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Follow up email template

15 Best follow up email templates [With best examples]

Key Takeaways
  • Strategic follow-up emails let you build engagement with cold prospects and improve response rates.
  • You can grow faster by using excellent follow up email templates with little tweaking to make them personalized.
  • A follow-up email must be relevant, with tailored offers or helpful resources, such as case studies or guides, for solving the prospect’s potential challenges.
  • To gain higher open rates for your follow-up emails, send them usually within 2-3 days after the initial contact.
  • Salesmate CRM is the best solution to automate follow-up with sales sequences that enhance engagement and response rates.

Every month, your teams set a sales target.    

To achieve this, you chase new potential clients and begin your sales sequence journey to close more deals.     

However, a constant challenge reps face in this sales process is giving up on prospects due to low response rates after their initial outreach, which leads to poor sales outcomes.  

A study reveals about 44% of sales reps do not reach prospects after the initial email because they find no better reason to reconnect or find ways to craft a better follow-up email.   

This blog covers the most creative follow-up email templates and examples, which will increase your responses and boost your sales cadence. 

Here is a brief explanation for those new to the email follow-up concept. 

What is a follow up email? 

A follow-up email is sent to re-engage a cold prospect or continue a conversation with an individual after an initial interaction. 

In cold prospecting, follow-up emails help discover potential leads for the business.

Follow-up emails are effective as they increase the chances of hearing back from the audience by 25%

These emails help send reminders for an upcoming appointment/meeting or re-engage a cold prospect.

Here are some most common areas where follow up emails are beneficial:

  • Sales follow-up emails are sent to win responses, engage leads, offer more details, or guide prospects toward purchasing.  
  • After submitting a job application, follow-up emails help reaffirm your interest in a position, ask about the hiring process, or submit additional supporting materials. 
  • Networking follow up emails build new connections, seek guidance, or extend your support, enhancing your professional network.  
  • Customer service follow-up emails letyou confirm whether issues are resolved, provide further help, or gather customer feedback on their experience.  

Next, we will learn about 15 creative email follow-up templates for different scenarios.

15 Best follow up email templates to close more deals 

There are multiple events when a follow-up email is an effective tool to guide your target audience, such as sending appointment reminders or the first follow-up email after the initial email, etc. 

Here is the list of best email follow up templates with explanations, giving an idea of the way it works in different situations:  

1. Cold email follow up template  

Why is this follow up email template effective? 

The follow up template is precise and lets you present insights about the previous cold outreach email. Further, you can discuss the key benefit of your business in overcoming your recipient’s challenges and personalize it to their needs.

This can be an excellent second follow-up email example that will make it a gentle way to contact the prospect again. 

2. Follow up email template after a cold call  

Why is this follow up email template effective? 

This follow up email template can help you knit personalized messages for your target prospects after a cold call.

Further, attaching a catalog to your follow-up email is excellent when you want to provide prospective customers with a comprehensive overview of your products or services.

Adding a day and time to your follow-up helps create a sense of urgency and commitment to serve. 

3. Follow up email template after no response

Why is this follow up email template effective?  

This follow up email template maintains a casual tone, which lights up the conversation and convinces the recipient to respond.

You can tweak it to use it as an appointment reminder email template in case your prospective client misses appointments.

4. Project status update email template  

Why is this follow up email template effective?  

The template communicates the project status report with clear visibility into its current status & milestones achieved.  

Also, this follow up email template helps clients understand the steps after the project’s progress updates and invites them to a call or meeting for further discussion, feedback, and clarification.     

5. Email follow up appointment template 

Why is this follow up email template effective? 

It is an effective follow up email template that ensures both parties are on the same page and take the agreed-upon next steps. 

Such appointment reminder templates allow for flexibility in time changes, and the chat for the topic cover helps create the impression that the business takes care of the customer’s needs. 

6. Post meeting follow up email template 

Why is this follow up email template effective?  

The meeting follow up template recaps the discussion points and agreed-upon actions, specifying the following steps to ensure participation in the meeting outcomes. 

It includes responsible parties and deadlines that foster company accountability. The meeting follow up email exampletemplate also sets upcoming appointments, responsibilities, and expectations for progress in every detail.

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7. Proposal follow up email template 

A well-crafted proposal follow up email will help build a lasting impression of your company in the potential customer’s mind. Many factors, like a strong CTA and a message, help motivate the potential client to take further action.  

Why is this follow up email template effective?  

This follow up sales email template helps the recipient note the solution you are offering. It can be just a quick reminder for the recipient to see the proposal and act quickly. Also, making it open for questions or conversations helps make immediate decisions.  

8. After the trigger event follow up email update 

Why is this follow up email template effective?  

The follow up email template is the best way to restart the conversation with the prospect. Reminders allow for collaboration and the closing of the deal. 

Now, prospects can take the collaboration seriously and think of the partnership.  

9. Event follow up email update 

Why is this follow up email template effective?  

This event follow up email template first rewinds the conversation, helping readers recall the conversation.

Next, you can mention one of the most relevant topics you discussed to draw their attention.

This will help you turn the proposal into a smooth collaboration.

It can work as a webinar follow up email template if you’ve contacted the participants you interacted with during your online event.

10. After sending a quote follow up email 

Why is this follow up email template effective? 

This sales follow-up template for the client is a gentle reminder about the pending proposal quote. It also explains its benefits and showcases the proven process through testimonials.  

Must check: 8 Best sales follow up email templates & scripts you can use!

11. Customer feedback follow up email template 

Why is this follow up email template effective? 

This friendly follow up email template is great for acknowledging a customer’s feedback. The client follow up email template addresses the issue mentioned, which helps convert the problem and outline the steps taken.

12. Final follow up email update 

Why is this follow up email template effective?  

This template communicates the last attempt at the outreach sequence. It addresses potential objections and future communication for the business exchange to the reader’s interest and encourages them to act.    

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13. Post software demo follow up email template  

Why is this follow up email template effective?  

This template is designed to give a brief insight into the product demo. It also enables giving reminders about the software demo and whether recipients are willing to route for the app.

Also, pinpointing discussions will help prospects remind them about their interests and decisions they are willing to make.  

14. Follow up email template after an initial one 

Why is this follow up email template effective?  

This follow up email template is designed to recall the offer made in the initial email. You can also make it value-driven by adding a solution aligned with the recipient’s company.   

It will help you move ahead with the leads in the sales funnel and close leads faster.  

15. Auto sales follow up email template 

Why is this follow up email template effective?  

The template we’ve designed is perfect for delivering tailored suggestions, making it a powerful tool for discovering hot leads. 

This template is effective only if you understand your recipient’s preferences, such as their taste in cars. 

For example, if they prefer eco-friendly vehicles, the template can be customized to highlight hybrid or electric models, stressing sustainability and efficiency. 

This targeted approach captivates their interest and enhances the likelihood of a positive response.  

Note that minor customizations can transform your follow-up templates into powerful tools for personal engagement and win you the response.

Want to automate your follow ups?

Want to automate your follow ups?

Salesmate lets you create sequences of emails to set your follow ups on automation.

Explore Sequences

Let’s discuss the best tactics for making the most of follow up email templates.

How to tweak your follow up emails to get better responses? 

Many sales cadence best practices, such as picking the best times to reach out, using omnichannel, or combining automation with personal touches, help you get better responses.

However, just a small change can do the necessary work of making emails effective. Here are some points explaining the way of doing it:     

Best practices to customize follow up email templates

7 Effective follow up email examples to inspire you 

You might have crazy follow-up email ideas floating around your head. At the same time, you write perfect mail, and if you need clarification, here are a few professional email follow up examples from different businesses to get more inspiration. 

Also, you will find sales follow up email examples, such as meaningful messages sent after discovery calls, proposals, and sales meetings.

1. Follow up email after a discovery call 

Follow up email after a discovery call

What makes this follow up email stand out? 

Multiple elements make this sales follow-up email engaging and persuading for a response. People encourage efforts in the right direction, so the email offers additional resource links, favoring the sender. 

Also, the email structure looks clear and visually appealing, with each detail skimmed. 

2. Proposal follow up email example 

Proposal follow up email example

What makes this follow up email stand out? 

Once your prospect requests a proposal, post sharing, conduct a follow-up like the example above. 

This will help you stay connected with the target prospects and engage them to move them to the next sales pipeline stages

Also, showing that you’re open to discussing any required changes enhances the chances for conversion. 

3. Follow up email example after no response  

Follow up email example after no response

 What makes this follow up email stand out? 

This is quite a formal follow-up email after no response example. Like the sample follow-up email, you must also customize your follow-up email templates to request their time to connect.

You can also make this email template for follow up more relevant by adding a CTA or link that offers a potential resource to generate qualified leads if they take desirable action.

4. Follow-up email after meeting example 

Follow-up email after meeting example

What makes this follow up email stand out? 
This sample follow up email after the meeting example starts with a personalized touch and complements the recipients for their suggestions during the discussion. This is more of a friendly example follow up email. 

It is more of a friendly, example follow-up email that highlights the shared interest, “passion for tea,” making the email more connected to the reader.

<Blockquote: Interesting read: Best practices for follow up emails after sales meetings

5. Webinar follow up email example 

Webinar follow up email example

What makes this follow up email stand out? 

Many times, people sign up for a webinar or conference but don’t make it. But assuming these aren’t your audience is not the right way to disqualify prospects. In this case, you must send a webinar follow-up email to discover whether they are still interested in the product/service or topic that you’re pitching. 

Webinars are ruling in the digital space to grow business. So, sending a follow up email post your webinar will open new opportunities for you. 

6. Real estate follow up email template example 

Real estate follow up email template example 

What makes this follow up email stand out? 

This example of a follow up email includes a personal greeting and expresses enthusiasm regarding the action triggered: “signing up for weekly listing emails.” 

The personalized email hits the pain point of coping with the home-buying process. 

Also, it shares a freebie guide that helps build credibility. So, any effort to assist prospects will give you a sales deal. This is a tactic for value-based selling

Lastly, expressing that you’re there to assist is a great way to invite further engagement for your services. 

7. Follow up email to recruiter example 

Follow up email to recruiter example 

What makes this follow up email stand out? 

A follow-up email after an interview is a good way to affirm that you’re still in their selection process. Also, it becomes a gesture of professionalism, especially if the interview has added tremendous insight to your knowledge.  

The above is one of the best examples of follow-up emails after an interview expressing your deep interest in being a part of the company and highlighting how you would be a good fit. 

Automate your follow-up journey!

Automate your follow-up journey!

Salesmate helps boost responses and engagement with automated follow up sequences(email and text).

Start your free trial

How does Salesmate CRM automate your follow-ups?  

Salesmate is a one-stop solution for streamlining workflows, automating mundane tasks, and boosting sales team productivity.  

Moreover, the sales sequence feature helps you send automated emails and text follow ups.   

Salesmate - Sales sequences

There is more when we talk about meaningful follow-up emails and text campaigns such as:

  • Use CRM insights to tailor your follow up email templates and win responses.  
  • You can segment your target audience and build personalized follow-ups or email campaigns to win more sales opportunities.
  • Set follow-up email sequences sent to get better engagement with prospects. Further, build sequences as per the prospect time zone to reach internationally.  
  • Use text sequences to maintain sales outreach and connect with the audience through text messages, like sending automated appointment reminders. 
  • Track your email and text campaign to get insights into your follow-up strategy for growth optimization.  

Salesmate is more than sales sequence software; it can automate your entire sales cycle, from lead generation to deal closing.

The multiple sales pipeline management system is helping businesses to visualize their sales cycle and expant their revenue scope.

Further, the powerful sales reporting software enables leaders to improve decision-making with sales reports.

Our Mobile CRM app makes the communication process smoother. You can send status updates, send appointment reminder texts, or drop follow-up messages anytime, anywhere.

Ever experienced how a CRM grows a business?

Ever experienced how a CRM grows a business?

Salesmate is a one-stop solution for streamlining, boosting sales team productivity, and enhancing communication and sales.

Start your free trial

Final thoughts 

A follow-up email is crucial for any business to build rapport with prospects. The given follow up email templates provide a better sneak peek into how they can be used.

If you want to automate your sales follow-up, use an effective tool like Salesmate. It allows features like sales sequences to help automate, customize, and personalize the follow-up template. 


How do you politely write a follow-up email after receiving no response? 

Create a follow up email template that includes details from previous emails to demonstrate your attention to the needs. Be clear, avoid lengthy follow-ups, and focus on the essential aspects so the recipients can understand and respond.

What is a good template for follow-up email?

A good example of email follow up should be easily customizable for prospects. It should include a polite greeting and elements like a place to offer insight into the previous session, a statement for follow up, etc. The aim should be to create a better rapport with the prospects.

How do you ask for professional email updates?

Here are the ways through which you can ask for professional email updates: 

  • Drop the checking-in to wind up and ask for a task update 
  • Open with context 
  • Send a friendly reminder 
  • Reference a blog post 
  • Drop a name 
  • Recommend an event you are attending in their area.   
What can I say instead of just checking in?

Here is the list of alternatives that you can use in a follow up email template except checking in:

  • Hope you’re doing well!  
  • I’m checking up on how things are going!  
  • Dropping in to see if you need any assistance.  
  • I want to connect with you.  
  • Let’s catch up!  
  • I would love an update on this! 

Sonali Negi

Sonali is a writer born out of her utmost passion for writing. She is working with a passionate team of content creators at Salesmate. She enjoys learning about new ideas in marketing and sales. She is an optimistic girl and endeavors to bring the best out of every situation. In her free time, she loves to introspect and observe people.

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