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How to send cold emails

How to send cold emails? Proven techniques to know 

Key Takeaways
  • When sending cold emails, set a daily limit to avoid getting spam. The ideal would be a maximum of 50 per day.
  • The top challenges when sending emails are maintaining a personal touch despite the high volume, keeping an updated contact list, crafting personalized subject lines, etc.
  • Setting up SPF, DKIM, and DMARC records to authenticate emails enhances deliverability.
  • Use Salesmate CRM to conduct an efficient cold email campaign and enhance your outreach strategy.

Are you sending cold emails but receiving fewer openings?

Well, you’re not alone.  

Despite crafting compelling cold emails, many sales reps struggle to meet email opening and response benchmarks.

Your emails might not be reaching the recipient’s inbox or there could be an authentication issue.

This blog post on ‘how to send cold emails’ will explain: 

  • Top reasons why your well-crafted email might end up in spam folders 
  • Best techniques for increasing email deliverability and engagement 
  • Proven tips to enhance your open and response rates 

So, let’s dive deep in. 

What is cold email outreach?  

Cold email outreach is a practice of sending emails to prospects with whom you have no prior relationship, typically for business purposes.

These emails are often sent to make relevant offers or initiate contact with potential customers.

There are certain benefits of using cold emailing in your strategy:

  • It requires minimal financial investment.   
  • Cold emailing lets you reach out to many prospects, allowing for scalability in your outreach efforts.
  • It has the potential to grow business opportunities with personalized and targeted communication.
  • You get the networking throughout your customer base.      

Sending cold emails aims to build relationships with recipients and turn them into leads.

Look through the seven reasons why your emails could get blocked.

What are the top 7 reasons behind getting your cold emails blocked?

Reps generally make mistakes, which you should avoid when sending cold outreach emails.   

Knowing these seven reasons will help you understand your mistakes and guide you on how to send a cold email. 

Reasons for getting your emails blocked

1) Email authentication records are not updated  

Unauthenticated emails are like an uninvited guest to email service providers (ESPs).   

Three email authentication methods bulk cold email service providers consider:

  • Sender Policy Framework (SPF)   
  • DomainKeys Identified Mail (DKIM)   
  • Domain-based Message Authentication, Reporting & Conformance (DMARC)   

If these records are not correctly set up or updated in your domain’s DNS settings, email servers may block your emails, considering them potentially fraudulent.    

It is because these records serve as a digital signature that vouches for the authenticity of the email source. 

Authenticating emails is just one aspect of legal compliance. To learn more about the legal rules surrounding sending unsolicited emails worldwide, explore our blog, ‘Is cold emailing illegal?

2) Mass emailing via CC/BCC  

Another common mistake reps make while sending a cold email is opting for multiple recipients in your carbon copy (CC) and blind carbon copy (BCC).      

Nowadays, the ESPs are more alert and monitor the total recipients you keep in your CC and BCC if it does not align with your typical email-sending patterns.    

Then, it might trigger spam filters, and you can go straight into the recipient’s block list.   

3) Recipients marking email as a spam 

A high-quality list email is necessary to achieve a successful outreach strategy. 

When your emails are marked as spam, it directly impacts your sender’s reputation.    

Email service providers record how often your emails are flagged as spam and use this information to decide whether to block your emails.    

To avoid this situation, ensure the content of your emails is relevant and valuable to your audience.

Always include an easy-to-locate unsubscribe link, and never include a poorly written cold email subject line.

4) Sending cold emails to an unverified list  

Most sales reps make the mistake of sending cold emails to an unverified list, which can cause a high bounce rate.   

We can categorize the email bounce rate in Soft and Hard:     

  • Soft: The soft email bounce rate tends to happen if there is any recipient-side glitch, like either their mailbox is full or the recipient has some problem getting the emails.     
  • Hard: This email bounce occurs when your target audience’s domain name or email address doesn’t exist.    

If your email bounce rate suddenly rises, it is a sign of potential spamming or poor list management. Resolve this issue by removing invalid and inactive emails from your email list. 

5) Exceeding email-sending limits  

Email services limit the number of emails you send daily to prevent spam. Consistently exceeding that daily limit can raise suspicion of spamming or unauthorized email activity.     

ESPs will closely monitor your mass cold email patterns and possibly block the email account if this happens.      

Hence, if you are willing to stop this, warming up your email is the best solution. It can help you with a successful cold email campaign.   

6) Use of spam-triggering words in your email 

Nowadays, email providers now use AI to understand email content, recipient behavior, and communication intent.

So, if you write a cold email format with multiple spam-triggering words like “free,” “guarantee,” “no risk,” and “offer” frequently it can trigger spam filters.   

Therefore, it is essential to be mindful while crafting messages and avoid overly unprofessional language. Instead, focus on providing value. 

7) Choosing an inadequate email service provider 

If you do not choose an appropriate email service provider, your email account is more likely to be blocked or sent to prospects’ spam zones.      

That’s why it’s necessary to select a reputable and reliable email service provider that:

  • Strictly complies with industry standards
  • Implements robust security measures
  • Provides high deliverability of emails

Now that you know the roadblocks of sending cold emails, it’s time to know the best tactics to help you send them without any further hassles.  

How to successfully send cold emails – 12 Best tactics to know 

If you are willing to know how to send cold emails to businesses effectively, these 12 tactics can help you avoid getting your account on a spam list or blocked.

Best tactics to send successful cold emails

Let’s dive into understanding how to send out cold emails:

1)  Choosing a reliable email service provider 

The foremost step towards sending cold emails is choosing a reputable ESP. It tends to have advanced algorithms that can quickly help detect spam and unauthorized emails.   

Choose an ESP that is compliant with the necessary rules and regulations. Further, it should be able to handle mass emailing and provide tools for managing your email campaigns effectively.  

You must conduct thorough research to compare multiple ESP features, deliverability rates, and customer support quality.  

2) Implementing email authentication techniques  

It involves setting up SPF (Sender Policy Framework), DKIM (Domain Keys Identified Mail), and DMARC (Domain-Based Message Authentication, Reporting & Conformance) records.     

The authentication is necessary as: 

  1. SPF record allows domain owners to identify authorized email servers.
  2. DKIM record provides encryption keys and digital signatures for email verification.
  3. DMARC allows domain owners to receive detailed reports regarding emails received by the server.

Implementing the protocols allows you to conduct any cold email campaign seamlessly. 

3) Gradually warming up the email account 

If you suddenly increase your cold email-sending activity, it will likely be considered spam and land in the recipient’s primary inbox.   

Sending a bulk cold email is a red flag, as spam folders might be activated.

It is crucial to warm up your email account by sending a small number of emails at the start and then gradually increasing them to reach a wider audience.                

4) Building a targeted prospect list 

To create a prospect list, you can use advanced segmentation based on demographics, business demographics, and behavior.  

Utilizing LinkedIn Sales Navigator or similar tools is better for more refined targeting and detailed insights on potential prospects.  

Additionally, crafting an ideal customer profile for each prospect can help you personalize the interactions with them. Further, it will improve engagement with target prospects, minimizing the risk of your email going to spam.  

Elevate your cold emailing experience with Salesmate!

Elevate your cold emailing experience with Salesmate!

Craft personalized emails with segmented targeting, A/B testing, tracking, and campaign insights.

Explore Salesmate Campaigns

5) Verify your emails 

Email verification becomes paramount when you’re cold emailing as it ensures that your messages reach the intended recipients’ inboxes.

Further, verifying emails reduces the risk of being marked as spam.

You can implement an email verification process using tools like Hunter or Verify Bee before launching campaigns to minimize bounce rates. Also, make it a habit to remove inactive emails regularly.   

6) Customizing your email content 

If you question your positive response rate even after you write effective cold emails. Then, it is time to take off a personalized cold email outreach.   

According to the study, a highly personalized message sent in a cold email tends to get 142% reply rates

From a catchy subject line to writing an impressive cold email introduction or CTA, take care of every aspect to engage the recipient.

For personalization, before sending a cold outreach emailyou can mention the recipient’s pain points or specific details in the industry to drive their attention.   

Implementing such practices can help you get better response rates in your journey of finding the answers for how to send cold emails without getting your account blocked. 

7) Avoid words that trigger spam filters 

As we discussed, technological advancements are upgrading ESPs with AI and machine learning to skim through your message.

That is why spam trigger words that include ‘Free,’ ‘Deal,’ ‘Sale on,’ etc., are most likely to go in the spam folder. Instead of ‘free,’ use like complimentary, at no cost, bonus, gift, etc.   

Hence, avoid spam filters and use professional language that conveys thoughtful, helpful, and relevant messages to the recipient.   

When adding links to emails, ensure they are directly related to the email content and provide clear value to the recipients.

It is recommended to include minimal and relevant links, such as a call-to-action and an additional resource.

9) Regulating your cold email outreach volume  

Use a drip campaign strategy (a series of automated emails sent to people who take specific action on the company’s website) to space out your emails over days or weeks.  

Also, monitor responses and adjust your sending frequency based on the recipient’s engagement and feedback.   

10) Balancing text and HTML content in emails  

An email containing excessive HTML code will likely raise suspicions and trigger spam filters. 

Design emails with a simple layout that prioritizes readability.

You can use a responsive cold email template that is visually appealing but not overloaded with heavy graphics or complex HTML elements.       

It will result in successful cold email campaigns and will be less likely to push spam triggers and ESP. 

11) Adding an easy unsubscribe option  

In a cold email, ensure that the unsubscribe button remains visible to the prospects easily. You can put the unsubscribe link right at the end of the emails.

It will help in complying with legal requirements and respect the recipient’s preferences.  

Also, it will create a positive impression that can foster long-term relationships with prospects. 

12) Tracking email deliverability and essential metrics 

To get the most out of your mass cold emailing, monitor deliverability by tracking campaign metrics such as open rates, click-through rates, bounce rates, and spam complaints.

You should also keep an eye on your email body and bounce rate.    

Aim for a bounce rate of less than 2%. A rate exceeding this threshold indicates that you should prioritize verifying the email addresses on your prospect list before proceeding with further email sends. 

If you are a salesperson willing to get tips for sending effective cold emails for your business without further ado, let’s go on to the next section. 

Also read: The ultimate cold sales email guide  

How to send cold emails for sales – 6 Tips to send emails that get replies 

Knowing the art of writing effective cold emails becomes crucial when you’re planning to set up your first cold email campaign for sales.

But, there are other things that can enhance your campaign success like timing, tools, or personalization.

Here are six proven tips that can help send an effective email in boosting your cold sales e mail campaigns.

Tips for sending cold emails in sales

1) Use sales intelligence for better targeting 

Gathering insights into your prospects using sales intelligence tools like CRM before sending emails is better.

This helps make the cold emails more relevant and with perfect timing as they directly address the prospects of the current business environment or challenges.  

Invest in a comprehensive CRM platform like Salesmate that helps to build personalized cold email campaigns, track them, and present campaign insights.

2) Time your emails according to the buying cycle 

Always align your emailing schedule with the prospect’s buying cycle or their peak engagement times to maximize the chances of capturing their attention.

This timing technique will also increase the relatability of your message and its relevancy.  

3) Respond to trigger events 

Review the prospective company events and send personalized cold emails to initiate communication. These events can be funding rounds, leadership challenges, or anything else.

These moments can create new needs, and you can address their solutions.  

4) Optimize emails for mobile viewing 

Many professionals read emails on mobiles as it is quite handy.

Ensure your cold emails are optimized for viewing on mobile and tablet screens. Use clear content, simple design, and clickable CTAs to ensure effective audience engagement across devices.

 5) Develop a multi-touchpoint sequence 

Creating a series of interactions across different channels rather than just sending a single email helps build familiarity and trust over time.

Tailor each follow-up based on previous interactions to guide prospects through the sales process gradually.

Salesmate CRM helps businesses generate sales opportunities with multi-touchpoint sales cadences (email, call, and text).

Salesmate sequences example

It boosts productivity and engagement with powerful email and text sequences.

Automate follow-ups through Salesmate!

Automate follow-ups through Salesmate!

With Sequences, you can set automated follow-ups with a personalized touch to your emails.

Explore Sequences

How to send cold emails seamlessly through Salesmate? 

Salesmate is a modern, AI-driven CRM with automation that helps improve sales, marketing, and customer support activities.  

The campaign feature lets you reach your target audience with personalized cold email campaigns, design, and launch in less than 5 minutes.

Further, you can measure, test, and optimize your cold emails with actionable insights.

Salesmate email campaign performance

Here are the features provided by the tool:  

  • Target prospect list creation: You can filter your contacts based on the various criteria to create a targeted list of prospects.  
  • Drag & drop email builderThis feature allows you to craft an email and edit it without any extra skills.   
  • Personalization: With Salesmate CRM insights, you can personalize your emails and enhance the relevance of the outreach. 
  • Sandy AI for email creation: Through Sandy AI, you can write cold emails faster and quickly send cold emails.      
  • A/B testing allows for comparing different email versions for successful cold email campaigns.
  • Analytics: Salesmate provides campaign insights to optimize your cold emailing strategy.

Planning to invest in cold email software? Here is our comparison of top cold email tools in 2024 that might be helpful to you.

Additionally, there are features like email throttling, a dedicated IP address, etc., that help in marketing campaigns. 

Boost your cold email with Salesmate!

Boost your cold email with Salesmate!

Salesmate is an all-in-one CRM tool to implement a successful cold email campaign without hassles.

Start your free trial

Final thoughts on how to send a cold emails

From choosing a verified ESP to writing cold emails effectively, as a sales rep, you need to take care of every pointer for a successful cold email campaign and to grow your business in leaps and bounds.  

Like other aspects of the world, the customers’ mindsets are also changing gradually, so adapting to the changes is necessary. For example, making the cold email subject lines personalized is vital to grab your recipient’s attention.    

Invest in a robust platform like Salesmate CRM to ease your cold emailing with CRM insights, personalization at scale, automation, and analytics.  


How many cold emails to send per day?

If you start with cold email, keep it to 10 to 20 emails daily for the hurdle-free process. In sending unsolicited emails, if you are willing to make it more active, it is advisable to use a tool.  

How to send bulk cold emails?

The below techniques are your answer to how to send cold emails to many people at once:

  • Opt for a reputable email service provider    
  • Email Authentication    
  • Warming up the email account    
  • Create a prospect list    
  • Verify your list of email addresses    
  • Personalize your email    
  • Never use spam-triggering words    
  • Respective links in your email should be limited   
  • Keep the cold emailing sending volume low    
  •  Maintain the text-to-HTML ratio    
  •  Must include an unsubscribe link  
  •  Keep an eye on deliverability and critical metrics  
How many cold emails are appropriate to send one person?

For a bulk cold email service, a balanced follow-up schedule for every single client is the key: 

  • Start with a follow-up email one day after your initial email. 
  • Send another two days later. 
  • Consider a final message 4-5 days after that. 

Always aim for at most four follow-ups to avoid overwhelming your recipient. 

How many cold emails can I send per day without getting blocked?

You are expected to get an adequate response rate, at most 50, without getting blocked, even if you are not a well-known company.

How many cold emails are appropriate to send one person?

It mainly depends on the various specific pain points and how old your sending address and inbox are. The rule is to start small, with 10 to 20 daily emails. Also, gradually increase your sending volume while keeping an eye on deliverability and reputation.

Is it legal to send cold emails?  
How many emails can I send without getting blacklisted?

With a standard Gmail account, you can send up to 500 emails per day. However, bulk cold email practices will lead to spamming.

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