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Save these 10 best sales email templates right now

Save these 10 best sales email templates right now

11 Min read

There has been a lot of debate on the time and day of sending emails. While the research says the best days to send out emails are Wednesday and Thursday, I believe salespeople will not completely depend on two days.

So, what exactly do we need to ensure the highest open rates of our sales emails?

The answer is your emails.

I can explain.

All the research on the best days and time to send out sales emails is really helpful. But, the prospect will open the email purely on the basis of your email.

The prospect is not going to open up your email because it’s Tuesday. He is going to click on the email because your subject line is click-worthy! He is not going to read the email because it was sent in the evening, he is going to because it is engaging.

This goes without saying – you have to target the right people!

In this article, we will have a glance at different situations and best sales email templates for the same.

10 best sales email templates for your sales team

1. Cold email

When the marketing team forwards the sales team a list of prospects, you just have a tiny possibility in your head – the prospect might be interested in your offerings.

In such cases, your first email is the only chance to make a connection with prospects. If you fail to do so, there is hardly any luck!

Here’s a sales prospecting email template for cold emailing:

2. Follow up email

There is a high probability that the prospect will not answer your email. According to Woodpecker statistics, adding a followup email can give you a 13% response rate, compared to 9% of rate if not added.

So, following up is crucial because people are so busy and they might have missed your first email. In so many cases, the prospects read your first email when you send out a followup email.

If we have to continue the first example, this is the sales email follow up template you can use:

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3. Finding the decision-maker

In sales, you don’t have exact leads all the time. You have to carve your way to the right person. You have a teeny-tiny lead about prospect’s needs, but you still don’t know who is the decision-maker.

This is the sales email template you can use for such cases:

4. Setting up a meeting

There are a lot of businesses that completely depends upon face to face meeting. In fact, a majority of their sales results are meeting driven – pharmaceutical business is one such example. Sales reps taste the real sweat and blood of the market and pitch the product one-on-one.

But, you can’t just show up to someone’s doors and sell your stuff. That era has gone! You have to confirm the meeting on call or email first.

Here’s the sale email template you can use:

5. Explaining the features of your product

This can be a support email or a sales email, depending on the prospect’s current position in the sales funnel. Whether they’re prospects or customers, they deserve to know every bit of your product.

This is the sales email template we’re currently using at Salesmate. Have a look:

6. We have a mutual connection

In sales, if you share a mutual connection with your prospect – that’s a goldmine!

Now, it’s time to use the connection effectively to convert the prospect into the customer. Here’s the perfect sales email template for such scenarios:

7. When they missed your call

The modern sale is a combination of communication channels. You simply can not depend on a single channel. You have to effectively use calls, emails, texts, and one-on-one meetings to close sales.

In scenarios where you first tried to reach your prospect, but for some reason, he didn’t answer. You have two options – drop a voicemail or drop an email.

Here, we’ll have a look at the sales email template for such situations:

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8. Asking for a demo

A software demo is a solid conversion tool. You want more and more people to know about your product, and demos can do that! The idea is to spread the knowledge of your product to the audience, whether they become your customers or not. The more you give out demos, higher the chances of conversion.

For a software product, this could be a solid sales email template:

9. Free to paid conversion email

This is a very important email. The exact point where prospects turn into paying customers. This email has to be convincing. Without a doubt, your product is the very base of your conversion, but this doesn’t make this email any less important.

This is the email template we use to send out to our free trial users and works amazingly well for us. Have a look:

10. When an action is needed

There are some situations in sales where you have to push prospects into taking some kind of action. One such example is when the free trial is about to finish, and the customer has to make a purchase.

This would be a helpful sales email template for such practices:


At Salesmate, we have used these sales email templates in more than one way, and we’ve got a tremendous response. I hope these templates will bring value to your sales as well. Here’s a collection of 1500+ email templates that I think can be really helpful to you.

If you’re looking for a system that can have predefined sales templates and can also send emails using automated sequences, be sure to check out Salesmate CRM.

Salesmate is available free for 15 days where you can try all our features with no restrictions. Be sure to check out!

Kashyap Trivedi is working with an awesome marketing team at Salesmate CRM. He is deeply interested in learning digital marketing trends and try them out! When he’s not working, you’ll find him reading a good book or meditating.

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