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Cold email response rate

What is the average cold email response rate? [Insights & tips] 

Key Takeaways
  • Cold email response rate is the percentage of received responses from the total sent cold emails.
  • The response rate for cold emails indicates the relevance and effectiveness of your message in engaging targets.
  • The average cold email response rate varies typically by 1-8%, but factors like industry and content can affect this.
  • Key factors influencing cold email reply rate include email deliverability, personalization, relevance, timing, and list quality.
  • Salesmate CRM enables you to segment your audience precisely and conduct personalized cold outreach campaigns.

Do you reply to emails that sound templatized, have no value, are confusing, or simply don’t resonate with your personal or professional interests? 

Probably not. 

To trigger your recipients to respond to your cold emails, you must infuse them with relevance, clarity, and value. 

A high response rate is the golden ticket to successful networking, sales, and marketing strategies, but achieving it is no small feat. 

You must go beyond traditional practices to increase the cold email response rate. 

For instance, simply adding a name to your cold email won’t cut it anymore. However, utilizing data enrichment tools, leveraging insights from social media, and analyzing past interactions can help you craft custom cold emails significantly.

In this blog, we’ll dive into:

  • What is the average cold email response rate?
  • What is the good cold email response rate?
  • How to increase cold email response rate?

Let’s begin understanding the response rate for cold emails.

What is a cold email response rate? 

Cold email response rate (Or “cold email reply rate”) is a metric that gives you a percentage of the total number of responses out of the total cold emails sent. 

But why does this metric get so much spotlight? You’ll get a clear answer next. 

Why does the cold email response rate matter? 

The purpose of sending a cold email is to discover potential leads and engage them to drive more business opportunities to your door.

Well, tracking metrics, such as open rates, click-through rates, bounce rates, reply rates, etc., help to determine the interested leads. 

While all email metrics have their importance in assessing campaign effectiveness, the response rate for cold emails stands out as the most critical indicator of success. 

What is the average cold email response rate? 

The average cold email response rate is between 1 to 5%

We evaluated multiple studies and analyzed 5000+ cold emails sent from the Salesmate platform to conclude the average cold email reply rate.

According to a Belkin study, the average response rate for cold emails is about 7%, which means that for every 100 cold emails sent, one might expect to receive seven responses. 

But is that the whole story? Not really. 

Worry not, we have insights from Salesmate CRM data, which give a little more clarity to the varying percentage of cold email average response rates. 

I looked into many emails sent out through Salesmate Campaignsand what I noticed was interesting.  

Some emails hardly got any replies – less than 1%, while others got way more, even over 38%! 

Outreach email campaign example

This is just a case from our real estate client’s outreach email campaign

The cold email reply rate results are dynamic and vary by industry, customer persona, and how well the email content aligns with the recipient’s interests. 

Also, we observed that B2B sectors like software, consulting, and marketing services often see higher response rates due to business networking’s inherent value.  

On the contrary, B2C focused industries might find cold emailing less effective. 

But have you ever thought about keeping all the keys in the lock; what is a good response rate for cold email? Our next section answers this. 

What is a good cold email response rate? 

A good response rate for cold email is above your average.

We already discussed that the reply rate for cold emails depends on whom you’re emailing, what you’re emailing, or how you’re emailing (basically, your overall cold email strategy). 

We found an interesting theory from outreach experts behind cold email open rates and response rates in figuring out a good cold email reply rate for your business specifically. 

The theory indicates a good reply rate is a fraction of your open rate. 

For instance, if your cold email campaign has an open rate of 30%, aiming for a reply rate that’s 30-50% of your open rate is a robust target. 

So, if you’re getting 300 opens, getting between 90 to 150 replies can be considered successful. 

If you’re seeing a high number of opens but not many replies, it is an indication that your message is interesting enough to open but not compelling enough to act on. 

Want to know how you can calculate a response rate? The formula discussion is given next.

How to calculate the cold email response rate? 

Calculating your cold email response rate is pretty straightforward and here is the cold email response rate formula:

Cold email response rate = (Number of replies/Total sent emails) × 100% 

To help you understand with the example. 

Cold email response rate calculation

This is just to understand the mere calculation and understanding of the topic. If you’re planning to invest in the best cold email tools, you don’t need to worry about the process, as it will get you these metrics insights automatically.

A robust cold email platform will help you craft personalized cold emails and productivity with automation, analytics, and much more. 

Want to craft cold emails that get responses?

Want to craft cold emails that get responses?

Salesmate CRM provided data and insights into cold leads to create custom outreach emails.

Start your free trial

What are the factors influencing cold email response rate? 

You need to understand the dynamics behind cold email response rates to create campaigns that resonate with your target audience.

Let’s explore the factors that can affect your cold email reply rates: 

Key factors that influence cold email reply rate

1. Emails not landing in primary inboxes 

Your email must reach the primary inbox to stand a chance of being opened.

Issues like spam filters, poor sender reputation, and incorrect email formatting can divert your emails from the primary inbox, reducing their visibility and response rates.

Helpful resource:  How to write perfect cold outreach emails – Templates, tips & strategies 

2. Your cold emails sound too cold 

The agenda of a cold email is to initiate a conversation, not to broadcast a message. If the content reads like generic cold emails or is mass-written for thousands, it loses its potential impact. 

Personalization of email copy is key; this means going beyond “Hi [Name]. To win a response, you must tailor the message to address specific details about the recipient’s business, challenges, or industry trends.

An email that feels personal and relevant is more likely to receive a warm reception. Here’s an example of a perfect personalized cold email. 

While many experts argue that personalization is over-hyped, however, it brings you the right opportunities if done correctly. 

A captivating example of this is Startup Hypeman’s remarkable success, where they have managed to secure a 91% open rate and a 20% reply rate from their campaign.  

Their approach to personalization was so impactful that it led to one customer sharing their positive experience on LinkedIn. 

LinkedIn customer review

3. The offer is nowhere near the recipient’s expectations 

Even if your email lands in the inbox and is personalized, your recipient might still ignore it or mark it as spam if they don’t see any value.

This could be because the offer doesn’t align with their current needs or priorities, or maybe the content fails to communicate the value proposition of your proposal.

It’s crucial to present your offer in a way that highlights its benefits from the recipient’s perspective, making it clear how it addresses a specific problem or opportunity they face. 

Interesting read: 10 Best cold email examples that get the most engagement!

4. Maybe your timing is wrong for cold emailing

The timing of your email can affect its open and response rates significantly. 

Sending cold emails when recipients are more likely to be checking their inboxes, such as mid-week mornings, can improve visibility and engagement. 

So, what should you do to find the optimal timing? 

You need to test and try to discover the best time to send cold emails. 

5. You are working with a poor-quality email list

The quality of your email list is foundational to the success of your cold email campaigns. I am discussing it at the last to make you remember it for sure. 

A list filled with outdated contacts, incorrect information, or irrelevant prospects will not only result in lower response rates but also harm your sender’s reputation. 

Investing time in building and maintaining a high-quality, targeted email list is essential for reaching the right audience and achieving better campaign results. 

Make smarter sales decisions with Salesmate!

Make smarter sales decisions with Salesmate!

Get data-driven insights into your outreach campaigns and entire sales process to refine your approach for growth.

Explore Analytics

How to improve cold email response rate- 5 Proven tips

Boosting your cold email response rate can transform your outreach efforts from mere noise in your recipients’ inboxes to compelling messages that prompt action. 

Here are the five actionable tips to increase cold email response rate:

Tips to increase cold email response rate

1. Isolate the list for one persona 

Creating a highly targeted list is the first step toward improving your response rate. Sending emails to a broad, unsegmented audience will lead you nowhere and result in a loss of time and capital. 

So, focus on a single persona to ensure your message is as relevant as possible.  

Here’s how to do it the right way: 

  • Segment your extensive list into smaller, more focused groups based on shared traits or needs like company size, business, type, etc.
  • Research to understand who your prospects are, their specific pain points, and interests. This enables you to refine your list even further, ensuring you’re only reaching out to the most aligned potential customers. 
  • Use an email validation tool to ensure that each email on your list is active, reducing bounce rates and protecting your domain’s reputation. 

2. Prioritize a high open rate 

Your email body can only make an impact if it’s opened. 

Here are some tactics to ensure your cold emails don’t go unnoticed: 

  • Monitor your domain’s reputation to avoid landing in the spam folder, ensuring your emails reach the inbox consistently. 
  • Craft personalized subject lines for your cold email campaigns. A compelling subject line increases the chances of your email being opened. 

Ensure your outreach falls within the legal boundaries as per the country’s rules; here is an insightful resource for you: Is cold emailing illegal?

3. Use a custom intro line 

Though we should aim to personalize the entire cold email, however, if you’re new to cold emailing, begin practicing personalizing the opening line first. 

The first few lines of your email set the tone for the entire message.  

So, make every word count with the following tips: 

  • Dedicate 1-3 lines to something specific about each prospect. This could be a recent achievement, a current challenge, or anything relevant you’ve learned from your research. 
  • Show genuine interest and insight into their current situation, moving beyond mere flattery or generic statements. 

4. Incorporate strong CTAs 

Your call to action (CTA) is where you convert interest into action. 

Here are some tips to write a clear call to action: 

  • Keep it straightforward, telling recipients exactly what you want them to do next in a way that feels beneficial to them. 
  • Improve CTA with psychological triggers to improve cold email responses. 

5. Don’t forget to follow up 

As per outreach experts, persistence pays off in cold emailing. In general, the average email response time for business emails is around 12-24 hours.

However, if you haven’t gotten any response to your cold emails for 2-3 days, time for a follow-up.

Here are some tactics to follow up after a cold email:

  • Send a follow-up within 2 days if you haven’t received any response to your initial email.  
  • Set up automated follow-up email sequences to never miss any chance to win opportunities.
Save your time and boost your outreach!

Save your time and boost your outreach!

With Salesmate, effortlessly create personalized cold emails and automate your outreach for maximum efficiency.

Start your free trial

How does Salesmate improve outreach and overall business?

Salesmate CRM is a robust solution to cold outreach. Also, it helps to streamline your entire marketing and sales process with smart productivity, and sales management tools.

Here’s how you can drive success with cold emailing with Salesmate:

  • Craft beautiful and astonishing cold emails with an easy drag-and-drop builder.
  • You will get free captivating templates to ease and enhance your creativity.
  • Data profile enrichment will help you find more details about cold prospects to craft personalized emails at scale.
  • You can segment lists based on various data to build a campaign that brings promising reply rates.
  • A/B test to determine the best email subject line, graphic, or message content that resonates most effectively with your audience.
  • Save time by automating the outreach with Sequences (both email and text).
  • You can set repetitive and mundane tasks on Auto-pilot with Sales Automation.
  • Track your email campaign personalize and optimize decision-making with analytics.

Salesmate CRM is an overall business solution, whether outbound or inbound sales practices.

It aligns with your marketing, sales, and customer service departments to collaboratively work towards the ultimate goal.

The platform enables businesses to engage with prospects through cold calls, emails, and text messaging.

Your sales reps stay productive with Workflow Automation. Also, it enables you to manage business from anywhere with Mobile CRM.

Salesmate is open to supporting businesses as per their specific needs and offers extensive customization and integration with the best tools.

Join the 5000+ Success stories with Salesmate!

Join the 5000+ Success stories with Salesmate!

Discover why Salesmate is the top choice for CRM, outreach, and automation among growth-driven professionals.

Start your free trial

Wrap up on cold email response rate 

You need to be very cautious while crafting your cold emails, their deliverability standards, and the tools if aiming for B2B cold email response rates.

Here’s what you must focus on for good cold email response rates:  

  • Discover your customer persona and stick to one.  
  • Don’t beat around the bush and validate your cold email list before crafting emails.  
  • Segment the cold prospects based on common criteria like industry, company size, and recipient designation to set the right tone.  
  • Craft compelling subject lines that tend to boost your opening rate and ensure your CTAs align with your cold email objectives to win you a reply.  
  • Experiment to determine the optimal timing in a day for cold email targeting.  

The most essential point that will help you to be aligned with your ultimate goal is the use of the right cold email outreach solution.  

There are endless opportunities to grow your leads and business with Salesmate CRM – An AI-driven solution to streamline your marketing, sales, and customer support communication. 

Frequently asked questions 

What is the average response rate on cold email marketing?

On average, 1% to 5% of cold emails get a response, with better results from personalized and relevant content.

What is the average cold email B2B response rate?

The typical B2B cold email response rate is around 3% to 5%. This rate can vary based on the quality of your cold email list, the level of personalization you implement, and how well your message aligns with the recipient’s needs and interests.

What is a good reply rate for cold emails? 

You can call 5% or above a good reply rate. However, the definition of a “good” reply rate can vary depending on industry standards, type of cold email sent, quality of cold email content, relevancy, etc. 

Are reply rates better with cold email or LinkedIn InMail?

InMail messages on LinkedIn tend to receive a higher response rate of 18% to 25%, which is significantly greater when compared to the average response rate of 7% for cold emails.  

This difference might be due to the professional networking context of LinkedIn, where users are more inclined to engage with InMail messages relevant to their business interests or career objectives. 

Sonali Negi

Sonali is a writer born out of her utmost passion for writing. She is working with a passionate team of content creators at Salesmate. She enjoys learning about new ideas in marketing and sales. She is an optimistic girl and endeavors to bring the best out of every situation. In her free time, she loves to introspect and observe people.

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