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Best email marketing software to grow your business

20 Best email marketing software to grow your business

As businesses and brands continue to gain ground in their respective industries, there is a need for service/product advertisement to be given undivided attention. And how do you achieve that?

The hassle of undergoing rigorous email marketing campaigns is now over with email marketing software. These tools come into play with mind-blowing features and customizations that help brands reach their target audience.

For a business to actualize its maximum potential of email marketing, free email marketing software must be deployed.

Why is that so? Email marketing tools come with third-party integrations such as CRM systems and in-app features (email templates) to ensure that business owners get all they want to set off to the top of the competition.

What is email marketing software?

Email marketing software enables marketers to create engaging email marketing campaigns and track performance via certain metrics. These email marketing tools are integrated with features like automation, CRM, analytics to follow up on your performance, and so on.

Before you go ahead to pick the best email marketing tools, you need to understand what role they play to fix your business needs. Whether you’re in for free or paid subscription on any of the email marketing tools in 2022, this list of tools provided here will give you insight into what you need for your business to flourish.

Additionally, you can also use CRM with email automation that helps you streamline your email marketing efforts and improve your overall performance.

20 Best email marketing software & tools for 2022

When it comes to selecting email marketing tools, it’s essential to check the features and how they can help you improve your email marketing campaigns.

So, below we’ve listed the 20 best email marketing software along with their features and pricing for easy comparison.

1. Salesmate

Salesmate automation journeys

Overview: Salesmate CRM is an advanced cloud-based CRM and automation platform that helps in streamlining your sales, marketing, and customer support processes. The powerful features of Salesmate can be used across all channels – email, text, chat, web, calls, and eCommerce.

With Salesmate, you can automate your email marketing campaigns and optimize them based on insightful reports. Along with email marketing, Salesmate provides various other features that can help you streamline your entire business process.

Moreover, you can manage your deals and contacts, create automation journeys, capture leads, and do much more!

Best For: Salesmate is ideal for small and medium-sized businesses that help generate more leads, close more deals, and build lasting customer relationships.

It replaces many disjointed systems to save you time and money. Salesmate is among the best email marketing automation software in the market.

Key Features

  • Marketing automation
  • Salesmate chat messenger & chat journeys
  • Meeting scheduler
  • Built-in calling
  • Web forms
  • Sales pipeline management
  • Shared team inbox
  • Reporting and analytics
  • Desktop Integration


  • Email automation on this software is seamless
  • Very intuitive interface
  • Easily accessible features


  • Cost is based on the number of users, which may add up with time

Pricing: The tool offers four pricing plans. Its Basic, Pro, & Business plans are priced at $23, $39, and $63 per month respectively. Its Enterprise plan offers custom pricing.

2. BIGContacts

BIGContacts email marketing software

Overview: BIGContacts CRM offers an integrated Contact Management and Email Marketing Solution for small businesses. This email marketing tool gives you the tools that you need to capture leads and convert more sales. 100% User friendly and top-notch data security.

Best for: For startups, small-sized businesses, and medium-sized businesses looking to reach out to more customers, this is one of the best email marketing tools.

With the social collaboration feature, which you’ll notice on this software, you can take your memo right where your customers spend most of their time (Facebook, Twitter, etc.).

Key Features

  • Social integration
  • Contact & account management
  • Abandoned cart automation
  • Lead management
  • Marketing ROI analytics


  • Standby customer support
  • User-friendly


  • Pops up minor complaints like “user error”
  • Locating duplicate contact records is challenging

Pricing: The tool offers four pricing plans. Its Big, Bigger, and Biggest plans are priced at $5, $15, and $25 per month respectively. Its Enterprise plan offers custom pricing.

3. Mailchimp

Mailchimp email marketing software

Overview: MailChimp is undoubtedly one of the top guns in the world of email marketing software, with more than 1 billion outgoing emails daily to more than 14 million customers as of 2017.

MailChimp usually charges based on the size of your list of emails. If you outrun the usual 2,000 thresholds, you’ll be joined to the 2,000 – 2,500 plan, which goes for a higher price.

Best For: MailChimp is an ideal software for growing businesses and users that are seeking ways to interact with a user-friendly platform that can house up to two thousand subscribers and twelve thousand emails sent every month.

Part of the free plan allows you access to transactional emails, autoresponder, third-party integration, and analytics made available for Android and iOS devices.

Key Features

  • A/B Testing
  • API
  • Activity Dashboard
  • Activity Tracking
  • Alerts/Notifications


  • Provides real-time notifications and alerts than a traditional email marketing tool
  • Gives you more visuals on your activity tracking


  • Your email can easily be spammed
  • Not the best software for starters

Pricing: The tool offers four pricing plans. It offers a free plan while its Essentials, Standard, and Premium plans are priced at $10.14, $15.15, and $302.93 per month respectively.

4. ConvertKit

ConvertKit email marketing software

Overview: ConvertKit is an email marketing software designed to enable content creators to nurture leads and actualize sales from the process. It comes along with a free subscription plan that gives room for up to 300 subscribers.

In addition, it can be used on all operating systems such as Android, IOS, etc.

Best For: This is an ideal tool and a great pick for bloggers who are more focused on building sales funnels with high conversion rates. It can also be great for web developers and general freelancers.

Key Features

  • Automated emails for increased conversion rate
  • Includes text-based emails
  • Advanced triggers
  • Email sequencing
  • Professional text delivery


  • This email marketing tool delivers text-based emails in a more professional way
  • Amazing metric system


  • Troubleshooting could be frustrating
  • Follow up also need serious work

Pricing: The tool offers three plans. It offers a free plan, while its Creator and Creator Pro plans are priced at $9 and $25 per month respectively.

5. Hubspot

Hubspot email marketing software

Overview: Hubspot is an email marketing software that combines different marketing tools to give the user a wide variety of marketing options. This platform provides the best mix of software integration and marketing campaigns to help you serve your customers with the best experience.

One other thing that makes Hubspot stand out is the personalization of this platform; it comes along with standard tools that allow you to use merge tags for personalized messages.

Best For: This email marketing tool is for digital marketers that want to drive in more sales for their business or establishment. It can also be used great for small-scale businesses looking forward to expanding its customers base.

Key Features

  • Full-featured CRM
  • Automated message sequences
  • Mobile optimization
  • Calendar to schedule appointments
  • Form builder


  • It has a comprehensive database
  • Email tracking is wonderful


  • Data loss is imminent
  • It can be a little overwhelming

Pricing: The tool offers three pricing plans. Its Starter, Premium, and Enterprise plans are priced at $45, $800, and $3200 per month respectively.

6. MailerLite

Mailerite email marketing software

Overview: More than six hundred thousand (600,000) customers worldwide make use of Mailerlite. It offers more flexible subscription plans based on the size of your email list.

The tool is also best known for an easy interface to interact with, which increases engagement and a stellar 24/7 support system.

The Mailerlite free plan has features limited to email sending of up to 12,000 emails each month while upgrading to a $9/month plan gives you premium access to features that will increase your business engagement and improve sales.

Best For: This software is not limited to one form of email marketing. And it’s great for all types of email marketing. It also enhances an individual or company’s email marketing technique, including pop-ups and landing page builders.

Key Features

  • Live 24/7 customer support via chat and email
  • A powerful and easy to use landing page builder
  • Ecommerce integrations with the top platforms
  • Email surveys
  • Template Gallery


  • The free plan offers a lot of amazing features
  • The software ecosystem is friendly


  • The user tutorial is not up to par
  • Minor cursor glitches

Pricing: The tool offers four pricing plans. It offers a free plan while its Growing Business and Advanced plans are priced at $9 and $19 per month respectively. Its Enterprise plan offers custom pricing.

7. Salesforce Pardot

Salesforce Pardot email marketing software

Overview: Salesforce Pardot helps you track all prospect interactions on your site — right from downloads to page views, then score prospects based on parameters you set.

This is important because it puts time back into your sales reps’ day with automated lead nurturing and real-time sales alerts, enabling reps to prioritize their time. It also enables users to measure the true ROI of your marketing efforts with closed-loop reporting and allows users to track email marketing KPIs.

Best For: Salesforce Pardot is an ideal choice for corporate managers, CEOs, etc. It encourages dynamic email marketing, providing amazing features for prospect tracking and sales analytics. It is also effective in project management and marketing.

Key Features

  • Alerts/Notifications
  • Archiving & Retention
  • Auto-Responders
  • Drip Campaigns
  • Dynamic Content


  • The custom redirect feature is amazing on this platform
  • Superb analytics


  • Spam destination is imminent
  • Does not support a Drag-and-drop editor

Pricing: The tool offers four pricing plans. Its Growth, Plus, Advanced, and Premium plans are priced at $1250, $2500, $4000, and $15000 per month respectively.

8. AWeber

AWeber email marketing software

Overview: Many email marketers use AWeber because it has several features that are ideal for small businesses. Only a few best email marketing tools like AWeber have top-quality phone and email support and helpful content (videos and articles) to aid customers in getting quick and comprehensive answers to their queries.

Like other reviewed email marketing software on our list, this software allows you to use drag-and-drop email builders, email analytics reports, and list management.

With AWeber, you can harness the list management feature, enabling you to import email lists and create a unique database from common files like CSV, XLSX, TSC, and so on.

Best For: In addition to the marketing automation features on this platform, this email marketing software is best for increasing your workflow base and special actions like site visits, purchases, link clicks, and email opens. Excellent for technicians and freelancers.

Key Features

  • Unlimited landing pages
  • Sign up forms
  • Automated email campaigns
  • Hundreds of powerful integrations
  • Award-winning 24/7 customer support


  • There’s quality in the email deliverability
  • It has stellar contact management and ROI analytics


  • It may end up becoming too costly
  • Sometimes, emails go out in the wrong order

Pricing: The tool offers two pricing plans. It offers a free plan while its AWeberPro plan is priced at $16.15 per month.

9. ActiveCampaign

ActiveCampaign email marketing software

Overview: To drive more customer experience, ActiveCampaign is the right way to go. Right from automation of email lists down to a top-tier lead scoring system, this email marketing software is recommended for businesses that are serious about email marketing.

This is one of the smartest email marketing tools on the list; this email marketing software offers a solution to the use of machine learning in meeting the needs of lead management.

Also, automating your email list cannot be more intuitive than when using this email marketing software.

Best For: This software is perfect for businesses that are streamlining their target strategy to a specific audience. It also allows you to build list triggers based on dynamic email content, sales follow-up, and lots more. Overall great for small and growing businesses.

Key Features

  • Email deliverability
  • A top-notch lead scoring system
  • Superb mail automation
  • Predictive action
  • Intuitive mail list automation


  • Troubleshooting works perfectly on this software
  • It helps largely with promotion


  • Inability to copy an email to more than one recipient
  • Features are limited compared to other paid upgrades

Pricing: The tool offers four pricing plans. Its Lite, Plus and Professional plans are priced at $9, $49, and $149 per month, respectively. Its Enterprise plan offers custom pricing.

10. GetResponse

GetResponse email marketing software

Overview: Think of GetResponse as your all-in-one best email marketing software that helps grow your business from scratch to glory. They offer amazing email marketing campaigns and webinar software to assist you with your marketing efforts with high-converting templates of landing pages. 

This software will run whether you intend to generate leads from various platforms, promote your product or service, or even organize webinars for your customers.

Best For: This is one of the best email marketing platforms for automated sales, as well as landing page traffic generation. Ideal for tech startups, telecommunication houses, and eCommerce businesses.

Key Features

  • Autofunnel
  • Ready-made landing pages
  • Unique email templates
  • Smart automation tools
  • Supports Drag-and-drop builder


  • It helps out with landing pages
  • This software provides automation tools


  • Some of the templates are outdated
  • They have middle-of-the-pack deliverability compared to other software on our list

Pricing: The tool offers four pricing options, starting from a free version. The other plans include Basic, Plus, and Professional priced at $15.58, $48.38, and $97.58 per month, respectively.

11. SendX

Overview: SendX is an Intuitive and affordable email marketing tool.  With one of the simplest UIs in the industry, SendX provides unlimited email sends with every plan, powerful automation capabilities, and best-of-breed email deliverability. 3000+ companies worldwide trust SendX for their Email Marketing.

SendX is tailor-made for small to medium enterprises who are looking for intuitive email marketing software that is easy on their purse.

Best For Enterprises that are looking for the capability to send unlimited emails, 24/7 support, build their email list, and automate their marketing will find it to be a great investment decision.

Key Features

  • Over 1500+ email templates 
  • An agile drag-and-drop editor 
  • Email Drip Sequences
  • Dedicated IP for Email Deliverability
  • Create Email Pop-Up Forms


  • You can send unlimited emails with every SendX plan.
  • Heatmap report to get a quick overview of which CTAs are working.
  • Countdown timers, Modal popups, and Share buttons to improve conversions.


  • Advanced workflows are not available.

Pricing: The tool offers five pricing plans. There is a 14 Day Free Trial (no credit card required, instant setup). The monthly pricing starts at  $9.99 per month for 1000 email subscribers and goes upto $89.88 per month. Emails per month: Unlimited

12. Constant Contact

Constant Contact email marketing software

Overview: Constant Contact is the perfect email marketing software that suits various businesses as it provides all of your digital marketing resources. We love this software most because it allows users with a smooth interface for growing their contact list.

In other words, Constant Contact is the solution for small businesses after just gaining ground in the industry.

They offer bonus features to users who wish to utilize polls and coupons to nurture customers. It also backups your data and gives users maximum data security.

Best For: For establishments working towards better lead generation and business growth, this is the right email marketing software to use. A perfect fit for small and medium-scale businesses.

Key Features

  • 100+ templates for engaging customers
  • Real-time analytics
  • Perfect email deliverability
  • Invitation management


  • It offers a whopping 60-day free trial 
  • Easy-to-use interface


  • Constant distortion of set email format
  • It does not support “pay per use”

Pricing: The tool offers two pricing plans. Its Core and Plus plans are priced at $9.99 and $45 per month, respectively.

13. Campaign Monitor

Campaign Monitor email marketing software

Overview: Founded in 2004, Campaign Monitor is one of the best email marketing platforms that focuses on all-around digital marketing.

With an almost perfect customer satisfaction rate, users can enjoy access to a free account and enjoy great email marketing resources for businesses or personal use.  

Best For: For tech startups and eCommerce businesses, this is the ideal email marketing software.  Its lead generation process is simple, less stressful, and effective. Also, it enables direct customer follow-up and customer engagement.

Key Features

  • Marketing automation 
  • Data segmentation
  • Unique customization
  • 250+ integrations
  • Premium email section lock


  • Users can easily integrate videos from YouTube into their email
  • Users can easily segment data gotten from leads via this software


  • Templates may need some improvement
  • Some parts of the interface are cumbersome

Pricing: The tool offers three pricing plans. Its Basic, Unlimited, and Premier plans are priced at $9, $29, and $149 per month respectively.

14. Gist

Gist email marketing software

Overview: Gist is a unique email marketing software with attractive features for businesses looking to set up their email marketing campaign. You will find some decent automation services that will save you time and money as you get to master them.

It also comes with a live chat option which gives users the liberty to access premium customer support services. 

Best For: Gist provides a friendly ecosystem for a wide range of business models and is best for contact management.  It also encourages the integration of an all-in-one email automation, making your campaign a lot easier and eliminating repetitive tasks. 

Key Features

  • A/B Testing
  • ROI analysis
  • Social media tracking
  • Reporting and analytics
  • API integration


  • Customer support on this software is quick and reliable
  • The software can be connected to third-party integrations for better automation


  • Knowledgebase on this software could do with a little refining
  • Updates are too frequent

Pricing: The tool offers three pricing plans. It offers a free plan while its Professional and Premium plans are priced at $19 and $29 per month respectively.

15. Moosend

Moosend email marketing software

Overview: Moosend is special automation software that comes along with a customer service system that enables customer feedback and requests.

Also, Moosend only comprises about 70 email templates, and its integrations with third-party platforms are limited. Generally, it enables customer reach out and engagement.

Best For: Moosend is great for small and medium scale businesses as it offers a free plan that includes 1,000 subscribers and 3,000 monthly email sends. This enables them to save money and Forster’s business growth long term.

Key Features

  • A/B Testing
  • Marketing automation
  • Analytics and reporting
  • Email builder
  • Segmentation


  • Email automation on this software improves workflow
  • The free plan comes with most of the features found in paid plans


  • Free plan customer support is limited
  • Third-party integrations are limited on this software, compared to competitors

Pricing: Moosend provides a free trial of 30 days. The paid plan starts at $9 per month for up to 500 users.

16. Sendinblue

Sendinblue email marketing software

Overview: Sendinblue bills is a special email marketing platform that is scaled on a “per email sent” and not on the size of your contact list.

In other words, regardless of the size of your email list, whether your list is 100 people or 1,000,000, Sendinblue doesn’t charge you extra for that.

It also enables users to easily integrate a third-party service and gather potential customer emails via subscription form. 

Best For: Sendinblue is a good email marketing platform for small businesses that are on a budget. It’s also very effective in creating an email marketing campaign capable of sending bulk emails to a large contact.

Key Features

  • Email marketing campaigns and broadcasts
  • Email marketing automation
  • Transactional email and SMS
  • Social media marketing
  • Powerful Integration


  • Sendinblue provides a user-friendly interface, particularly for startups
  • Advanced automation campaign 


  • There’s no accuracy in email sending
  • Automation technology needs to be worked on

Pricing: The tool offers four pricing plans. It offers a free plan while its Lite and Premium plans are priced at $19.89 and $51.30 per month respectively. Its Enterprise plan offers custom pricing.

17. Pabbly

Pabbly email marketing software

Overview: Pabbly is an effective online platform that gives a full-service suite of marketing resources for online form building, email marketing, subscription billing, and email list cleaning.

Also, it provides a complete business management bundle of all these tools at a low cost named Pabbly Plus.

Users of Pabbly can effectively send bulk emails to prospective customers with just one click, enabling users to enjoy a top-notch experience.

Best For: This email marketing system is ideal for independent SMTP services and inbox delivery

Key Features

  • Seamless Email cleaning
  • Marketing automation
  • Segmentation
  • SMTP integration
  • 500+ Email templates that accept all types of customizations


  • A user-friendly drag-and-drop email editor
  • The performance of email automation on this software is premium compared to similar software


  • Connection to multiple SMTPs may cause lagging
  • Bounce and spam complaint is not properly managed

Pricing: The tool offers four pricing plans. It offers a free plan while its Rookie, Pro, and Advance plans are priced at $24, $41, and $83 per month respectively.

18. Omnisend

Omnisend email marketing software

Overview: Omnisend is one of the best email marketing software that takes digital marketing up a notch by bringing together email marketing and social media.

Many marketers use Omnisend to meet every of their marketing campaigns across various platforms to maximize their strategies.

Omnisend can send relevant messages to visitors on social media platforms. This is achieved by understanding how web browsers behave based on user device preference serving the event at hand.

Starting with a free plan, users can access the amazing features of this software, but with limitations. 

Best For: If you’re on the lookout for a software that helps your company with versatile email marketing across different platforms, Omnisend is your best bet

Key Features

  • Cross-channel automation
  • Email Automation
  • Stable and vast Integration
  • Email sequencing
  • Interactive signups


  • The stable integration makes the user experience smooth
  • Email automation on this software is precise


  • The CRM system needs improvement
  • Setting up this software might be a little difficult

Pricing: The tool offers three pricing plans. It offers a free plan while its Standard and Pro plans are priced at $16 and $59 per month respectively.

19. Benchmark

Benchmark email marketing software

Overview: Benchmark is one of the easiest email marketing software in the industry. Its main features include a mail builder and advanced tools like polls, surveys, pop-ups, and opt-in features to improve customer relationship management.

With this software, you can easily nurture your leads with tools that engage them. Benchmark also encapsulates analytical tools like delivery time and A/B testing subject lines, fully integrated with more than 300 services.

Best For: This software is the best choice when it comes down to drag-and-drop accessibility as well as unique email templates.

Key Features

  • Abandoned cart emails
  • Post-purchase series
  • Welcome series
  • Automated email workflow
  • An omnichannel email marketing system


  • Intuitive mail builder
  • Advanced automation campaign features


  • The Metric system is not easy to understand
  • Not ideal for businesses with a low customer base

Pricing: The tool offers three pricing plans. It offers a free plan while its Pro plan is priced at $10.50 per month. Its Enterprise plan offers custom pricing.

20. MoonMail

MoonMail email marketing software

Overview: For digital marketers and small-scale businesses, this email marketing software helps to forward dynamic and highly interactive emails to their customers, using APIs to broaden their reach.

This cloud-based platform is the best email automation software with a wider reach. This software gives you the liberty to harness the power of social media like Facebook Messenger, WhatsApp, and SMS in reaching your customers.

The big advantage is that this email marketing software only bills you for emails sent versus the number of subscriptions on your email list.

To enjoy the pricing system of this email marketing software, you may want to go on a monthly upgrade that takes all the stress off of you.

Best For: This is the best choice of email marketing system for cloud email marketing.

Key Features

  • Automated email bounce management
  • Spam reports
  • Compliance tracking
  • Automation
  • Premium support


  • All-in-one cloud-based email marketing software
  • Integrated e-commerce applications to enhance e-commerce activity


  • Messages may end up in the spam folder
  • Automation is weak

Pricing: The tool offers two pricing plans. Its Lite and Starter plans are priced at $44 and $186 per month respectively.

21. SendPulse

SendPulse email marketing software

Overview: SendPulse is a relatively new email marketing software in the industry that provides super excellent features for free and paid users. This software allows users to create an email list of up to 2,500 subscribers and also 15,000.

It regularly updates its privacy setting, giving you a maximum cover for your data. Upgrading to the premium plan takes up all the limits and allows you to work with more advanced features starting at $6.40 (billed annually).

Auto the pre-plan gives a wide range of options to work with; however, some users have experienced setbacks like slow performance and limited email templates.

Best For: For a seamless email marketing experience across-the-board, SendPulse is the way to go.

Key Features

  • Omnichannel email marketing
  • Campaign Segmentation
  • Click Tracking
  • Client Management
  • Contact Management


  • Generous free plan for startups
  • User-friendly interface


  • The free plan may come with some glitches
  • No proper bounce email management

Pricing: The tool offers four pricing plans. It offers a free plan while its Standard, Pro, and Enterprise plans are priced at $6.40, $7.68, and $10.75 per month respectively.

What are the benefits of email marketing software?

Email marketing software plays a vital role for individuals or firms seeking to build rock-solid follow-up on leads and generate revenue for their establishment.

When users opt-in to your email list, they have demonstrated some interest in what you have to offer and are willing to receive messages from you.

And since about 74% of buyers’ decision is influenced by word of mouth, email comes in as a natural means of collecting and relaying information.

When using the best marketing automation software for your email marketing campaigns, you can get a return of up to $38 for every $1 spent. This is in addition to the fact that over 1.4 billion active Gmail users could end up as potential customers.

In addition to all of that, if you’re more into sales, email is considered the third most effective source of information for Business-to-Business audiences. Let’s look at a few benefits of email marketing:

  • Very cost-effective, with assured ROI
  • It is easy to use and understand
  • Helps build loyal customers as well as your brand awareness
  • You can generate incremental revenue with automated emails

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Email marketing best practices that can drive results

The email marketing software process is not as simple as it appears. You need to execute it properly in order to get desired results. We have helped you compile a list of the top 5 email marketing software best practices.

Below are some of the top email marketing software practices your company should adopt to succeed in the industry.

1. Don’t buy an email list

Email marketing is indeed so effective, hence every business is bent on using it to nurture and communicate with their customers.

On the other hand, purchasing email lists is not a good practice in email marketing as it tends to eliminate the trust that people have in your product or service when you start to spam their inbox with something they’ve not shown interest in.

2. Use merge tags in your content

Using merge tags helps you personalize your content so that your customers are comfortable with your messages.

Sending an email with the title “Hey John” sounds more personal than “Dear Subscriber,” which paints a picture of formality and may be a turn-off for most prospective customers.

In using merge tags for your email marketing process, subscribers’ first and last names are very important.

Pro tip: Information gathered from email subscriptions should be used in personalizing your content to each prospect.

3. Write captivating email subject lines

Email subject lines are meant to be brief, captivating, and leave an impression of urgency in the mind of prospective customers. Moreover, you also need to provide an insight into what they’re going to get.

Email subject lines should always be between 35 to 50 characters as more extended subject lines could work out potential customers before they click. Using symbols, numbers, emojis, and amazing offers will increase your open rate.

Find out 60+ best email subject lines to level up your campaigns!

4. Adopt the use of welcome email series

The use of email automation tools is more often in a series of emails that range from welcoming new subscribers to reminding subscribers of abandoned carts.

These autoresponders are set to follow different commands automatically. For instance, one of the best email marketing software best practices is by using welcome email series for discount offers to new subscribers.

5. Proper email formatting

The proper formatting of emails sent to potential customers should crown as a good email marketing practice. Following the best approach, every email should always be between 500 and 600 pixels in width.

With that established, email “from” should be a proper email address and not a “no-reply” address like The point is to make your “from” address a name that your customers can easily understand.

You can also take this up a notch by strategically placing your marketing message and call to action right above the fold to enable your users to see it easily.


That’s it! We go with the top 20 email marketing tools that you can lay hold on to promote your brand identity and drive in more sales.

Truly there are a plethora of email marketing services that deliver amazing digital marketing features and resources to improve your company’s performance. However, we have only shortened this list to 20 based on the user feedback and its features.

You can try out any email marketing software on our list or just go ahead and find which one has the features you need for your business or establishment.

Dhara Thakkar

Dhara Thakkar is a seasoned marketer at Salesmate. She thrives on trying new organic strategies to improve traffic & conversions, and has in-depth knowledge on how search works. When she's not working, you will find her travelling or binge watching F.R.I.E.N.D.S

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