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How to write a gentle reminder email that gets noticed

How to write a gentle reminder email that gets noticed

6 Min read

An average office worker receives around 121 emails per day

You aren’t alone in the race. Your competitors are even trying to capture the attention of your prospects. 

Your prospect receives multiple emails in a day. So there are chances that your email might get buried in their inbox. Besides, nobody has time in this business world. So they ought to miss out on many emails in their inbox. 

Well, if you want to quench your thirst, you’ll have to go to the pot. It’s you who want to sell to the prospect. The prospects have many options available, so they have the upper hand. If you want the prospect to purchase your solution, you’ll have to give them a little more attention. 

Just sending one email and giving up because the prospect didn’t reply won’t work in sales. You’ll just end up losing a deal. Send a gentle reminder email to your prospect instead of abandoning a deal. 

Our greatest weakness lies in giving up. The most certain way to succeed is always to try just one more time. – Thomas Edison

Tips to write a gentle reminder email

Humans tend to forget, and your potential prospects are no exception. So if they’ve forgotten your email, send a gentle reminder. However, ensure your tone is right. You shouldn’t annoy the prospect. 

Once you send the reminder email, track it, and see if they opened or ignored your emails. 

So, how do we write a reminder email that shall grab the prospect’s attention? 

Let’s look at a fictional scenario:

You had a discovery call with the prospect to understand their needs. After understanding the basic requirements, you requested the prospect to meet you for a product demo. The prospect agrees to meet next week on Tuesday at Lousiville Marriott for the product demo meeting. So you told you’ll be sending a meeting confirmation and requested him to acknowledge it. He agrees to it.

You waited for two days but didn’t receive a confirmation email. 

A confirmation email is very important because when the time of the appointment comes, and the prospect doesn’t turn up for the meeting, you’ll end up wasting time.

So, send a reminder for the appointment confirmation email.

Here is how you need to draft a reminder email. With reference to the above scenario, below is an example of drafting a reminder email for meeting confirmation.

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1. Have a clear subject line 

47% of email recipients open an email based on the subject line. Besides, 69% of email recipients report email as spam based solely on the subject line.

The above stats speak volumes about the importance of a subject line. Your click rate depends on the subject line. So, ensure you do not take it for granted. 

Your subject line- 

  • Should be short and clear
  • Must be simple and focused 
  • Shouldn’t have unnecessary words like Hello and Thank You 
  • Must reflect the content of the message

2. Salutation is vital 

Yes, you are sending a reminder email, but it doesn’t mean you get to the point directly. Most sales reps tend to skip the salutation in the second or third email.

Well, it is pivotal to be respectful and open the message right. 

Address the recipient you are sending the email with a salutation like 

“Dear Bronwyn”. 

If you have built a good rapport with the prospect you can even precede the name with a “Hi”.

Think about the person who is going to read the email before you write the salutation. Avoid salutations like “Hey” or “To whomsoever, it may concern”

3. Body (main message) 

Your main message in the reminder email should be straightforward and brief. Prospects don’t prefer reading long emails that consume more than a couple of minutes. So, be direct. However, ensure you maintain a humble tone while drafting the main message. 

4. Focus on the ending 

The closing of your email is important. There are chances that the prospect might be occupied on the day you’ve scheduled a meeting. Give them your phone number. Ask them if they want to change the date or time of the meeting. Tell them the meeting can be rescheduled at their convenience. 

5. Email Signature 

Email signatures are important, even while sending a gentle reminder email. So ensure you do not skip it. Create a professional email signature to make a good impression on the prospect. You can use an email signature generator to create an impactful email signature. 

  • Your email signature shouldn’t have more than three or four lines of text
  • Avoid adding an email address in your email signature 
  • Ignore long quote and phrases that do not add value to your email signature 

Wrapping up 

Do not get disappointed when you do not receive a response from your prospect. A gentle reminder email can help in getting a response from the prospect. So put in a little effort in drafting and sending a gentle reminder email when you do not receive a response for your initial email. 

You don’t necessarily need to stop after one reminder email. You can send two to three reminder emails to increases your chances of getting a response. 

For easing your work, you can automate your reminder emails. High-end CRM like Salesmate allows you to create a sequence of emails to send reminder emails to your prospect. You can add as many steps as required to this sequence. However, sending more than two or three reminder emails might annoy the prospect. So be careful while deciding the steps of the sequence.

Salesmate is one of the best CRM software that allows you to merge email and text in a single sequence. So you can even send reminders to your prospects through text messages. This increases the likelihood of your messages getting noticed.

The best thing about Salesmate CRM is that it allows you to track your emails. So you can look at the report and plan your next step smartly. You can save the email templates in this intuitive tool. Salesmate helps you in saving time and increasing email productivity.

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