you and hear further from your side with great emails. After all, emails do have immense power to make your prospects notice you.

Read our blog to know the types of introductory emails and tips on how to write the perfect email.

Also, get captivating templates, just like this one:

Learn more about Introduction emails.

Introduction Email Example

Appointment request emails

As a sales rep, we are sure you must have faced trouble getting a meeting appointment with your prospects. And we all know how annoying that situation can be.

But worry not. Our hard-working sales reps! Here we come with a blog that’ll help you write appointment emails that will get your meeting scheduled guaranteed!

Learn about the pre-requisites to shoot emails, and learn key elements of an appointment email. Also, get five templates for different occasions and win over in your meeting!

Here’s an example of a good appointment request email:

Read more about Appointment request emails.

Appointment Request Emails

Follow up emails

Following up after a meeting is such an important activity and every sales rep knows the importance of it. Writing follow-up emails can sometimes be tricky, but we have a solution for you that will help you write the best follow-up emails there are!

Learn how you can make your email content interesting; your timing is right, and how frequently you send an email.

At the right time, and with the right content, you can always stay on your prospect’s mind without annoying them, also keeping them interested in your product/service.

Learn to write follow-up emails here, just like this humorous one: Learn more about Follow-up emails.

Follow-up Email Example

Reminder emails

Humans are forgetful creatures, and it is only duty of another human to remind each other of the task we are supposed to complete. As a sales rep, you surely don’t want your prospects forget about you, your product or your deal, and so sending ‘gentle reminders’ is important.

Learn how every element of an email can be crafted to send the right message for a reminder email here.

Look at the example below to know what you are in for:

Read more about Reminder emails.

Reminder Email Example

Thank you emails

It’s important to appreciate your prospects, and sending thank you email is the perfect way of doing so. But writing appreciative emails is another big task in front of the sales rep.

You can learn the importance of thank you emails with this blog and how you can write one perfectly, so that your prospects always feel special and stay with you for long.

Here’s an example of what a thank you email looks like:


Read ahead on Thank you emails.

Post-transaction emails

The post-transaction emails are what you send once the deal is closed, for example, the order confirmation, verification, password reset, invoice, shipping or delivery confirmation, trial expiration, or order cancellation.

With this blog, you can learn the benefits of post-transaction emails, know their elements, and the right time to send them to your clients.

This is what a post transactional email looks like:

Learn more about Post-transaction emails.

Post Transaction Email Example

Check-in (long term follow up) emails

Don’t we all love when someone checks up on us every now and then? We feel blessed and important, and that feeling is special!

Making your clients feel the same way can help you a lot with your sales. All you need to do is to learn important trick to craft a nice check-in email, and send it with a purpose.

Learn the importance of check-in emails, whom to send it to, when to send it and the must-knows for a check-in email with this elaborate blog.

For your reference, here’s what a check-in email looks like:

Know more about Check-in emails.

Check in Email Example

Breakup emails

Breakups hurt, don’t they? Almost every sales rep faces a breakup in deals every now and then. But it’s not like you can’t do anything about it!

Do you have a prospect that’s gone cold? Well, here’s your chance to write a breakup email that will close the contact once and for all, or if you’re lucky, get a revert.

Learn to write a breakup email with this detailed blog and get that long-due closure from your prospect.

This is what a breakup email looks like:

Read more about Break up emails.

Break Up Email Example

Upselling, cross-selling, abandoned cart emails

Upselling is easy when you have established good terms with your clients, and all the above-mentioned emails will help you do that. So, when it comes to upselling, cross-selling, and abandoned cart emails, you wouldn’t be facing much trouble to write one and get those clients on board again.

Here’s an example of what an abandoned cart email looks like:

Upselling or Crossselling Email Example

So, what are you waiting for? Read more about the types of sales emails and leverage the best tool the internet has given us!

Read the complete guide on: The Types of sales emails.

10 expert tips to write great sales emails

Want to learn how to write great sales emails that sell? Let’s ask the experts what they suggest for writing the perfect sales emails.

This blog includes great tried-and-tested tips from the experts on writing sales emails that are not only opened and read but also establish a long-lasting relationship.

Know about the essentials to consider while writing a sales email, and find out some effective tips to make your emails stand out in your prospect’s inbox.

Also, find some useful email templates that will ease your email writing process and also gain you the profit you want!

Here are the 10 expert tips to write great sales emails.

What is the best day and time to send a sales email?

Ever wondered why the emails you send at a particular time get the most responses? Or, let’s look at it the other way round- ever noticed that your inbox gets flooded with emails at a particular time of the day (or night)?

This blog tells you the reason why, and how you can make the best out of this wisdom of knowing the right time and day to send your sales emails.

Learn which day works best for your prospects, and when you can send emails to gain more traction. Should you be sending out event emails, or wish your prospects on certain festivals? Know how to leverage them all in this article.

Know What is the best day and time to send a sales email.

How to write emails for each stage of the sales process?

Every sales rep is aware of the different stages of a sales process. But did you know you can design your emails according to each of these stages to crack more deals and also help your clients with every query that they come up with?

Read here to know how you can create emails for each stage of sales process, so that you can make the most out of this wonderful tool and

Learn more about How to write emails for each stage of sales process.

How to get quick responses to your sales emails?

Getting a response to your emails is the most tedious work any sales rep ever has to do. But there’s a solution to every problem you face.

We have a blog that helps you get quick responses from your clients, and also another blog that tells you how to increase your email open rates by making them irresistible!

Know more about How to get quick responses to your sales emails, and how to increase your email open rates.

How to create cold sales emails?

A cold email is what you send to a potential buyer who you have no prior relationship with. Sales reps search for these prospects online or through various other mediums, by researching them and understanding how they can be helped.

In the sea of sales emails, how do you make yours different enough to get opened? Here is the best lesson on cold sales emails that can get your potential buyers into your sales funnel and help you convert them into loyal clients.

Read ahead to know How to create cold sales emails.

How to track your sales emails?

Sending sales emails is just a step in the entire process. However, knowing how your emails are performing is even more essential.

Here’s our guide on how to track your sales emails and comprehend the success of every email campaign that you run.

Learn more about How to track your sales emails.

How to automate your sales emails?

An email sequence is a series of emails automatically sent to specific contacts on your list. These sequences are generally trigger-based, and you can decide which action triggers an email.

This automation process can ease your sales emails manyfold, enabling you to concentrate more on relationship building, while the automation takes care of your entire sales email campaign. Here’s our ultimate guide on email sequences.

Know more about How to automate your sales emails.

Tools that can help you make your emails better

Tools are, by definition, an extension of your hands that enable you to do tasks that you cannot do otherwise.

Every process requires proper tools for easy execution, and sales emails are no different. Hence, we came up with some of the best sales email tools that every sales rep should use. Read more about them here and find the tool that works best for you.

Read ahead to know the Tools that can help you make your emails better.


Sales and marketing are more complex today than they were earlier. With the age of the internet unfolding itself day by day, we tend to understand the importance of internet tools more and more every passing day.

We cannot say this enough- sales emails are an important source of communication, and they MUST be leveraged at all costs. Every business needs a medium that reaches the masses in the least time possible, and emails have proved themselves to be just that.

Us coming up with this sales email bundle shows the importance of sales emails even further, and we hope this lesson helps you take advantage of this amazing tool!

You can now write emails without worrying about ending up in spam, and even come up with interesting strategies of your own to make the most out of sales emails.

Kashyap Trivedi

Kashyap Trivedi is working with an awesome marketing team at Salesmate CRM. He is deeply interested in learning digital marketing trends and try them out! When he’s not working, you’ll find him reading a good book or meditating.

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