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Write thank you emails that make an impact

Yes, a solid sales pitch is crucial when you want to close a deal. But, do you know what’s essential? A courteous thank you email. Yes, that’s what going to make an impact on your sales pitch and improve user engagement. 

Even then, thank you emails still remain underrated. 

Despite the new technology and means of communication, email continues to deliver strong ROI. Therefore, whenever you get a new subscriber or talk to a potential customer, it’s essential to finish the conversation with a thank you email.  

This habit will help you build strong relationships with each prospect and customer you engage with and, in return, will grow your revenue. 

Here’s why you should send a thank you email 

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A thank you email not only reflects your professionalism, but it also indicates that your prospect or client is important for you. Hence, you’re keeping the conversation going with thank you emails. 

So, let’s find out why you need to send a thank you email after your sales meeting. 

Strengthens relationships 

The most important reason behind sending a thank you email is to build a relationship with your prospects. Irrespective of how the sales call went, a well-crafted thank you email will certainly make an impact on your prospect. These type of personalized emails makes you stand out among the competitors hence getting you more customers. 

You can provide additional offers and value 

Once you finish the sales meeting, there are times when you miss out on a crucial part of the deal. And it’s not possible to go back and explain it to them. 

In such a scenario, you can add details of the additional value that you’re offering in the thank you email itself. So, when your prospect opens the email, they’ll be delighted to see that they’re getting something extra as well. 

It serves as a reminder 

A human mind can only remember so much. And when it comes to sales meetings, you want to close the deal as soon as possible! So, to avoid any delay or gap in between the sales process, the thank you email can prove beneficial and act as a reminder for your client.  

How to write a thank you email after sales meeting to close deals instantly 

Every form of email requires a distinctive format, and thank you email is no different. There are certain factors that you need to consider when crafting a thank you email. 

Personalize the email 

Nowadays, everyone sends emails with the personalized name of the recipient. However, if you really want to stand out, you need to personalize the email as per your meeting. 

For this, you can create different templates for different scenarios and utilize them to connect with the prospect in a better way. 

Begin with a polite thank you 

This goes without saying, however, we often miss out on the important point when writing an email – saying thank you. Yes, before you go on about the sales meeting and how your product can help the prospect, it’s crucial to convey the appreciation at the beginning of the email. 

Below are some examples of how you can start the email – 

  • Hello (First Name), thank you for meeting with me today. 
  • It was great to hear your opinion on (Current issue) and hope I was able to help you with it. 
  • Thank you for chatting with us, we hope you found the solution you were looking for. 
  • Hi (First name), thanks for taking the time out to have the meeting with me, I really appreciate it. 

Shed light on the highlights of the sales meeting 

When a prospect is looking for a particular product or service, they’ll approach many people before they make the decision. And this is the exact time to gain an edge over your competitors.  

You can mention the fact that how your prospect was delighted by the offer or any memorable conversation you had with them. These little things will help you secure a place in their mind. 

 Summarize your meeting 

Whether it’s an in-person sales meeting or a sales call, taking notes is always recommended to avoid any miscommunication. You need to have every detail of the sales meeting written down so later you can refer to it and understand the impact it had on the client. 

Moreover, you can also send a compiled doc of the MoM so you and your prospect are on the same page. 

Schedule the next call or meeting 

In order to stay in touch with your prospect, it’s imperative to get the meeting scheduled on their next availability. 

As the closing statement, you can offer them options for when you can conduct the meeting, so they’re inclined to revert. You can start with, “Does Tuesday or Wednesday afternoon of next week for you?” to stay connected with the prospect. 

Impactful thank you email templates you can use after every sales meeting 

Below we have provided a few thank you email templates that you can use to build strong relationships with your clients and close more deals.

Thank you email #1 

Thank you email #2

Thank you email #3

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