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9 Stellar email marketing ideas for 2023

The first-ever electronic mail was sent in 1971. Today, five decades later, email remains an indispensable mode of communication. 

According to Statista, there will be 4.3 billion daily email users in 2023. How does this decades-old method of sending messages continue to be relevant in the age of social media? The answer is simple. It works. 

Here’s how email still holds the most value when it comes to the company’s preference of primary communication tool.

How email marketing dominates as a primary communication channel for businesses in 2022

89% of marketers claim that email is their primary mode of lead generation. In fact, email marketing promises the highest ROI of all marketing channels, that is up to 4200%.  

As a business, it is crucial to develop email marketing campaigns to reach out to your prospects directly and convert your subscribers into users. 

Want to know how you can ace your email marketing campaigns? Then you need to take a look at these ideas!  

9 Great email marketing ideas for businesses to implement in 2023 

1. Increase accessibility 

Accessible email campaigns mean making sure that every subscriber can open, read and interact with your emails. 

Your email marketing campaign reaches readers across the globe. So, make your emails are easy to understand by using simple language to deliver good quality content.  

Here’s how you can increase the accessibility of your emails –  

  1. Keep subject lines short and descriptive.  
  1. The content of the email should be easily understood from the subject.  
  1. Use Alt text to describe attached images and their context. (helpful for users that have blocked images on their emails.) 
  1. You can also include a plain text version of your email for accessibility and easy loading. 

These practices can help you improve email accessibility and help in improving the response rate.  

2. Optimize your newsletters for various platforms 

As a thriving business, you need to consistently connect with your audience. Sending regular newsletters is a great way to achieve this by routinely serving valuable content to your subscribers.

A key email marketing idea in 2023 is to optimize your most relevant content to work well on all platforms, including phone screens. 

After all, 48% of your emails are opened by mobile users.  And these are some other fascinating email mobile statistics that speak for themselves!  

Internet speed isn’t the same everywhere, so make sure your images and graphics load fast by adjusting their size and resolution. You can do this by using responsive email templates of the right width (600px). 

Moreover, you can have short subject lines to make them fit on the mobile screen, and use single-column text that can be read without zooming in.  

Your CTA button is the link between a prospect and a successful conversion. So, ensure that it is visible and can be clicked on easily. 

3. Create interactive email campaigns  

In a survey conducted by Litmus, 91% of responders said they want interactive content, but only 17% of marketers provide it. 

Include this trend in your email marketing ideas for your next campaign to create engaging content for your subscribers. Interactive emails can build a direct connection between a prospect and the company.

You can also use prompts in the form of quick CTAs, surveys and forms to ask for feedback and suggestions. Moreover, you can use gifs, stickers and emojis in your email to make it more interactive.

91.8% of android phone users say that they use dark mode on their phones, either by using it as default or toggling between dark and light. You can also optimize the content for the dark mode theme so it’s visible properly.

4. Send hyper-personalized emails 

Personalized emails are a great way to make your subscribers feel valued. In 2023, take your email marketing campaign one step further with hyper-personalization.

Hyper personalization in email marketing ideas

You can achieve this by creating micro-segments in your email list. 

Apart from grouping your subscribers by demographics (age, location, profession and gender etc.), learn about their behavior and personality to understand them thoroughly. 

 You can then use micro-segmentation in your email list to target focused groups of subscribers for specific campaigns. 

This allows you to deliver hyper-personalized recommendations, offers, CTAs and curated content to your target audience’s inbox. By targeting your subscribers’ greatest needs and desires, you can achieve higher conversion rates and ROI. 

5. Incorporate AI and automation

Incorporating Artificial Intelligence (AI) can be one of your best ideas for your email marketing campaign. 

AI algorithms can go through very large amounts of data in a very short amount of time and provide unique insights to dramatically improve your email marketing ideas.

You can take the guesswork out of your process of making decisions about the content, timing and frequency of your emails. 

66% of marketers believe that AI is a great way to optimize your email send times. 

You can also save on additional costs in your campaign by removing the process of trial and error. Instead, use deliberate content to catch your subscribers’ attention, backed by data collected at every interaction and analyzed using AI.  

For example, instead of letting your copywriter figure out the best way to write subject lines, you can use AI’s predictive analysis to get optimized subject lines that will definitely bring results.  

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6. Include user-generated content 

Your subscribers know about the products and services you offer. Let them hear it from someone else.

User-generated content (UGC) is one of the key email marketing campaign ideas of 2023.  

84% of consumers say they trust recommendations from peers above all other sources of advertising. Your prospects are more likely to convert into customers if they see testimonials from others who have benefitted from your products.  

You can encourage your existing customers to share pictures, videos and blogs while using your products or services. You can utilize such images and videos in your promotional email campaigns (by taking consent) and build a brand image. 

UGC also helps in growing your number of followers and prospects organically, and for free. 

7. Track the right metrics for your campaign 

You have just launched your email marketing campaign, and now you’re excited to get more conversions than ever. But how will you know if it is working?  

Measure how your email marketing ideas are performing by tracking the right metrics. This helps you set realistic goals for progress and design strategies to stand out against the competition. 

Monitoring the results in numbers also helps you optimize your marketing campaign to get the highest ROI.  

The most important KPIs of email marketing to track are email open rate, click-through rate, click-to-open rate, conversion rate and unsubscribe rate.  

Apart from this, deliverability rate and ROI also play an important part in helping you determine the most effective email marketing ideas. 

8. Reduce data decay 

Data decay is the gradual loss of usable data in a company’s system.  

Data is collected from subscribers through purchase history, opt-ins, surveys and forms. It then needs to be used, monitored, updated and stored regularly. 

Over time, this data deteriorates and becomes obsolete. This is when it needs to be disposed of by the system by deleting it permanently, completing the data lifecycle. 

Data decay in email marketing


More than 3% of data becomes unusable every month. This happens because subscribers constantly change their details, contact information, preferences and other details.  

If a large amount of data in your systems is inaccurate or outdated, this can reduce your growth potential.

This also lowers your deliverability rate, and will eventually lead to losses and wastage of the resources that you invest in your email marketing campaigns.  

You can avoid these risks by using the stored data while it is still accurate in your email marketing strategies.  

Moreover, you can automate all tasks of data creation and maintenance, as doing it manually can lead to mistakes that compromise large data sets. Keep track of the locations where your data is stored and discard unusable data to reduce clutter.  

9. Ensure data privacy 

In the age of the internet where everything is online, subscribers are prompted to share their personal information at every turn. Breach of privacy and data theft are the biggest threats that users face. 

According to Legajobs, more than 74% of internet users are more concerned about their online privacy than they have ever been.  

To build trust, you can have open communication and a transparent approach to let them know that their personal information is safe with you. Gaining their trust ensures that they stay with your company for the long term.  

To ensure that your subscribers know you value their privacy, you can send them an email and get them acquainted with your privacy policy every time you make an update. 

Make sure that your subscribers directly give consent to receive promotional emails from your business, and let them know how their data will be used. 

Bottom Line  

Email continues to be a relevant platform after more than 5 decades of being around. In fact, 4 out of 5 marketers say that they would rather give up social media than email for marketing.  

In 2023, you can step up your marketing game with these new and innovative email marketing ideas for better ROI. Do this by making your customer feel valued and serving relevant and personalized content.

Jainy Patel

Being an ardent reader and content editor, Jainy draws inspiration from every situation and story. She spends her time developing creative content to invoke the reader's interest. An ambivert with an interest in art, when she's not writing, you'll find her reading or occupied in a creative project.

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